Best Dog Collars for Sensitive Skin (No Rub Dog Collar)

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Many collars cause some problems in dogs, such as skin irritation. If your dog suffers from this problem, here you can find the best dog collars for sensitive skin. We have researched every no rub dog collar suitable for all those dogs with sensitive skin that have suffered from skin irritation at some point.

We also include important information about skin irritation in dogs and the reasons for it. So, you will be able to learn and avoid this problem more efficiently by acquiring the most suitable collar for your dog. To enjoy more comfortable and pleasant walks or training with your companions, read on.

Can dog collars irritate?

There are many reasons why dogs suffer from skin irritation. Among all of them, the inadequate use of a collar or the use of the wrong collar can be the main reason that produces irritation in the dog’s neck area. Sometimes, this can occur because people tighten the collar too much, without considering the correct use of this accessory.

Dogs that wear a collar all day long can also be victims of skin irritation or hair loss in the neck areas. A collar that is too tight or a collar that is worn for many hours per day can cause these problems. Therefore, we recommend the following collars that will prevent skin irritation in dogs.

In A Hurry? Here is our pick for  you:

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

This harness represents our best recommendation because it has been manufactured with a special material to avoid damaging the dogs’ skin. It is also an excellent choice because it provides other advantages, such as durability and ease of use. Whether for walking or training a dog, this harness is always convenient.

10 Best Dog Collars for Sensitive Skin (No Rub Dog Collar) in 2022

Now we are going to dive into our top 10 collars that you can easily pick for your dog depending on the right condition.

Best Dog Collars for Sensitive Skin

1. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

Nowadays many dog collars won’t rub the fur off, although very few can offer all the features of this option. It is a harness specially prepared to be able to adapt to the behaviour of all types of dogs. Whether you are dealing with large and troublesome dogs or small dogs, this harness includes the following features.

Easy to use:

Among the main aspects, we can mention the great ease of use offered by the design of this dog harness. Unlike other harnesses, this dog accessory incorporates a design that can be adjusted to fit dogs of different sizes or breeds. So, anyone who wants to walk their dog does not need to waste too much time with this harness.

At the same time, this harness is one of the most recommended harnesses when it comes to finding a comfortable option that does not harm the skin or hair of dogs. It is a very comfortable net, and this is also due to the Swiss velvet lining. This is a special material to be able to avoid the harmful rose that many other harnesses or collars produce.

Greater control:

Along with this harness, the manufacturer has also incorporated a leash to provide a more complete set. However, it is important to note here that this is not a conventional leash. The included leash provides a double connection. This is complemented by the super-strong nylon and stainless-steel parts.

This set of aspects provides you with a higher level of control over any dog. So, this can be especially useful when dealing with stubborn or problem dogs. At the same time, the harness is also made of stainless steel and nylon parts that provide great durability of service life. So, there will be no need to worry about rain or constant use.

Better workouts:

When it comes to incorporating this harness into a dog’s life, not only can you get a soft and comfortable material. Along with that, it is also one of the most convenient options that allow for accelerated training. This makes it much easier to modify harmful habits and incorporate much more positive and healthy behaviour for dogs.

Many dog training experts and veterinarians have recommended this harness because it keeps any dog safe. Many users have found the durability and comfort of this harness to be as adequate as the cost-benefit ratio. That’s why this option has earned the top spot on our list.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

  • Heavy-duty nylon and stainless steel
  • Includes dual-connection strap
  • Swiss velvet lining
  • The strap is not very long

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2. PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness

To find a suitable collar for your dog, this option is part of the soft dog collar’s sensitive skin. This is a very simple option that incorporates different features to facilitate the use of this accessory in any situation. Hence, it will be easier to walk or train a dog when incorporating this harness into everyday life.

More relaxed walks:

Using this harness means much more comfortable and relaxed walks thanks to the design incorporated in this accessory. This harness does not need a leash because a handle has been incorporated at the top. Thus, this can be very useful when dealing with any type of large breed dog that demonstrates a complicated character.

