Best Portable Wireless Dog Fence for RV And Camping

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Want to protect your dog on a camping day? Then what you need is the best portable wireless dog fence. It is a very efficient system that protects dogs and prevents them from going too far away. This system is one of the easiest to install compared to all the systems that exist today.

Dogs tend to be curious creatures and want to investigate all those terrains they are not familiar with. This causes many dogs to get lost or go too far on a camping day. The following options that we have included in our list can be beneficial to keep all the dogs in a family in a safe area.

Why Do You Need Portable Dog Fence For Camping?

On many occasions, it is possible to enjoy a day of camping outdoors. A portable dog fence is required because they are easy to install and set up. This system allows you to protect dogs and prevent them from going too far. With this system, owners will avoid paying attention to the dogs at all times to protect them.

7 Best Portable Wireless Dog Fence for RV And Camping in 2021

Best Portable Dog Fence

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

When it comes to finding the best portable wireless dog fence, this option is one of the most popular choices. It is a complete system that is very easy to use as it can provide a circular coverage of ½ acre. This circular range is perfect for providing each dog with ample space while the user protects their pet and belongings.

One of the most apparent advantages of this option is that the user does not need to install wires every time. This is a secure barrier that is complemented by a wireless boundary. There is no need to bury wires thanks to the extraordinary performance that this system can provide for a much faster and easier installation.

Additionally, this system does not produce any static that can harm dogs. Instead, it is a customizable option that allows you to choose a safe play area. This system even offers a training mode and five levels of static with a very safe operation that does not cause any discomfort to dogs.

In addition to that, the setup and installation only require a few steps to complete. That is why it is one of the most suitable options for enjoying a camping or recreational vehicle. After just a few steps, this system can be ready to provide a safe area for the dogs.

Even dogs will have the possibility to play in the rain as the collar is completely waterproof. This collar can be adapted to a neck circumference of 6 to 28 inches or dogs weighing 8 pounds and up. In addition, the compatibility of this system is complemented by the wireless fence transmitters of this same manufacturer.

Another positive aspect of this system is that the battery can provide a long time of use. Before the low battery indicator appears, the user will get two months of usage time. This is an excellent time considering it will be straightforward to use the same battery for one or more camping trips and with an RV.

  • Circular and wireless boundary
  • Built-in waterproof collar
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Only ½ acre of circular coverage 

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2. PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

Another option that can be considered the best portable dog fence for RV is this system, which provides excellent care for pets. In this case, it is a system that can provide a ¾ acre circular coverage. This is a much more flexible option for those families with a large dog that needs a lot of space.

This system also incorporates a wireless boundary that avoids the need to bury wires in a specific area. In such a way that it is possible to create a secure barrier in a short time protecting pets everywhere. Unlike a physical fence or burying wires, this system can be adapted to various terrains.

It only takes an hour or two to complete the installation procedure and provide pets with excellent protection. In addition, this system can provide five levels of static correction that are safe and do not harm dogs. Additionally, a training mode with a sound tone is included.

When any pet exceeds the limits, it can re-enter the safe area without the need for static correction. This avoids the likelihood of a dog suffering discomfort due to excessive static correction. Thus, it is one of the systems that offer an excellent balance between efficiency and animal care.

This system is one of the most portable and compact to be adapted to a camping day. It is even a great option to be transported in an RV when going on a trip or vacation. Installation only requires a few steps and can be completed without any technical knowledge.

A built-in waterproof collar can accommodate a neck size of 6 to 28 inches or dogs weighing 5 pounds or more. Battery life can provide two months of usage time before needing a new battery. So this is a system that is perfectly adaptable to the needs of a family with dogs.

  • Includes battery with two months of usage time
  • Waterproof and versatile collar
  • Five levels of static correction and a tone
  • Average level coverage

3. PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

Among the options that can be rated as the Portable dog fence for camping, this system can also provide fantastic advantages. This is because it is a system that can be supplemented with buried wire. While the wire is not included, compatibility considers a heavy-duty 16 gauge or a standard 20 gauge Petsafe option.

In addition, this system can also accommodate stubborn dogs that have difficulty obeying their owners’ commands. This system can provide five levels of static correction plus a good tone and a vibration tone. All this operation is complemented to correct the behavior of a dog, increasing the safety of scams things.

