Best Wireless Dog Fence for Wooded Area

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Having dogs as pets is one of the best privileges that families can enjoy at some point in their lives. These canines become one more family member, and the best way to show love is to ensure their safety. It will never be a bad idea to completely improve the home’s security and, even more so, when dogs and other pets live in it.

The best wireless dog fence for wooded area has become an excellent idea to set protection limits for any dog breed. Currently, there are many models and manufacturers of wireless fences for dogs on the market, and each one has its use. If you are a responsible owner and concerned about your dog’s overall safety, this guide is the most ideal for choosing the best wireless fence for wooded area, Hills, or Landscaping.

List of the best wireless dog fence for wooded area are as under:

  • PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System
  • Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar
  • PetSafe YardMax Battery-Operated Fence
  • SportDOG Rechargeable Dog Fence
  • PetSafe Stay and Play Training Collar

Can you use one dog fence for Woods, Hills, or Landscaping purposes?

Using the wireless dog fence for the wooded area can ensure you control your pet when he is at a certain distance. It is a very easy solution where you will not have to lay a boundary wire, dig or ruin the garden of your home. You can use this type of wireless fence when you live in areas where forests predominate, and the signal will not be interrupted.

Choosing the wireless dog fence for Hills is vital to work throughout the area and keep the canine well protected. A poor choice of this type of wireless fence can cause the signal to weaken on steep slopes. This can cause static, changing, or intermittent corrections that could completely scare the dog and place it in an aggressive state.

Is it necessary to have the dog fence for Landscaping? If it is the type of model you need, yes. The landscapes around a home are wonderful to appreciate and walk with your pet, but there must also be certain limits for safety. With this type of good dog fence, you can create a circular signal that produces a no-go zone.

5 Best Wireless Dog Fence for Wooded Area, Hills And Landscaping Reviews 2022 

You will get the five best wireless fences for dogs with different features and functions. Do you live in a wooded area? Are you in the hills? Do you like fences for Landscaping? Don’t worry, and keep reading this guide.

Best Wireless Dog Fence for Wooded Area

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment SystemPetSafe has been a leading global company in pet products for 30 continuous years. With this product, you will be able to add 1/2 acre to the wireless dog containment system you use around the home.

It is recommended for those gardens that are wide and have unique shapes, this unit being ideal for expanding the coverage of the garden. Create large, circular overlapping fields right now with this excellent PetSafe option that allows for even more spaces for pets.


There’s no need to create the hustle and bustle when it comes to giving your pet freedom in your backyard or backyard. This product should be placed inside the house, and it will only take care of creating a wireless circular boundary. Next to this device, the most important thing you need next to this device is a power supply; no need to dig or bury cables.


It has a highly compact design and is portable, allowing you to take it anywhere with you without any problem. If you are a travel lover, you can keep your pet safe thanks to the device’s resistance. It is ideal for camping, short and long trips, house moves, and other scenarios (comfortable design and easy mobility).


This product manufactured by the PetSafe brand is more than reliable, thanks to its manufacturer’s years of experience. Its durability, efficiency, and range are not aspects to be questioned since it is made of the best quality. The waterproof materials have incredible water resistance, and its price-quality ratio is almost perfect.

Reasons to buy
  • Has a flexible expansion
  • You can add an unlimited amount of necklaces to the system
  • Its configuration is very simple
Reasons to avoid
  • Not designed for dogs over 8 pounds in weight
  • The collar battery is not rechargeable

It is a fence that works very well and helps dogs learn about the limits of where they can walk and play. It represents a friendly solution with your wallet since it costs less than a traditional fence, still offering consistent limits.

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2. Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar

Petsafe Wireless Fence CollarIf you need an additional collar for the dogs that are part of your family, this option that PetSafe brings is the most correct. This wireless receiver collar is part of the pet containment system that helps keep most puppies safe.

Dogs can be safe and secure with this collar while taking a nap or running in the sun in the home garden or patio. It is a waterproof collar, has five levels of static correction that you can adjust, and contains a tone-only mode.