Other useful features have also been incorporated that avoid producing pressure on the neck area of the dogs. So, this decreases the possibility of dogs choking or choking after pulling too much during a walk or training. People can also use a leash with this harness if they prefer.

Easy and adjustable use:

Many users avoid using a harness on dogs because some options are somewhat difficult to use. However, this is not the case with this harness which provides a very simple and versatile design. The pressure zone on the dog’s chest decreases the likelihood of producing any problems as some collars do.

Reflective nylon and soft padding have also been used to avoid any kind of irritation to the dogs’ skin. Along with this, people will be able to incorporate the adjustment that their dog needs to make any walk or training much more comfortable to perform. Even, this harness also fits perfectly inside a truck or car.

Excellent durability:

Finally, and very importantly, we can consider that this collar incorporates excellent lifetime durability. The stainless steel and nylon parts have high-quality manufacturing and raw material. So, this is a harness that can be the ultimate choice for dogs of different breeds.

Even the reflective material provides increased visibility for dogs at night. This is complemented by the design of the harness that allows for some activities, such as jogging or running with your dog. It is also important to consider that this is a harness developed by one of the most reliable manufacturers in dog accessories.

PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness

  • Padded material
  • Reflective nylon
  • Good level of control
  • Few colors

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3. Mighty Paw Ultra Soft Dog Collar

When we closely analyze this accessory, we can easily notice that it is an excellent non-irritating dog collar. Many people have opted for this option because it adapts to dog breeds that are large, medium, or small. Even, it also suits dogs with different personalities, such as those that are calm or those that are stubborn.

High-strength materials:

A key feature of this collar is that it has been manufactured with high quality and durable materials. We can find a neoprene padded material as one of the most fundamental aspects of this list. This material is one of the most appropriate to be able to decrease or avoid any kind of irritation on the skin of dogs.

We can also note that this is a collar made of nylon with excellent resistance. This material is perfect when it comes to walking or training. The nylon incorporated in this collar also offers great waterproof resistance, among many other detrimental factors that can decrease the collar’s lifespan.

Increased visibility:

To improve the comfort and safety in the use of this collar, it has also been considered to incorporate a reflective material in the dark. That is why this collar provides greater visibility to dogs walking alone or with their owners. It is a special reflective material that does not lose its efficiency throughout the lifetime of the collar.

At the same time, all this can be verified because the quality of this reflective material is the same as the padding material or stainless-steel parts. So, this is one of the most complete options to offer to any dog.

Easy to clean:

Lastly and very important, this collar is easy to clean and that is why the user will not waste too much time cleaning. At the same time, the materials incorporated in this collar allow for quick and effortless drying. These features allow for more frequent cleaning, protecting the durability and lifespan of this collar for a longer period.

Among the remarkable aspects of the resistance of this collar, any dog will be able to use this option for a long time. This means that different weather conditions are not a problem for the integrity of this collar. No matter if dogs play in the water or the rain, this collar will still offer the same benefits.

Mighty Paw Ultra Soft Dog Collar

  • Reflective material
  • Neoprene padding
  • Heavy-duty nylon
  • Strap not included

4. Blueberry Pet Soft & Comfy Padded Polyester Dog Collar

On many occasions, the simplest collar may be the best choice when a dog needs a non-chafing dog collar. That is why the manufacturer of this collar has incorporated all the features that small dogs or larger dogs need. Once the user finds the collar with the best size for his dog, he will be able to offer his pet better walks.

High-quality materials:

One of the main features of this collar lies in the high-quality materials used for manufacturing. On the one hand, the canvas fabric provides excellent durability and strength. It is a prolonged service life that at the same time manages to withstand the tugging of dogs of any size. It is also a collar prepared to withstand all kinds of damaging factors.

