Can Dogs Eat Cheez-Its?

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Cheez-It is an amazing and rich cheese cracker manufactured by the major company Kellogg through the Sunshine Biscuits division. These cookies are rectangular, measuring approximately 26 by 24 millimeters (1.0 x 0.94 inches), and made from various materials. Among the most important and main ingredients are wheat flour, processed cheese, vegetable oil, salt, spices, and skim milk.

Among the various flavors and types of Cheez-It:

  • Cheese Pizzas
  • Swiss Cheese Slots
  • Buffalo wings
  • Atomic Cheddar

Other Cheez-It flavors and products:

  • Processed Cheese
  • Affiliated White Cheddar Slots
  • Reduced-Fat
  • Junior Scrabble

Since presented these delicious cookies were in 1921 until today, they are incredible crunchy snacks that children, adults, and even dogs eat.

Dogs are first-rate Cheez-It lovers, and if they had their way, they would gobble up box after box of these delicious cookies. However, many canine pet owners wonder if it is healthy for dogs to consume these cookies. Cheez-It is the perfect baked snack that is processed and often found at parties and family gatherings in homes.

Although many people prefer not to give these types of cookies to their pets, others give them these snacks on rare occasions. Experts and other dog owners recommend that these biscuits be consumed in small quantities and under strict supervision.

Can Dogs Eat Cheez-Its?

Yes dogs can eat Cheez Its but the day-to-day diet should not be based on junk food and harmful eating habits. That applies to humans and animals. Although Cheez-It is delicious cookies, they cannot be part of the food rations humans and dogs have. The average serving size of about 27 cookies, equivalent to about 150 calories, is one-fifth of what a dog needs a day.

That dogs constantly consume Cheez-It cookies must be a sign of concern for their owners. The fat and salt content of these cookies are between 8 grams and 230 milligrams, and of the 8 grams of fat, two are saturated.

These 2 grams can cause a serious problem for dogs since they contribute to increased cholesterol levels, weight, and heart problems. Cheez-It’s positive thing is that they do not contain any harmful sugars, so neither humans nor dogs can get dental cavities.

Is Cheez-Its Safe For Dogs?

Cheez-It cookies are not all bad and unsafe for dogs. However, they do not represent a nutritious snack. These cookies are empty calories that put canine pets at risk as far as their health is concerned should they eat a lot. There are many other healthy and safe options for dogs to eat instead of time bomb snacks.

Cheez-It is not a safe cookie for dogs to consume since they do not provide nutritional or healthy energy; they are harmful to dogs’ digestive systems. If a dog inadvertently eats a large quantity of Cheez-It at one time, the owner will get unsafe and poor results. People should give them treats made special for dogs rather than share human food.

Can Cheez-Its Kill Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Cheez-Its?

Cheez-It cookies can be harmful, but they are also not killer and are among the leading causes of death in the world’s dogs. However, too much sodium can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even salt poisoning in dogs. Dogs do not need to consume dairy, and Cheez-It cookies are dairy-containing snacks that are not ideal for canine diets.

High concentrations of milk and cheese can alter dogs’ digestive tracts and cause allergic reactions and itching. Consuming large quantities of cheese can be detrimental to the health of dogs. In addition to unwanted weight gain in dogs, too much fat can inflame the pancreas and create a very painful condition.

This condition may require extremely emergency treatment by a specialized and professional veterinarian. Cheez-It only causes medium and long-term harmful damage to the health of dogs. However, it is not the cause of their deaths.

Is Cheez-Its Toxic?

Canine health benefits are very slight and minimal where they do not add anything of value to the balanced diets that dogs should have. Cheez-It is not toxic at all. They can be used as treats occasionally for all dogs. These fun and delicious cookies are very attractive to dogs and are not toxic, only that they should consume in moderation.

Dogs can consume Cheez-It after they have eaten their normal food so that their appetite or established diet is not interrupted. Cheez-It is a rich cookie that humans and dogs can consume, only that in dogs they should be moderate and cautious.


Cheez-It cookies are a rich and delicious snack that should be administered to dogs only as an occasional treat and with care. Like any other harmful junk food or delicious treats, dogs and humans should maintain a moderate consumption. Avoid ingesting large amounts of Cheez-It cookies every day, which can cause a variety of long-term damage in dogs.

There are other types of alternatives that are much healthier and that dogs can enjoy as if they were Cheez-It cookies. Dogs can consume these delicious cookies, only in small quantities and on few occasions. That will avoid the intake of salt that can damage their stomachs. The most advisable thing is that the owners be smart and keep all dogs away from this type of biscuit and give them more healthy food.

Those who want to please and reward their dogs from time to time, can do so without any problem and give them a delicious Cheez-It. They have to be very attentive to the amount and proportions they give since the high calorie, and sodium content can cause a great variety of havoc on the stomach and health. Using the right amount of food is an important part of the canine’s life.

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