At the same time, it is a system that can adapt to dogs with a weight of 8 pounds and up or a neck circumference of 6 to 28 inches. This means it is one of the most versatile and safest options available today. An automatic safety shut-off is built in to prevent too long a static correction.

This safety feature turns off the static after 30 seconds of operation. This can be especially useful and is designed when dogs decide to go through the safe zone anyway. This way, dogs should not feel exposed or suffer harm due to constant exposure to static correction.

Tone and vibration have been incorporated when dealing with hearing-impaired dogs. This also prevents dogs from having to deal with static current. Another important consideration of this system is that a waterproof collar has been incorporated. This allows dogs to play in the rain or underwater, as it is a submersible collar up to 3 feet.

Even families with more than one dog or multiple pets will be able to use this same system. For this purpose, suitable compatibility with a wide variety of collars receiving the signal of this system has been incorporated. This is one of the most efficient options that require a specific gauge of wire, which is not included. So the installation may take a little more time.

  • Built-in waterproof collar
  • Five levels of static and vibration correction
  • System compatible for many pets
  • Wire required, which is not included

4. PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Fence

A safe and reliable option that doesn’t require a big budget is this compact wireless fence, which is ideal for both dogs and cats. In this case, it is possible to obtain a pet coverage area of ¾ acre. In this way, it is possible to get great coverage for one or several large dogs. 

This area can be expanded as necessary for the dogs to enjoy the way they want to. It only takes an hour or two to install this compact wireless fence. This means that this is an option that incorporates a straightforward design for most users to use.

Specifically, this is an option for those who already have a receiver collar that can work with this Petsafe wireless fence. Individuals can also purchase this unit, although they will need to purchase the collars separately as well. However, this option can be incorporated for one or several pets.

Beyond that, it is a dog and cat protection system that is very portable and easy to install. Its wireless functionality requires a power outlet but avoids the need for a wire. In this way, users will have the possibility of having a wireless and invisible secure area, which can be adapted to the specifics of the environment.

That is why many users have considered this option one of the most suitable for a recreational vehicle or enjoying a good day of camping. This system is generally recommended for all dogs weighing more than 5 pounds with a neck circumference of 6 inches and above.

  • Portable and compact system
  • Provides excellent coverage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Petsafe collars sold separately

5. SportDOG Brand Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Systems

Considering another manufacturer that provides great confidence and security to most users is this fencing system. Users will have the ability to get excellent coverage that can cover up to 100 acres. It is necessary to have the necessary flags and wire, which is not included in this case.

With this system, users will have all the essential parts to cover an area of 1 ⅓ acre of land. In this way, users will be able to provide their dogs with a large amount of space for them to enjoy. Additionally, it is necessary to consider this as an excellent system for one dog or multiple pets in a family.

Here a single rechargeable collar has been incorporated, so a family with more than one dog will have to purchase other collars separately. This collar can provide a duration or wearing time of up to 2 months, depending on each use. At the same time, it is a collar that includes lithium-ion batteries. This means that it is a rechargeable collar.

So that to use this collar again, you only need to have 2 hours because it is a fast-charging battery. If that were not enough, this collar is also submersible up to 25 feet and waterproof. This gives dogs or cats the possibility to play underwater or in the rain without worrying about the operation of this electronic device.

It is a collar that can fit dogs from 10 pounds and up. It is also necessary to consider that this same system can work with all of them by incorporating additional collars. In such a way, people who have many dogs only need to purchase additional collars, which will share the same safe area.

The operation of this system includes seven levels of static correction, which is fully configurable. Each user will have the possibility to choose the best level of static stimulation according to their dog’s personality. Along with this, vibration and a tone or beep are also incorporated. All this provides excellent performance for the safety of any dog.

  • Maximum capacity of up to 100 acres
  • Fast charging rechargeable collar
  • Easy and quick to install fencing system
  • Only enough is included to cover one ⅓ acre

6. PetSafe Containment System

Many people already have a dog restraint system in place. However, many of these systems usually only incorporate a collar that can only be used on one dog. In addition, this Petsafe wireless fence system can be used with a wide variety of dogs, as long as the user has all the necessary collars.

Specifically, this option is the collar that can work with the system to provide the security needed for all dogs in a family. Like the collars that Petsafe can provide, this option also incorporates an excellent level of waterproofing. Thus, dogs will have the ability to enjoy themselves in the rain without worrying about the functioning of the collar.