Here it is also important to consider neoprene leashes which can be very appropriate when it comes to dogs with sensitive skin. Even, the silver hardware incorporates the appropriate resistance so that this collar can accompany the life of your pet.

Easy to use a collar:

In addition to having great resistance against all kinds of factors, this collar can also offer very easy and appropriate use. This is especially due to the buckle incorporated in this collar. For this, plastic was used which is waterproof and highly resistant. This means that dog games will not be a problem for the durability of the collar.

At the same time, splashes of water or rain are also not a detrimental factor that manages to deteriorate the plastic of the buckle. So, this collar can be used on calm dogs or stubborn dogs. On any of these dogs, this collar can be put on or taken off with great ease and very little effort.

No irritated skin:

For those looking for an efficient option for dogs with sensitive skin, this collar also qualifies as one of the most appropriate. All you need to do is to find the most suitable size and your dog will be able to enjoy more comfortable walks or training.

The materials used are soft and do not produce any kind of irritation or problem on the skin or hair of dogs. Nor is it a collar that stretches with time and frequent use. So, you only need to choose the most stylish and suitable design for your dog to start noticing the benefits.

Blueberry Pet Soft & Comfy Padded Polyester Dog Collar

  • Easy to use plastic buckle
  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Padded and comfortable material
  • Strap not included

5. TagME Reflective Padded Personalized Dog Collars

If you are still looking for the best collar for dogs with skin allergies, this option may be the most suitable for your dog. Here the manufacturer has incorporated a wide variety of features in a collar with a very simple design. Hence, your dog can have everything he needs and avoid skin irritation at the same time.

Great Comfort:

Of course, the most important aspect to highlight is the comfort that this collar can offer. Soft neoprene padding has been used for the manufacturing of this accessory. So, this means a great comfort in avoiding the irritation of the skin of the dogs that need to use this collar daily in walks or training.

At the same time, this high-quality material is characterized by its great efficiency and by avoiding the accumulation of odors. Thus, it is a collar that can always be available despite the daily and intense use that a dog can give it in everyday life.

Reflective material:

Another formidable feature is the reflective material incorporated in this collar. As we have noticed in other collars, this reflective material can be indispensable for walking or training in dark spaces. Even at nighttime, this reflective material also provides greater visibility for dogs and their owners.

To complement these features, the collar has a durable plastic buckle, a stainless-steel ring, and high-strength nylon. Each of these materials manages to provide extraordinary durability and longevity. Therefore, it is a collar perfectly suited for calm dogs or dogs with too much energy.

Collar with identification:

One of the most common aspects of any dog collar is the identification tag that is usually incorporated. This usually incorporates the data of the owners in case the dogs get lost. That is why here too, an ID tag made from stainless steel has been incorporated. Unlike other options, this tag is fixed to the collar.

In this way, it is possible to avoid the noise produced by the dog tags on most collars. It is also possible to use laser engraving to incorporate any dog’s personal family information. All this allows this collar to be a truly complete and appropriate choice.

TagME Reflective Padded Personalized Dog Collars

  • Excellent padding material
  • Reflective material
  • Includes stainless steel nameplate
  • Strap not included

6. Fida Heavy Duty Dog Collar

According to the experience of many users, this option also qualifies as the best dog collar for the sensitive neck. For this purpose, a wide variety of features have been incorporated to take care of the dogs’ necks and skin. In addition, this is a set of collars with special and unique designs that any dog would want to use.

Highly resistant materials:

Here it is important to start by mentioning that the materials used in this collar are of top quality. All this we can notice because this is a collar that can provide a prolonged service life. This is a nylon belt that is thicker compared to other collars that are available today.

So, this allows it to resist more efficiently the pulls of dogs of any size. At the same time, a soft padded neoprene material has been included which is very convenient for any dog. This is a special material designed to increase comfort and avoid all kinds of problems on any dog’s sensitive skin.

