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Best Wireless Dog Fence for Large Acreage

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The way we are growing in technology the more advanced devices we are getting in every field. All of humanity getting benefits from this evolution then why not the dog owners get some benefits?

No doubt, the best wireless dog fence for Large Acreage is something that every dog owner should have if he or she wants to secure the dog and also want to provide some sort of freedom to the dog. At some stages, dogs also required some space on their own in which they can spend some time alone and play with toys or other dogs. And that is possible when you have a good fence and you know also need to set up in the best possible.

Each wireless dog fence has some specifications and features that companies are providing to the dog owners and when you are going to get one make sure you pick according to your needs and also your dog needs.

Do You Really Need to Pick dog fence for Large Acreage?

Some people have big yards and boundaries where they want their dogs to play in freedom and spend some quality time alone. if you are one of them who looking for a special wireless dog for your large acre then this guide is going to help you out.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you out in this situation because definitely you are confused about which brand to pick, which model to pick and how do you know that it’s worth every single dollar of your hard earn money.

3 Best Wireless Dog Fence for Large Acreage Reviews 2022

Best Wireless Dog Fence for Large Acreage

There are a few criteria that we set before to pick any product for ur users, and that is, how much people have trust in this brand if the product is fulfilling the people needs and what are the drawbacks of the product. We are covering everything for you here.

1. SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System

SportDOG Brand Contain + Train SystemSportDOG gets its place in the number spot because of many reasons. And trust me they grow really well in the past few years. They kept the quality to their number 1 priority and provide users with what they needed.

Talking about their product which is SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System have waterproof which means your dog can easily wear during rainy days and your dog remains safe from the unnecessary shocks. 


They build the system rechargeable so you don’t have to replace the batteries from time to time which is completely annoying and time-consuming and also need some extra bucks to buy them.

3 levels of simulations:

This product comes up with 3 levels of simulations which means you can set the tone, vibration and the last is shock according to the situation. You can easily set it up with your transmitter. Which means you have complete control on every level of simulations.


A lot of people have multiple dogs in their house, and if you are one of them then this one is good to pick for you. Because this product is expandable to multiple dogs. You just need to buy another collar and you can connect it with this device and good to go.


They are providing 100 Acre Capability which is fine for any type of dog to spend time in the specific boundary, you can increase and decrease the boundary line according to your needs.


Won’t stop a bigger dog: Well, sometimes if your dog is big enough and have strong health he might break the boundary and can escape.

Bottom Line:

Definitely, We are recommending this to all of the people who are looking for the best wireless dog fence for Large Acreage because it is providing all the features and functions to us.

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2. PetSafe Stay & Play

PetSafe Stay & PlayPetsafe brand is ruling the industry for years and they always come up with the best possible features and functions when we talk about a 2-acre wireless dog fence. They design this device in a compact way so it can take minimum space to manage. You can easily set up anywhere in the house. 


One of the best features is that you can take this device and go anywhere because it is portable and you can travel with the device with no issue at all. 

Covers up to 3/4 Acre:

This device covers up to ¾ acres which is fine enough for many people as they need this type of boundary line. And the best thing is you don’t need to place any wire around the boundary because you can handle it wirelessly. 

Dogs over 5 lb:

If your dog weight is over then 5 LB then you can pick it otherwise this is not the product that suits your dog because you are unable to place the collar on the dog neck.

Replaceable Battery Collar:

This dog fence comes up with a replaceable battery collar which means you need to replace the battery whenever it goes dead. And normally battery long lasts 1-2 months.

Indoor and outdoor:

As it is portable you can easily set up it for indoor purposes like in your house or also can setup it up outdoor when you go for some trip etc.


Well, talking about its a drawback, you need to set up this collar on your own even they give you a complete training guide. It almost takes 1 to 2 hours for someone to complete the setup.

Bottom Line:

A good option for every dog owner especially when you are looking for something that works indoor and outdoor too. Just make sure not to pick if you have a very small dog that is less than 5lb.

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3. SportDOG Brand 425X Collar

SportDOG Brand 425X CollarSportDOG Brand 425X is our next pick on this bucket list, They are using DryTek technology in this collar although no one is using it right now which makes this device more special and unique from other SportDog models. They make sure the collar remains waterproof and protected from the unusual incident. Because we all love our dogs and want complete security for them.

500 Yard Range:

The first thing that every dog owner see in the collar is the range. Because they have a complete mindset about how far their dog can go and how much freedom they want to give them. To make sure this situation they are providing a 500-yard range which you can set up in different ways.

21 levels of static simulation:

What I like most about this device is its 21 levels of static simulation which means you can control the level of shock, beep and tone up to 21 levels from low to high which is pretty amazing. You can use it according to your dog size and health.

Up to 3 dogs:

They have a complete training program which is included in the package and you can train up to 3 dogs easily which is fine enough and your dogs started to understand the level of shocks and their limits with the collars.


Difficult to “Program“: For new people, this dog fence is a little bit hard to understand, but giving some time is the best way to deal with this drawback.

Bottom Line:

Long story short, although it is hard for people to understand the simulation levels, still it comes among the best when we talk about Large Acreage wireless dog fence in 2022.

More you go to this page to know about dog fences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far will a wireless dog fence work?

This is no specific answer to this question, as we describe above it always depend on the device and the manufacturer who build it and they set up the distance of the dog fence according to the resources they are using in a specific budget.

  • How much is a wireless dog fence for Large Acreage?

You need to set a specific budget according to the options you are looking for like waterproof and rechargeable and the list goes on. If you have a limited budget then you can go for PetSafe Stay & Play because this dog fence provides all the features at a reasonable price.

  • How many collars can you use?

For 1 dog you can use one collar which is enough for you to be honest, but if you have multiple dogs and you want to use the product all at one time, then some companies like Sportdog allows you to purchase multiple dog collars which you can use for your dog.

  • How old should a dog be to use a wireless fence?

There is no limit when it comes to using dog fences but make sure about the shock levels and neck size when you are using them on old dogs or using them on puppies. Because sometimes they are not as strong as the young ones.


If you have a dog that is causing problems or you would like to stop a dog from wandering outside your house then these top picks are the best solution. I also understand that you want to make sure your dog is safe and secure while using the fence and that’s the reason why I spend much time rounding up these options for you. I hope you find your best wireless dog fence for Large Acreage after reading this guide.

Maria Martinez is a dog lover who likes to write about different dog products. She likes to share those products which she owns and uses and provide honest reviews about them.

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