This collar can fit a neck circumference of 6 to 28 inches or dogs from 8 pounds and up. Of course, the compatibility of this collar takes into consideration all models of Petsafe wireless fence transmitters. So it is also necessary to consider that this collar can offer more than five levels of static correction along with an alert tone.

All this can adapt to each dog to prevent them from going through and out of the safe zone. Also to be considered is the collar’s battery, which can provide a usage time of up to 2 months. When this happens, the user needs to replace the battery as these units are not rechargeable power sources.

This dog protection system can be used with a wide range of collars. So the user can incorporate as many collars as needed depending on the number of dogs in the household. It is also a very easy to use and set up option. That is why it is an excellent way to provide security to the dogs on a camping day or in a recreational vehicle.

However, it is necessary to consider that this collar is not compatible with Petsafe remote trainers or buried fences of this same manufacturer. Anyway, it is one of the safest and most appropriate options, which reduces costs while the dogs enjoy excellent safety day after day.

  • Waterproof and efficient collar
  • Five levels of static correction and one tone
  • Two months battery usage time
  • Built-in non-rechargeable batteries

7. PetSafe Elite Little Fence

Among the last options we can include in our list is this in-ground fence system for small dogs. This is an excellent option for all those dogs that weigh 5 pounds and up. In this case, it is possible to obtain coverage of up to ⅓ acre with the wire that has been included.

All those users who want to purchase additional wire will obtain coverage up to 25 acres. This also requires additional flags from this same manufacturer. Among the parts incorporated is the receiver collar, which has the versatility of being waterproof and adjustable for a better fit.

This collar provides an efficient level of waterproofing so that dogs can play in the rain without any damage to the electronics. A tone mode for training and four levels of static stimulation are incorporated in this collar. In addition, this collar includes an excellent level of adjustment to adapt its operation to each dog’s behavior.

As is often the case with the best Petsafe systems, this system can also be used with many dogs. Of course, all additional collars are required for this, as each dog uses a receiver collar.

It is also possible to have additional features such as a low battery indicator and a reflective collar strap. All these can provide a much more appropriate operation in this system which is perfect for small dogs.

Moreover, the installation procedure is straightforward, and it takes only two hours to complete the setup of this system. All this allows it to be one of the most suitable options for enjoying a trip in an RV or a day camping outdoors.

  • Waterproof collar and wire included
  • Coverage of up to ⅓ acre.
  • Adaptable performance for dogs 5 pounds and up
  • Additional flags and wires required for maximum coverage of 25 acres

What Should I Look for When Buying Portable Dog Fence?

Considering the following aspects will allow a person to make a better decision.

  • For Single Dog or Multiple: This relates to the number of collars incorporated into each system. Most of the options we have mentioned can work with a large number of collars.
  • Height: Collars are usually tailored to fit dogs of a specific size. This means considering each dog’s weight and neck circumference to see if the receiver collar will work and fit.
  • Coverage Area: The coverage area is where the dog will be able to move without static correction. In the case of a large dog, it is recommended that the coverage area is also significant.
  • Adaptability: Adaptability is usually considered in the specific performance of the system. Some important aspects are the waterproofness of the collar, the battery usage time, and the static correction levels of the receiver collar.
  • Quality: An excellent quality level is essential for the proper functioning of this system. This prevents the static correction from causing any damage to the dogs. In addition, it will be much easier to protect the dogs with excellent quality in the system’s operation.
  • End Goal: One of the objectives considered in a dog fence system is to protect them from going too far. Another goal is to implement training.
  • Price: In general, a large budget is not needed, as a complete system can sometimes be purchased for $250 or even $300. Too cheap options are not recommended, as this would not efficiently protect a dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most robust wireless dog fence?

Any of the options we have mentioned provide excellent wireless, solid performance on the dog fence. The most important thing is to have an excellent quality option like Petsafe or Sportdog can offer.

  • Are our wireless dog fences any good?

This wireless dog fence system is one of the most suitable for protecting these pets. This combines quick and easy installation and balanced static correction to keep dogs in a safe area.

  • Will PetSafe work with Invisible Fence?

This manufacturer can offer invisible fences when it comes to a wireless system. Some of these systems do not require wire and are much easier to install. 


When it comes to enjoying a day of camping or a trip with an RV, having the Best Portable Wireless Dog Fence can be very beneficial, this system is the most appropriate to protect dogs at all times and places. In addition, its excellent features prevent it from being too complicated to use, for everyone’s convenience.

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