Are Dog Choke Collars illegal?

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Are Dog Choke Collars illegal?

There is a wide range of dog collars available for any dog you have at home or that you want to train at a given time. The collars associated with wireless electric fences are some of the best known, but they tend to have some flaws.

In the process of training a dog, especially when they are a bit aggressive, that is why many prefer to use choke collars for dogs. These have characteristics that must be handled very carefully to avoid damage to dogs that threaten their lives, so it is important to make an appropriate selection before purchase and use, thus achieving quality and 100% experience. Healthy for the dog you have at home.

What are dog choke collars?

It’s important to know that when used correctly the dog choke collars are very useful and often known as very functional dog training tools. Many experts say they should only be used for dog training, especially with breeds that tend to be difficult to control or aggressive.

So that its use is not harmful, the correct location of the collar must be made on the dog’s neck, considering that not all collars are the same. For the most part, they are attached to a chain using a ring responsible for generating pressure on the neck when the chain is pulled, but it does not reach a point of fatal damage when used properly.

There are three types of choke collars, which are:

  • Hanging Collars

They can be dangerous when not used properly, as they can cause serious damage in which the animal suffocates if it wants to walk or run and does not want to stop.

  • Semi hanging Collars

These are among the safest available, as they have a locking system that can press to a certain point where you prefer to place it for dog care. Therefore, they are considered the least lethal available in the options market, regardless of their brand.

  • Choke or semi-choke collars with spikes

They are the most dangerous that exist, so it is recommended that they always be avoided so that they do not cause irreversible damage to the pet.

Are Dog Choke Collars illegal?

These types of collars, in many places, can be considered dangerous and illegal at a certain point, but you must always have a demonstration of damage to the dogs that are using them. However, they are not seen as an illegal tool on a universal level because they are functional for training dogs of any breed.

The Animal Protection Law belongs to each country and is the one that determines how much illegality is in each case in which the pet is using this type of collar. It is always advisable to be informed before purchasing this tool and prefer semi-choke collars.

Some of the countries that clearly make this illegal:

  • New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, the Canadian Province of Quebec

Are Dog Choke Collars Cruel?

This consideration goes beyond legality since this tool does not necessarily have to be cruel to be illegal because it is a more personalized estimate. You could say it’s cruel when the collar is placed too tight on the dog’s neck, but any other type of pet collar or training system can be too drastic.

It is recommended that training methods be as controlled as possible, especially when using choke collars that can be more harmful to dogs. At the same time, rest times must be considered, and if a chain controls the collar, it is always good that the dog is trained so that it does not pull too much and hurt itself in the process.

If you want completely safe training in which you do not want to cause damage of any kind, fences with electric shock collars are better, which are very minimal when the dogs try to exceed the established barriers. These systems are safer and greatly protect dogs with graduation levels from discharges without too much affecting the canine’s routine.

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Reasons to Avoid Choke Collars

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not always completely necessary to have choke collars, so it is better to use safer options and have less abuse to achieve training. At the same time, it is highlighted that it is more convenient to have a positive relationship with dogs if more loving alternatives are taken.

Some of these collars are not always available, as many brands and pet stores consider them dangerous and negative in the long term, causing irreversible damage. In addition, it is easier to use pressing strategies for dogs that want to be trained at home.

If these collars are not used, it is possible to have greater security of ample longevity for any dog, achieving the elimination of skin damage and suffocation due to bad forms of use or because the dog seeks to remove the collar.

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Are Choker Chains Banned for Dogs?

These tools are not prohibited, as many brands and establishments are responsible for their sale and distribution. For this reason, it is estimated that the prohibition belongs to each country in charge of adapting to certain legalities associated with previously established rules.

There are many cities in which the sale is completely prohibited, associated with previously established legal monitoring, and the corresponding agencies carry that out before the correct application of the law. Given this, it is recommended to consider which chokers are for dogs that are fully approved in the country in which you are.


Choke collars can be considered extreme tools that tend to be used with rabid dogs or those that are difficult to control and adapt to specific training. For this reason, many specialists recommend them little, considering a specific and correct use so that serious long-term damage is avoided.

Considering these considerations and assuming that it is not illegal to use them wherever you are, it is always better to take all the necessary care so that hazards are eliminated at the time of use. Thus, you will have a fully trained dog that will not require this tool as often.

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