It is designed to comfortably fit your dog thanks to the inner rim with a curved appearance. It is not an exaggeratedly large necklace. Using a thick red strip, you can enlarge or shrink the size for a placement. Its compact design allows you to carry this necklace even inside a pocket.


It is a product that does not seem to last for a long time, but it can use for more than ten years. This collar can last along with good care and maintenance of the batteries every month. Its prolonged use can save you a lot of money that you would most likely spend with other brands of wireless fence collars.


It has about five correction levels and a beep-only mode for initial fence training. The wireless fence receiver automatically turns off after 27 seconds so that the dog’s over-correction does not occur. When running out of battery, there is an indicator light that warns you in time.

Reasons to buy
  • Has more adjustable levels for static correction
  • It is very flexible and works with most wireless fence brands
  • Receiver straps are perfect for dogs neck size
Reasons to avoid
  • Only available in one color: Red
  • The five levels of static correction can represent a disadvantage

It has some very useful advantages of use and some disadvantages that are nominal but can be avoided without any problem. This collar is recommended for those looking for a fantastic product to train their dogs without having to put a lot of effort into it.

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3. PetSafe YardMax Battery-Operated Fence

PetSafe YardMax Battery-Operated FenceNow you can give your pet the freedom to enjoy life outdoors, moments of games, and sharing with other dogs. Offering your pet a much safer yard to play or sleep in is possible with the YardMax Wireless Inground Fence.

This is a battery-powered waterproof fence system that can be placed in any position in your home yard or garden. The YardMax Wireless Transmitter completely prevents hole drilling and keeps your pet safe (even if the power goes out).


This fence allows your pets to have much wider limits than other wireless fence models on the market. The improved limit completely prevents pets from having considerable space to run, have fun and share with their owner. Returns of pets after crossing the limits will not be correct with this fence.


The necklace works with a battery like the vast majority. However, these batteries have the advantage of being rechargeable. It needs to be recharged every three weeks or so. It all depends on how often your dog uses the collar. The low battery indicator will flash red to alert you that they need to be recharged.

Training flags:

This fence from YardMax comes with training flags used as visual training tools. They will help your dog gradually learn to adapt to a new type of system that prevents him from crossing some yard/garden boundaries. Your dog will make a connection between the flags and the correction tones/static, learning that there are limits to be respected.

Reasons to buy
  • You can add as many pets as you need
  • Can be used on dogs over 5 pounds
  • Affordable price for everything in the wireless fence
Reasons to avoid
  • Provides only up to 1/3 acre coverage
  • Has a labor-intensive setup

It is a great wireless fence that includes some important accessories that help your pet be 100% safe. It comes with everything you need to train your dog and get him to learn the new system without much hassle.

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4. SportDOG Rechargeable Dog Fence

SportDOG Rechargeable Dog FenceThis stylish little collar receiver features a wonderful lithium-ion battery that takes approximately 2 hours to charge. It has seven levels of static stimulation, tone, and vibration that make it easy to keep dogs safe and secure.

With about 1,000 feet of cable and 100 flags, you can contain an area as large as 1 1/3 acres. The collar is reliable in any environment and features near-instant dry technology that makes it waterproof.


The collar is designed for sporting dogs since these containment systems have vibrations and warning tones. When the canine approaches the established limit, you will hear the sound, and it will be the alert that tells you that you must stop. If the dog continues to go to the limit, the collar will perform a static stimulation at a previously set level.


The different containment systems manufactured by the SportDOG brand come with enough cables and flags. Kits can expand to cover up to 100 acres with additional flags and cables (easy to install).

Innovative Features:

The buried fence is rechargeable, and the collar is waterproof (DryTek technology), with the possibility of being submerged up to about 25 feet. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the duration of the necklace can reach 1 or 2 months of continuous use. The design of the fence is designed to withstand any weather condition: heat, rain, cold, snow, wind, and mud.

Reasons to buy
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Includes the Anti-Linger function so that the dog does not drain the battery
  • Transmitter alarm warns of problems with the antenna cable
Reasons to avoid
  • Not compatible with some other brand products
  • The collar cannot be on the dog’s neck for more than 12 hours at a time

The installation process, configuration, training, and battery life of the collar are aspects that make this a very good product. For the price it has in the market, all the accessories it has included and the result it offers, it is completely worth it.

