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Are you looking for the best calming dog beds? Did you know before that there are about 900 million dogs in the world? And out of 900 million dogs, 70% of them suffer from anxiety once in their lifetime due to improper sleep. 

It’s nothing new that when pet owners enter their home late at night, they find their pets awaken and frightened; these are all the signs of anxiety our furry friends are suffering from! Like their owners, you must provide them with a sound sleep by using soft dog beds.

Now the question is, where will you find the best dog beds? As there are so many choices on the internet and almost everyone is claiming that their dog bed brand is best. Ok, I know it’s so confusing to choose the top ones among so many so, don’t freak out we’re here with the top 10 best calming dog beds to solve your problem.

What is a Calming Dog Bed?

Calming dog beds are specially designed for our furry friends to eliminate their stress and anxiety. Not only stress-relieving these beds also help dogs to recover from any injury as they offer self-healing property. 

Calming dog beds jump in here to make our pets feel comfortable and secure. Sincerely we cannot be with our dogs 24/7, but we can provide calming bed so that they don’t get terrified over slight noises when they are alone. In short, just like you love to sleep comfortably in your bed, these self-warming beds make the dogs feel comfy and relaxed.


There is a bunch of benefits of calming dog beds, and here you go with top benefits to keep your dog warm and comfy with calming dog beds:

  1. It lets your pet feel secure and safe when you leave them alone.
  2. Calming beds ensure sleep posture and help in reducing the back and joint pain of your pet.
  3. The elegant and classy design of these dogs’ beds makes them a great introduction to any home décor.

Main Features:

There are so many features, but as we are discussing the main features of calming dog beds, so here you go:

  1. Calming dog beds are comfortable for our furry friends they will help offer proper sleep and make them feel fresh.
  2. The rims in these beds will help your dog calm down quickly and help activate the nervous system to ease your pet’s anxiety.
  3. The deep walls of the bed will offer your pet warmth and relaxation to keep him happy and playful all day long.

Are Dog Calming Beds Worth Buying?

A straight answer to this question is YES! Dog calming beds help your pet to fight anxiety and offering proper sleep. One question that stuck here is that dogs and other pets are furry itself then why do they need another fuzzy material with them? Because there is nothing more comfortable than the fur on fur, it makes the pet reminds of them when playing with other friends. 

Moreover, the calming bed is best for dogs if they are already happy and you want to make them super comfortable, but if your pet is suffering from any severe depression and gets terrified over little noises then the only calming bed will never work; you may treat him with some training as well as medication.

But according to many customers’ reviews, soft dog beds bring positive change in each customer’s pet, so these beds are worth buying and even loved by the pets.

Best Calming Dog Beds 2022

Dog Bed from Best Friends

Dog Bed from Best Friends


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: All Sizes
  • Cozy, flexible and finished

Cozy Cuddler Orthopedic Dog Bed

Cozy Cuddler Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Machine Washable
  • Water/Dirt Resistant Base
  • Hooded Blanket for Warmth

Villa Bagel Dog Bed

Villa Bagel Dog Bed


  • Spine Support
  • Premium Materials
  • Good for dogs between 70 – 100 lbs

Top 10 Best Calming Dog Beds Reviews

Calming dog beds are worth it if you have a rescued pet then the calming bed will help him recover from all the pain and injuries they suffer during operation, by the warmth and relaxation a bed provides. Now check the complete reviews of the top 10 picks.

1. Donut Cuddler From Best Friends By Sheri

Donut Cuddler From Best Friends By SheriGift your furry friend this doughnut cuddler to curl up and keep him stay happy every time. The bed’s high walls help support the neck of your pet and offer relaxation whenever he get-in to take some rest after playful jumps. This doughnut cuddler bed is comfortable to wash and keeps the floor mess-free as it comes with dust-resistant material. It also comes in various colors and offers different sizes for different pet breeds.

Machine Washable:

The fabric of this dog calming bed is of premium quality that the whole bed can be washed in a machine and can go through the dryer safely.  The bottom of the bed is dirt and water-resistant; it helps to keep your surface from unexpected messes.

Ample Support:

Dog cuddler from best friends offers excellent support to the pets who love to curl around the area when sleeping. The 7 inches high neck and head support helps the pet sleep properly and treat joint and muscle pain.