Easy to use and wash:

As we can notice according to the design of this collar, ease of use is one of the features we can find. Using the appropriate leash, this collar can be the ultimate choice when it comes to walks or training. Even, it is also an easy-to-use option for dogs that frequently use a collar.

Both the padded material and the whole collar, in general, are also very easy to wash. So, this is a collar that is not designed to waste people’s time. This collar washes easily and requires very little time to dry completely. Thus, it is an odor-resistant collar that will always be ready for use.

Excellent visibility:

Another way in which this collar can protect dogs is thanks to the built-in reflective material. As is the case with high-quality collars, this reflective material provides increased visibility for dogs at night. This increases safety when walking or training outdoors in dark places.

Fida Heavy Duty Dog Collar

  • Soft neoprene padding
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Reflective stitching
  • Little variety of designs

7. PetSafe Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness

Many stubborn or overly energetic dogs tend to suffer from collars in general. That is why many people who are looking for dog collars that don’t rub their hair off incorporate this dog harness. This is an excellent accessory that avoids the neck area of dogs, thus avoiding irritation of the dogs’ skin.

More efficient training:

Many collars are truly efficient for walking or training a dog. However, some dogs may choke due to the constant tugging they produce. This is the same situation that happens both in training and in walks in general. So, this harness avoids these problems because it uses the dog’s chest as a pressure zone.

It is also important to note that this harness offers a design that adapts to dogs of different sizes and personalities. The design of this harness provides the possibility of using a leash from the dog’s chest area. With proper training, this harness has the potential to decrease the pulling of dogs for more relaxed walks.

Durability and lifetime:

Along with each of the above features, this harness also features heavy-duty nylon and stainless-steel key parts. All of that allows for much more appropriate use throughout the entire lifespan of this harness. In particular, the plastic buckles provide very easy use at any time, as well as appropriate resistance against any damaging factors.

Thus, it is easy to notice that users will not have to waste too much time putting this harness on the most stubborn dogs. This simple harness design can save an excellent amount of time and effort when starting a walk or training.

Increased comfort:

Lastly and very importantly, the material incorporated into this harness means a lightweight construction to avoid any discomfort for dogs. The design of this harness leaves the dogs’ neck area completely free. It is also a harness with breathable material, so splashing water or rain is also not a problem.

PetSafe Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness

  • 2 easy to use buckles
  • High strength materials
  • No tugging design
  • No reflective material

8. RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

Dogs that have a lot of strength also tend to need a highly resistant harness. Many stubborn dogs often damage their skin when they are too anxious on a walk or training. To prevent damage to dogs’ sensitive skin in these situations, this harness includes everything necessary to provide a good result.

High strength and durability:

Among the essential features of this harness are the durability and lifespan that is possible to obtain. In addition to being an excellent harness, it is also an accessory that is perfectly adaptable to daily use. For this purpose, this harness combines padded straps with foam on the chest. That this mix of materials manages to take care of the skin and hair of dogs.

A high-quality design has also been implemented that manages to evenly distribute the weight load when the dog performs any pull. So that any walk or training becomes a much more pleasant and comfortable activity for dogs and owners. It is a harness that takes care of the neck area, thus preventing the dog from choking.

Easy to use a harness:

Another formidable feature of this harness is the great ease of use it can provide. This harness also incorporates plastic buckles along with metal parts and high-strength nylon. This combination of materials and design allows for truly simple use. When it comes to stubborn dogs, the user will not waste time with this harness.

It should also be mentioned that there are four adjustment areas to find the best comfort for any dog. Even the ID pocket provides safe and reliable access. So, any dog will be able to count on its ID to find its way home in an unexpected situation.

Reflective fabric:

To improve the visibility of a dog and its owner at night, this harness also incorporates reflective material. This can be useful when it comes to a walk in a city. During training, the reflective material also makes finding a dog much quicker and easier. All these features are combined with a nice design.