5. PetSafe Stay and Play Training Collar

PetSafe Stay and Play Training CollarThis is a special wireless fence receiver collar because it is designed for the most stubborn dogs. It can also use on dogs that are difficult to train or require a higher intensity level of training.

You can use it as a replacement collar for the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence or Pet Containment System. It has about five levels of static correction and an interesting tone-only mode that works for training.


It is waterproof and quickly adapted to fit dogs weighing more than 5 pounds comfortably. Its presentation is simple, compact, and a comfortable product that does not bother the canine without many accessories.


It can maximize by placing the indoor transmitter on the main level or near any electrical outlet. You can also add a base unit transmitter which helps create a much larger wireless fence area.


The strip that surrounds the collar is of the best manufacturing quality characterizing the PetSafe manufacturing brand. Ensures your hot-tempered pet is aware of alert sounds before overstepping limits.

Reasons to buy
  • Has a long battery life (up to 3 weeks)
  • You can customize the configuration of the collar that your dog will use
  • Add more than one dog (unlimited number of collars)
Reasons to avoid
  • Mostly inconsistent boundary lines
  • Sporadic changes in the limit line

Like the vast majority of PetSafe collars and products reviewed in this guide, this one also features ease of installation. If you have a stubborn dog with a rebellious temperament, this option may be ideal for you to start training it and setting limits on it.

Buying Factors

1. Technology of the Fence

A dog fence for wooded areas is considered the best way to keep your dogs safe and secure within a set perimeter. The more technological and innovative the fence, the higher the odds that the pet will be kept safe. In addition, canine owners can feel confident having a 100% effective product that notifies them if they exceed any limit.

Those fences with good warning and placement technology will be well above the traditional options on the market. The more technological advances the fences and receiver collars have, the higher their cost.

2. Map

It would be best to have a map of the area where the home is located and everything around it to know the entire area. Knowing the place where your dog will live all the rest of his life will help the installation of the fences. A map serves to make the best wireless dog fence locations for the wooded area in the best way.

3. Strength

Your dog’s strength will determine what type and model of receiver collar you use next to fences to limit space. If it is a stubborn or strong-willed dog, there are special collars that you can buy and use with them. Wireless dog fences are commonly found indoors, out of reach of your pet.

A fence that is not in danger of being crushed or damaged by weather conditions does not have to be the strongest. However, there are currently some types of fences that adapt and are resistant to any outdoor environment.

4. Range of Fence

The greater the range of the fence, the more space your pet will have free to enjoy and play all day. This guide will find some ideal options that will allow you to have great ranges around the home. PetSafe is one of the brands with the largest types of fences that allow you to modify and customize the ranges of reach.

If you like to travel with your pet, a fence that allows the greatest range of space will make you enjoy the place like never before. If it’s just training on a small site, a sizeable range will be more than enough.

5. Battery Chargeable

Batteries are important components that always save lives, especially for dog owners who are constantly on the go. Rechargeable batteries are a perfect backup plan for when there is no power source nearby.

In advance, these batteries usually indicate to the person when they are running out, and they must recharge. This option is ideal since they can recharge from a car or even a power bank during trips.

Which Wireless Dog Fence is Right for a Lot with Woods, Hills, or Landscaping?

If you find yourself living in a property located in densely forested areas, sloping hills, or extensive Landscaping, you need optimal solutions for your pet. The PetSafe brand has been in the market for 30 years, manufacturing fences and other ideal objects for all types of dog breeds. Their wireless fences are great options because you can customize and adapt them to these three types of areas.

The products of this brand have almost the same characteristics and can work together. You have the final say in choosing the best product to suit your wooded, sloping hill or landscaped area.


Well, the Wireless dog fences for Hills effectively perform the functions for which they were designed. This guide thoroughly reviewed the top 5 options for 2022 that will help you keep your dogs safe and trained. You have to compare the amount of money you have with the features and reviews that this guide offers you and then choose the right product. Also, click here to read about dog fences.

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