This dog cuddler offers excellent comfort to your pet due to its round donut shape that provides proper support to the neck when sleeping. It let the pet prevent sudden shocks due to thunderstorms and mini heart attacks.

  • Washable & dryer proof
  • Easy on the pockets
  • 7 inches wall support
  • Less foam in mid
  • Matte furs after washing

2. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog BedYou may have caught the first purpose of the mix joy orthopedic dog bed by its name, exactly! It offers little higher walls than the center part to support your pet’s joints to prevent any pain in the joints and muscles. Mixjoy orthopedic comes in various colors and sizes for different pet breeds and offers curling around the bed.

 When you get this dog bed, it will feel comfortable to take your pet anywhere with you because of its versatility and portability.


If you are a traveler, then this dog bed is perfect for you. You can take this portable dog bed anywhere with you because it’s lightweight, now you don’t need to worry about your furry friend’s home anywhere.


This calming dog bed is comfortable for different types and sizes of breeds. The bed comprises warm, ultra-soft, and comfortable fabric to keep your pets happy. Luxurious faux fur and durable nylon help the pets to spend peaceful nights of sleep.

High Quality:

Mixjoy orthopedic dog bed is a high-quality bed for canine to offer self-warmth and relaxation. These pooch beds are comfortable to wash in a machine with cold water and wash with hands and tumble dry. The round wall in the mattress helps to reduce your pet’s muscle pain and prevents coming back.

  • Light-weight
  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Threads start shredding
  • Gets shrink after wash

3. FORCHEER Calming Dog Bed

FORCHEER Calming Dog BedForcheer dog beds bring uniqueness and modernity to your home décor as it comes in three beautiful color shades. This dog bed’s faux shag fur offers great comfortability and relaxation to the pet that activates its nervous system and helps prevent anxiety and depression. Forcheer dog beds are easy to clean with cold water and tumble dry. 

The forcheer dog beds’ ultra-soft fabric helps the dogs sleep or take nap comfortability without any muscle pain.

Elegant Style:

Forcheer dog beds come with an elegant and classy look to modernize your interior. These dog beds are the best choice for the person who always cares for his home décor. Forcheer dog beds add more beauty and uniqueness to the interior of one’s house.


Forcheer dog beds come with a round-shaped boundary to support your pet’s neck and head when curling around during sleeping and make your pet feel safe when no one is around him at night. When your pet is curled around the forcheer, he would feel he’s sleeping with a friend.


These dog beds come with three beautiful shade and light-weight property. This property is beneficial for you because it makes the dog bed versatile and allows you to take it with you anywhere.

  • Portable and light-weight
  • Relaxing and secure
  • Head & neck support
  • Expensive 
  • Clumsy center part

4. FOCUSPET Dog Warming Bed

FOCUSPET Dog Warming BedCare for your furry friend’s comfort and gift them a focused donut bed. Let him feel comfortable with the coziness and comfortability. The FoucusPet bed offers different sizes for different breeds of dogs and cats and other pets. 

The faux furs of this donut bed are the same as your pet’s and this property will offer more relaxation to your friend as the fur on fur is the most comfortable combination. The elite-quality material of the bed makes it sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

Machine Washable:

This calming dog bed comprises of water and dirt-resistant bottom to prevent your surfaces from unintended messes from your pets. This dog bed’s high-quality faux fur fabric offers you to wash it in the machine and enables you to go through the dryer.


If you want to take your puppy for an outing with you then you can take your pet’s bag too; because of its versatility and lightweight. Now your pet can sleep anywhere comfortably whether you are camping, hiking, or on a long drive.

Sufficient Support:

 The donut wall a little higher than the centre comfy part of the calming dog bed offers neck and head support to your pet and lets your pet enjoy curling when sleeping this dog bed also helps your pet prevent the muscles and joints pain and keeps your pet fresh.

  • Luxurious and comfy
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Support machine wash
  • A bit thin
  • Less foam in mid

5. Self-Warming Dog Bed

Self-Warming Dog BedThis dish cuddler from best friends by Sheri would be the best gift to your furry friend. This dish cuddler is specifically designed for the comfort and convenience of your pet. This is a basket-like bed the centre is quite profound as compared to other dog beds mentioned above. 

Orthocomfort deep bed comes in a range of fancy colours and sizes for various breeds and pets. These sleeping dog beds are comfortable and flexible enough to handle any of your pet’s sleeping positions.

