Can Dogs Eat Funyuns?

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The careful and grand daily preparation of meals for canine pets is one of the best ways to show that a person cares for their faithful pet. When someone selects all the best and smells very good, dogs know very well that he has prepared, and they love it. However, there are many foods that pets should avoid eating completely to avoid accidents and health risks.

To avoid any problem, people must know what they can give to their pets and whatnot. Through the help of specialists and veterinarians, owners of canine companions can have a helping hand. Each dog is different from the other. Some foods can feel good, while others can be the worst and more serious food nightmare.

What is Funyuns?

Funyuns is one of the brands of corn snacks with an onion flavor and has been available in all the United States since 1969. Funyuns consists mainly of sandwiches made with cornmeal and have a very curious ring shape.

This shape is achieved thanks to the extrusion process that allows each of the rings’ shapes and textures to be the best. They are one of the wide variety of products that the company Frito-Lay – PepsiCo has available in the market, and these are based on a mixture of salt and onion.

These wonderful and excellent onion rings were named “Funyuns” by professor and copywriter Jim Albright of the University of North Texas. Funyuns is one of the last Frito-Lay brands to eliminate the well-known “window.” In South American countries, these onion rings are often called “Cebolitos,” specifically in Brazil.

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Can Dogs Eat Funyuns?

No, dogs cannot eat Funyuns. It can be a dangerous thing as it contains onion, which is toxic to dogs. So if you want to feed your dog some chips, you should keep them away from Funyuns. It is not that dogs cannot eat onion at all, but the amount of onion in Funyuns is more than dogs should intake.

However, The Funyuns are made with a base of fried cornmeal and an onion powder and MSG aroma. There is no real onion in the dough to make the different onion rings. A little onion powder is enough. On many occasions, the dogs have arrived in one way or another to the places where packages of Funyuns are stored as if they were gold.

These delicious snacks can be a perfect snack for all dogs, even if they are expired and expired. At first glance, Funyuns seems highly unlikely to be a portion of very suitable and healthy food for a person’s canine companions. These snacks are onion rings that are high in sodium and fat.

Fats and sodium are some of the qualities that can be very negative for all dogs and their rigorous diet. Like other products similar to Funyuns, there is no problem with one or two onion rings, causing serious dog problems. However, more than two onion rings can become potential snacks that endanger people’s canine pets’ health.

According to the company Frito-Lay (maker of Funyuns sandwiches), these are delicious and amazing snacks perfect for eating at any time. They are different, exquisite, and fun to eat; they contain a crunchy texture and a spicy flavor. These snacks’ main ingredients are vegetable oil, cornmeal, and salt (the three most prominent components).

Are Funyuns Bad for Dog Health?

Can Dogs Eat Funyuns?

The Funyuns only have garlic and onion powder added in small amounts that most likely will not harm or be dangerous for dogs. The doses of garlic and onion flavor in these snacks are negligible, and you can hardly taste the flavor of these two ingredients. The dogs would have to have eaten many packages (bags and bags) of Funyuns for these to represent very unhealthy snacks.

In the case of a considerable intake of Funyuns, they could put dogs at risk of onion poisoning. Garlic and onions belong to the Allium family of plants, and when dogs eat in moderately large amounts, they cause very serious medical problems. There are cases in canines where some have an additional sensitivity from birth, and make onions in small quantities can be almost lethal.

The constant intake of onions and garlic can cause gastroenteritis or inflammation of dogs’ gastrointestinal tract. The signs that a dog is suffering from this medical condition is that owners see signs of excessive drooling, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. It does not take many onions for these to become completely ill or weaken their health.

Fortunately for canine pet owners, there is very little chance that Funyuns contain large amounts of onion powder. If a dog were to ingest a full 450-gram bag of Funyuns, the total amount of garlic and onion powder would not represent a hazard. Dogs can get to enjoy some of the rich and fun onion rings that Frito-Lay offers through its “Funyuns” brand.


In summary, according to Pet Smush Funyuns in large amounts of consumption do not represent a serious threat to canine health, they shouldn’t be consumed by dogs. Those owners who love their dogs and their state of health should resist the temptation of wanting to give them these snacks. The content or the different flavors of garlic and onion that Funyuns offers is not what will make dogs sick.

There is not enough onion or garlic in Funyuns to make dogs sick, even if they are very small breeds. Even if a dog eats a whole bag of Funyuns, this will not pose a danger to the dogs as the onion rings are not dangerous. What can make dogs that eat packs of Funyuns sick are the high fat and sodium content?

Just a few servings of these onion rings can quickly exceed the daily fat limit for a dog. With just six rings of onions from Funyuns, it is more than enough for a dog to exceed the amount of sodium that he should invest in just one day. It does not hurt that people want to pamper their pets with delicious snacks such as Funyuns. However, they should not exceed the quantities and thus take care of the canine’s health.

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