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

  • Reflective fabric
  • Foam padding
  • High-efficiency design
  • Intermediate strength buckles

9. Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

Many people find that leather collars can be a very versatile and adaptable option for dogs with sensitive skin. Among all the options available today, this 2-colour leather collar can transform into the most useful accessory for your dog. Whether it is for walking or training, the following features are excellent.

Soft and comfortable material:

One of the most important advantages of this collar is that it is made of premium genuine leather. Thus, this means avoiding and decreasing all kinds of irritations on the dogs’ skin. The soft sheepskin has been used for this purpose along with sealed edges. This is supple full-grain leather that can provide the utmost comfort for your dog.

At the same time, this collar has been hand-baked along with a unique design that combines a brown color on the outside and a different color on the inside. On the inside part easy to notice a high level of softness and a padded feeling. So, this collar can be very efficient even for the most stubborn dogs.

Excellent durability:

To enhance the durability and lifespan of this collar, not only excellent quality leather and sheepskin have been used. It is also a collar that incorporates solid brass hardware that always complements the strength. At the same time, all the metal incorporated in this necklace is lacquered to avoid the problem of oxidation after a long time of use.

Once you get the right size and color combination for your dog, it won’t be a problem for them to play in puddles of water or the rain. Both the lifespan and efficiency of this collar are not lost by any kind of harmful weather conditions.

Efficient design:

To complement the utilities of this collar, people also can incorporate an identification tag. For this purpose, it is only necessary to use the mini brass ring that this collar can provide. It allows an identification tag to be always visible in case a dog must find its way home thanks to other people.

Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

  • High-quality sheepskin and leather
  • Solid brass hardware
  • ID tag ring
  • No reflective material

10. CollarDirect Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar

Finally, this option can be another simple and suitable option to avoid skin irritation in dogs. It is a leather collar with a wide variety of designs that can be adapted to dogs of different sizes or puppies. For many users, this is the ultimate option to enhance any walk or training.

Ease of use:

One of the most obvious features is the great ease of use that this collar provides. This is a much easier collar to use compared to other options or any harness. So, this can save some time with those dogs that have too much energy or are too stubborn before walking or training.

The ease of use of this collar can also be noticed in the cleanliness it needs. Because it is a collar made of leather, odors do not get impregnated in this material. In addition, anyone only needs a damp cloth to remove dirt from this collar after a long time of use or a session of dog play.

More comfort and less irritation:

Anyone who wants to avoid irritation in the neck area of dogs should also consider this collar. On the outside, we can notice that it is heavy-duty brown leather. So, this allows it to withstand all kinds of tugging those dogs with stubborn behavior do.

The inner part of the collar has been incorporated with padding with an extra level of softness. So, it is a double-layer collar that can provide great comfort and strength at the same time. These characteristics indicate that this is a collar with long service life.

Metal hardware:

Another remarkable aspect of this collar is that it has metal fittings, including a D-ring. So, this is another collar that is perfectly adaptable to the dog tags that many dogs need. Both the leather and brass hardware have the versatility to prevent any kind of allergy or irritation in dogs of any breed.

CollarDirect Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar

  • High quality and resistant materials
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Double-layer collar with soft padding
  • Leash not included

What Can Cause Dogs to Be Sensitive to Collars?

Some dogs may have a high sensitivity when it comes to some collars. This usually happens when it comes to an all-metal collar. This type of collar can generate some kind of allergy in dogs.

The problem is much more serious and considerable when these collars are not cleaned with a certain regularity.

It is also important to keep in mind that metal collars tend to rust when in contact with water for a long time.

That is why leather collars are usually more advisable as they usually incorporate some padding material. At the same time, leather collars are not known to produce any type of allergy in dogs in general.

How to Choose the Right Size for the Collar?

To choose the most suitable collar size for your dog there is a very basic and simple rule. First, the user needs to measure the circumference of his dog’s neck.

This measurement is usually done in inches or centimetres. Once the result is obtained it is important to add a few extra inches or centimeters.