Modern Style:

I bet, the first feature every one of us would have noticed is the look of this bed. I mean just check out the beauty of this pet bed; it will offer extra beauty to the room wherever you place it. This deep dish cuddler helps to enhance the beauty of the home décor.

Comfortable & Cozy:

Deep dish cuddler from best friend offers flexibility and comfortability at once. The deep pet bed’s flexible fabric accommodates every sleepy position of your bed and the 12 inch high walls help prevent your pet from joint and body pain. This bed also helps in treating your pet with anxiety by offering proper sleep.


Pet bed from a best friend by Sheri enables the pet owner to wash their pet beds in the machine and also allows them to get dried from the dryer. The bottom of the pet bed contains water and dirt resistance to keep your surface clean and prevent accidental clutter.

  • Sufficient support
  • Washable 
  • Elegant style
  • Doesn’t maintain shape
  • Furs get matte

6. Sheri’s Calming Donut Dog Bed

Sheri’s Calming Donut Dog BedGet your pet a comfortable sleeping bed with one of the best calming dog beds. This original calming cat and dog bed is specially designed to provide a night of sound sleep to your pet. Its round shape and the raised rim are perfect for dogs who curl up before falling asleep. 

The shag fur provides a peaceful place to rest, and deep crevices in the bed allow your pet to curl up freely. Available in all-natural colors it is a luxurious addition to your pet stuff. 

Pet-friendly material:

Sheri’s original calming cat and a dog bed are made without formaldehyde, lead, or mercury that can cause cancer in pets. You can use it for your pet without any hassle that they might catch some disease or typical allergies related to building stuff. You can use this bed freely without worrying about your pet. 

Air loft soft fibre:

The long resilient fibres stay the same after many washes and provide comfort and support to your pet. The bed is made from imported high-quality material that remains the same after many washes and increases the bed’s life. It delivers extra comfort to your pet if it loves to cuddle. 

Durable stitching:

Double overlock-stitching provides extra durability and wash withstand capability with a classy finish. The smooth look allows you to add this bed to your home decorations. It is available in many designs and colours. 

  • Washable 
  • No toxic filling 
  • Clumping resistant
  • Not suitable for giant breeds
  • Requires electric dryer

7. Best Friends Dog Bed

Best Friends Dog BedAre you looking for a comfy bed for your dog? If yes, then choose Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog bed. Its round design provides extra room for your pet to lay and its comfortable soft rim offers support for the neck. 

This bed is specially crafted with vegan nylon, and it is filled with air loft soft fibers that provide your pet with extra comfort. Air loft filling makes it three times fluffier than ordinary beds and provides an aesthetic look.

Soft fill:

Air loft fibers make this bed soft and ideal for cuddling and curling up for your pet. The round donut shape is best for a nap and night sleep. It is perfect for soft cuddles and curling up without any injury. Edges pride extra support to the neck and allow the dog to flex easily.

Washable technology:

The removable zipper shell and nylon exterior make it washable. It can be quickly dried with electric dryers. So you don’t have to worry if your dog ever creates a mess in the bed because you can easily wash it. Moreover, if your dog pees in bed, you can easily clean it because it is washable. 

Pain relief:

Shag fur provides muscle pain relief and releases muscle tension.  The extra comfortable interior of the bed allows your dog to relax freely. It traps heat inside its fibers that keep your pet warm and saves it from cold conditions. 

  • Extra soft
  • Comfortable 
  • Affordable
  • Needs electrical drying 
  • Not suitable for big dogs

8. Cozy Cuddler Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed

Cozy Cuddler Luxury Orthopedic Dog BedGet your pet, extra comfort during rest hours with Cozy Cuddler with an attached blanket for extra comfort. If your pets love to burrow, you can buy this cozy Cuddler that can be covered with the attached blanket and provide extra warmth to your sleeping pets. The interior lined with faux fur offers soft cushioning and avoids falling. 

The extra rim provides support to the neck and a comfortable sleeping position. Cozy Cuddler is one of the best dog sleeping beds that is equally beneficial for big and small dogs. 

Inbuilt blanket:

This provides extra comfort to your pet and warmth during colder nights. It is favorable for those pets who love to burrow. This design creates a hoody-like sleeping bed for your pets that keeps them warm during colder nights. 

