Bulldog Potty Training Problems

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The bulldogs are the most widely adopted dog breed in the USA and UK due to their friendly and cute nature. They are not only lovely but are also submissive and loyal to their lords. Once, you get back home from work, you will forget about your stressful and tiring day when they roll in your feet and play. The good point of petting bulldogs is that your kids can learn to become responsible.

Apart from the admirable and friendly nature of the bulldogs, there are some habits of the newly adopted bulldog that you may not appreciate, and proper training is a must need for your bulldog. The untrained bulldog might scratch your walls or doors, destroy your furniture and the most disgusting of all is the wrong potty habits that can turn your home into an unwanted place and can force you to abandon your bulldog.


The Bulldogs are very adaptable and intelligent to pick things fast. They are born with nice inborn nature, yet due to any environmental or emotional conditions, they can develop bad potty habits. But that is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to abandon your bulldog for this. Just be a little patient, take out some time, and train your bulldog.

The Bulldogs usually don’t defecate in their sleeping or living place but due to some medical or emotional problem, they can start doing so. When they start to potty indoors, you should realize that there is something not right going inside them. The best you can do is to find the root of this behavior by consulting a veterinary specialist and initiating their training side by side.

Bulldogs have different potty training problems but luckily, they all have several fine solutions to get rid of them. All that is required from you is just a little knowledge of them and a little time to train your bulldog.

Top 5 Bulldog Potty Training Problems and How to Overcome Them?

Bulldog Potty Training Problems

We have listed the major 5 bulldog potty training problems with their possible solutions that might help you train your bulldog. Go ahead and check which of the following problem your bulldog has and what is the suitable solution to it.

1. Underlying Health Problems

Both male and female bulldogs can develop urinary tract infections like humans. Bacteria and some other parasites are known to cause urinary tract infections. UTIs can cause excessive urination, incomplete urination, urine incontinency, and bloody urine.  In these conditions, they suffer from leakage and cannot control their urination voluntarily. So, the resulting outcome is trouble for you. 

Spayed female bulldogs usually pee unconsciously when they are sleeping. The reason behind this is the relaxed urethral sphincter. Spaying decreases estrogen production which is an important hormone to regulate sphincter control. 


It is, therefore, advised to always appoint a veterinary doctor for the systematic check-up of your bulldog to know if he has any underlying health issue so that the right treatment can be provided to him or her. After the treatment, you can see whether or not your bulldog needs potty training. Even if potty training is needed, it will definitely be easier.

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2. Urination in Excitement

Another problem is the urination in excitement. When the bulldog puppies get over-excited, they may leak their urine.

We see that that the human kid also does not know to voluntarily control his urination and defecation. As he grows older, he learns to voluntarily control his urination or defecation gradually. The same goes for bulldog puppies.

 When they see their master, they get excited, play in their master’s feet, and while doing so, leaks a little urine. Your simple arrival and departure are enough to excite your bulldogs. It is only you who can treat theirs over excitement. What you need to do is to make them habitual to your arrival or departure.


If they urinate in excitement, you should discourage their action by walking away. The Bulldogs are intelligent enough to realize which of their action has offended you.

For this problem, you don’t need any special treatment. Just with time as the puppy grows, he will learn to take his bladder under voluntary control. 

3. Fear

When your bulldog starts to potty or pee indoor, there is a great probability of him/her being scared or anxious about something. This problem is most commonly seen when you adopt a rescued dog. You don’t exactly know how much he has gone through and what is his emotional or psychological state. It can simply be due to the changed residence.


The easy solution for this is to just take out a little time for your bulldog every day. Take him outside your house daily for a specific time to let him empty his bladder. Two times a day, one morning and one evening take your bulldog out and he will be habituated to potty or pee outdoors.

4. Territory Marking

It is usually seen in male dogs. The bulldogs may pee or potty indoors as a sign of marking their territory. The unneutered dogs usually show this behavior. So, it is advised to neuter your bulldog when he gets some months old.


If you see your bulldog preparing to pee or potty inside, you can prevent it with just a clap. Clap your hands, his attention will be diverted to you and he will be stopped. Immediately take him out, so he can do what you had stopped inside the house. 

5. Hormonal Disturbance

The hormonal disturbance may cause relaxed muscles which in turn results in loose sphincter control. Ultimately, your bulldog will potty or pee indoors frequently.


The best solution for this is to consult a veterinary doctor and get the appropriate treatment for your dog. Once the problem is resolved, you can potty train your bulldog.

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