Considering the dog that will be wearing the collar, the user should be able to slip 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck.

This is the extra space that any dog needs to avoid any kind of choking or choking sensation. This extra space is usually 2 inches on large dogs or 1 inch on dogs that are too small.

Dog Collar Rubbing the Hair Off – Reasons and Solutions

Dog collar rubbing can cause hair loss and skin irritation. That is why here we consider some reasons and their possible solutions.

  • Pulling: many dogs tend to pull the leash when walking due to the high level of anxiety they feel. The solution to this problem is proper training for the dog to walk with its owner without pulling.
  • Excessive tightening: another common reason is when a collar is too tight on the dog’s neck. The solution to this problem is simple as the collar only needs to be adjusted more loosely.
  • Material: some cheap nylon collars can be the reason why your dog is losing hair in the neck area. To avoid these situations a leather collar is recommended.
  • Excessive use: a dog wearing a collar many hours a day can also suffer from hair loss and irritation in the neck area. The solution is to use a collar for walking or training moments. So, it is recommended to avoid using a collar when dogs are indoors.

What to Look for in Collars for Dogs with Sensitive Skin?

When a dog has sensitive skin, it needs a collar with appropriate high-quality features. This is a set of features that will prevent skin irritation or hair loss in the neck area. The essential features are as follows.

  • Correct size:

Many collars consider large, medium, and small breed dogs. To have the ideal size collar, the circumference of the dog’s neck should be measured by adding 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. This will prevent the collar from being too loose or too tight.

  • Build Quality:

The quality of manufacturing and materials is also as important as the rest of the features. A collar made of cheap materials can be more than enough to damage the dog’s skin or produce an allergy.

  • Lightweight:

it is always more advisable to have a collar or harness that is lightweight. This is because lightweight collars and harnesses do not add considerable weight that may impair the mobility of the dogs. This aspect is more important when it comes to small breed dogs.

  • Stitching:

Collars with highly resistant stitching are much safer to use on stubborn dogs with a lot of strength. Collars with weak stitching could break, releasing the dog into dangerous places. Some stitching incorporates reflective materials to provide increased visibility for dogs at night.

  • Adjustable:

When it comes to a harness or a collar, the most convenient options will be those accessories that can be better adjusted. So, it is always more appropriate to have a cleverly designed accessory that provides greater comfort for dogs.


Once you have the best dog collars for sensitive skin, your dog will be able to enjoy much more pleasant walks and training. Having a no-rub dog collar is an essential part of dogs with sensitive skin. This is because the collar is the main accessory for any dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dog collar is best for sensitive skin?

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness is considered by many people as the best for sensitive skin. This accessory can also offer different features, such as great durability and a smart design that avoids the dog’s neck area.

Why does my dog’s collar rub the skin raw?

This can happen because the collar is too tight or is made of cheap materials that are harmful to the dog. It can also happen that the dog is wearing a collar for many hours per day. So, it is recommended to use a high-quality collar for walks only.

Can dogs be allergic to chain collars?

As with many people, dogs can also be allergic to metals. That is why metal collars are among the least recommended to use. Instead, you can choose one of the nylon or leather collars we have chosen for you.

Can dogs be allergic to nylon collars?

While there are some dogs allergic to nylon collars, this is a much rarer allergy compared to other allergies, such as metal allergies. If your dog is allergic to nylon collars you can use a leather collar as the best alternative.

How do I stop my dog from scratching his collar?

Some puppies are not used to wearing a collar. To avoid this habit the user should check which collar is not too tight. It is also important to consider a collar with high-quality materials that do not generate an allergy. Taking all this into account, simply divert the puppy’s attention so that he stops scratching his collar.

How do I know if my dog is allergic to nickel?

There are some symptoms to detect if your dog is allergic to nickel. Some of the most common symptoms include coughing, itching, hair loss, skin irritation, or an excessive licking habit.

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