Soft material:

Cozy Cuddler is made of faux fur that provides an extra soft interior, and your pet sleeps peacefully. The air loft fill keeps the interior soft and comfortable and makes extra room for your pets to play and cuddle freely. 

Pets safety:

Cozy Cuddler is the best bed if you care about your dog’s safety. This bed’s interior is dust resistant and keeps the bed safe from bacteria and dust from the floor. The non-toxic material cares for the health of your dog. Cozy Cuddler is made on the belief that it would keep your pets safe and comes with a money-back guarantee.

  • Extra comfort
  • Soft interior
  • Inbuilt blanket
  • Needs electric dryer 
  • Not suitable for curling up

9. Furhaven Pet Round Oval Calming Bed

Furhaven Pet Round Oval Calming BedPets love to be at places where they could burrow Furhaven Pet dog bed skillfully is designed especially for those pets who love to burrow and cuddle. Its interior is made up of faux vegan fur and provides an extra soft sleeping place for your pet. If you have a small dog, then this bed is best for it. Its round donut-like interior cushions the dog and keeps it from falling. 

Orthopedic Support:

The Orthopaedic support provides extra comfort and allows your dog to sleep well.  The extra-deep design allows the dog to relax and avoid muscle pain. The edges of this bed are extra soft to support the neck. The soft fur serves as a muscle tension reliever. It helps to keep the spines relaxed. 


Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed is washable and easily dryable in case if your pet creates a mess. Its faux fur can be easily cleaned in one cycle and dried quickly in the electric drier. This feature makes this bed one of the best dog beds. 

Extra Room:

The deep interior of the bed provides an extra place to play for your pet, and extra pockets in the interior can hold eating stuff and toys that might surprise your pet. It is specially designed for playful pets who love to cheer up. The extra room provides flexible sleeping and allows your pet to sleep in various positions. 

  • Extra comfy 
  • Avoids muscle tension 
  • Washable
  • Expensive 
  • Too much soft for big dogs

10. Villa Bagel Dog Bed

Villa Bagel Dog BedIf you are looking for a comfy bed for your dog, you must choose the Villa Bagel Dog bed. Among the best calming dog bed reviews, this bed got mostly positive reviews. You can get it for your pet if you want an extra comfortable sleeping place for your dog. 

It is made of a soft interior and filled with polyester to provide a smooth sleeping surface. The interior of this bed is extra deep that offers more room for cuddling. 

Versatile design:

This bed is designed especially for big dogs. Nylon faux fur provides extra comfort. Your dog would love to be in this self-warming bed due to its comfortable material. This is the best choice for your dog if you keep it at home with you. This bed is available in many colors that make it the best addition to your home decoration too. 

Polyester fill:

Polyester fill keeps the interior flexible and cushioning. It is evenly filled and provides extra comfort to your pet. It can sleep easily in any position because this bed is like a cushion and allows your pet to relax. 


You can easily wash this bed if the dog pees on it. Its building material is easily washable and looks like new with just one cycle wash. So you don’t have to worry if your pet creates a mess on the bed you can just put it in your washing machine and dry it to reuse. 

  • Comfortable for big dogs 
  • Washable 
  • Durable
  • Not suitable for older dogs 
  • Expensive

6 Factors To Look When Considering Calming Dog Beds

Best Calming Dog Beds

If you are buying the best calming dog beds for the first or if you have prior experience in it; it would be good enough for you to go through the buying guide to consider the best dog bed for your pet:

1. Washable

The very first thing you need to look at in the dog beds is your convenience. Go for the washable material to keep your dog’s bed durable for a more extended period so you will not be needed to change it after a couple of months. 

Make sure you choose the machine-washable and dryer-proof materials to make fewer efforts or, even if you select the hand-washing material that would also be the right choice for your dog beds. 

2. Removable Cover

Consider the removable cover of your pet’s bed so that you will be able to keep doing changes in your little friend’s bed. The removable cover of the calming dog bed will allow you to wash the body separately rather than putting the whole bed into the machine. Another perk of a removable cover is that you will be able to cover your furry friend’s bed with different classy covers.

3. Right Size

Measure your pup from head to tail to consider the correct size for him. If you don’t measure your pet and just buy the calming bed, then there are pretty good chances for you to order a small-sized bed for your little friend. The wrong size will not let your pet curl freely inside the mattress and somewhat reduce muscle pain it would increase it. 

Therefore, make sure to choose the right size for your calming dog bed to offer your little friend peaceful sleep.

4. Soft And Comfortable

Make sure the bed you choose for your pet is soft and comfortable because according to research dogs sleep 10-18 hours a day gradually. To provide them with peaceful short naps, the bed of the puppy must be comfortable and soft. A comfy and cozy bed will generate warmth to feel the puppy secure and prevents anxiety. 

Just like you love soft pillows and a bed to cover your nights peacefully similarly, a pet also requires a cozy place to spend his day and night.

5. Waterproof

This one is also quite an essential factor to consider when choosing calming dog beds. The material must be waterproof to keep the accidental mess away from your surface. The waterproof material is an essential need for mostly grown-up dogs and will enable you to efficiently clean up the mess. Provide your senior dogs with comfortable, cozy, and waterproof beds to clean up easily.  

6. Stylish Design

Better to consider an elegantly designed dog bed to enhance your home décor. You can consider the pillow beds for dogs to offer extra cushion with a modern look, this design will reflect a little wooden bed look for your dog, and at the same time, it presents a trendy look to your pet’s room. 

You can also go for the sofa beds for your pets they comprise two soft pillows at each corner of the sofa style bed and a wall around half of the bed will help your dog relieving joint and muscle pain. You can opt for the other elegant styles of calming dog beds to provide your pet’s room interior with a luxurious yet classy look.

So, according to a pet lover above factors must be at the top of the lists when considering calming dog beds if you consider a dog bed with all the elements then congratulations! You are successful in providing your pets with a comfortable yet luxurious lifestyle.

How Do You Wash A Calming Dog Bed?

This is the approved statement that pooch prioritizes cleanliness overplaying. You may have noticed they don’t like to walk on the clean floor with their dirty feet whenever they come back from outside. This is the main reason to buy a washable bed for your pet.

If you are buying a soft dog bed for the first time, then it is a must for you to look at the washing process of a dog’s bed:

  1. You can use a vacuum cleaner to vanish dust particles, flea eggs, and dirt from your pet’s bed. This step will offer an odor-free environment in your home for long-term use.
  2. Soak your dog calming in Luke warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes; this will help kill the tiny bugs and fleas to attack your baby’s skin.
  3. Add the washing liquid into the water and gently rub the bed. If you choose the machine method, keep your machine at a lower speed to prevent the pet’s bed from damage.
  4. Tumble dry your pet with an air dryer; do not iron, dry clean, or bleach your pet’s bed this will make the bed’s fur rough and matte.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best calming bed for dogs?

Forcheer Dog Bed is the best calming bed for dogs as it offers elegant design, portability, and convenience together. You can gift this calming bed for your dogs to provide them with a comfortable soft place to lie.


  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Washable
  • Luxurious design
  • Light-weight

These are the highlighted features that you can see.

  • Do calming dog beds work?

Yes, calming dog beds work as they offer self-warming capability to keep the dogs and other pets calm. The bed’s raised edges and coziness of the bed provide more relaxation to the pet and help prevent muscle and joint pain.

  • Do dogs need a dog bed?

A clear answer to this question is yes! Dogs need a comfy and supportive place for lounging and sleeping. As they spent 10-12 hours of the day, napping and another 4-5 hours from 24hours resting but awaken.

  • How do you keep your dog’s bed calm?

A dog’s bed must be orthopedic as it offers more relaxation due to high walls around the bed to keep your pet calm and relax. There must be a self-warming property in the dog’s bed, so they don’t freak out at night when they are all alone.

  • How often you need to change your dog’s bed?

This depends on the condition of your dog’s bed, how it feels, looks, and smells. Suppose your furry friend is not opting for its bed even if it is the only option to sit in the room. It means now your dog doesn’t like the bed and it’s time to change it.


Dogs love to spend their time lying in a comfy place for relaxation. Many dogs suffer from depression and anxiety due to improper sleep; therefore, it is necessary to gift your pet a dog calming bed to make them feel comfortable. The dog beds’ self-warming property will help them recover from body pain and let them feel secure when no one is around.

Briefly, your furry friend needs to have a comfy calming bed to spent peaceful days and nights just like you do. Well, this article comprises complete information and calming dog bed reviews to help you find the best dog bed even if you are buying it for the first time conveniently. I hope the information was enough for you and up till now, you must have considered the best calming dog beds for your pet.

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