Can Dogs Eat Rice Pudding?

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Can Dogs Eat Rice Pudding?

What! You can’t decide whether your dog can eat your favorite rice pudding or not? Well, do not worry, as we are here to give the answers to all your questions. We know that your dog’s health is always your priority, so for that, you need to feed your dog some nutritious food.

While your favorite rice pudding contains sugar, milk, and rice, all these ingredients combine to make food with a lot of fat and carbs and when your dog eats rice pudding, it will affect his health and cause many stomach issues or, even worse, some skin allergies.

To avoid getting your dog sick, you can take proper precautionary measures and provide food to your dog that is healthier and more nutritious. So, let’s get started!

Can Dogs Eat Rice Pudding?

Yes, dogs can eat rice pudding but not regularly. You can feed rice pudding occasionally as a treat to your dogs. Rice pudding doesn’t fulfill the nutrition needs your dog requires as it has a high amount of sugar, milk, and rice. So, if you feed rice pudding to your dog daily, it can be harmful to his health.

Nutritional Value Of Rice Pudding

It’s common knowledge that rice pudding is one of many people’s favorite desserts in their childhood. It’s easy to make and has a sweet taste. Even when your dogs were little pups, the breeders often give rice pudding to them.   

If you are thinking about whether your dog should eat rice pudding or not, you should first know about the ingredients that make rice pudding. The ingredients are rice, sugar, salt, and milk. Then you have to mix them and cook until a creamy texture of pudding appears.

Due to the high amount of sugar and rice, pudding contains 400 calories per serving. That means many fat and carbs are present in it, which can be harmful or your dog. It can lead to many health issues.

Health Issues In Dogs

If it’s the first time that your dog eats rice pudding, then there is a high chance that he gets diarrhea after eating it. However, it’s a natural outcome after eating the pudding first time. Your dog can get stomach issues due to the high content of milk present in the pudding.

So, get your dog to the vet to treat diarrhea, or you can also treat it by giving him a blended diet, which helps to clear up your dog’s stomach. Most dogs are lactose intolerant that makes them more vulnerable if they eat any milk-based food.

That’s why dogs are more tend to get gastric issues when they have rice pudding. Some are sensitive enough to contract serious skin issues due to a high intake of milk-based food.  

Sugar Disadvantages

Like humans, dogs also have a taste sensation. They can immediately detect whether the food is salty or sweet. Also, scientifically sugar can be addicting as it gives a sweet taste that relaxes your nerves. We can say that dogs can be addicted to sugary food.    

A high intake of sugar can be harmful to your dog’s health as it may cause obesity, diabetes, dental issues, and many more. Thus, the sugary rice pudding you let your dog eat is extremely bad for his health. 

That’s why giving food to your dog that contains less sugar and is a healthy eating option. Because of the sugary rice pudding, your dog becomes obese, and that makes him uncomfortable to walk or sit. Most of the vet claims that more than 50 percent are obese due to their unbalanced diet.

Rice In Pudding VS Plain Rice

As we know, rice is the most popular food people like to eat. Many dogs eat rice in their daily diet and do not get sick. Now, the question arises that is it okay for dogs to eat rice pudding? Well, no, we would not recommend it for your dog’s health.

Rice pudding gets toxic for health if your dog keeps eating it. While white rice is mostly given to the dogs when they have diarrhea or any gastrointestinal issue. They are easy to digest and has low fiber in them. Also, they fulfill the need for starch in your dog’s body when they are sick.  

On the other hand, rice pudding is a combination of ingredients that are not beneficial for your dog’s health. That’s why we will not recommend you to give this fatty food to your dog on his daily diet.


Of course, every issue could be solved if you know precautionary measures. By eating rice pudding, dogs tend to get gastrointestinal problems. To solve this, first, we have to be on alert so that your dog doesn’t eat something randomly that contains high calories.

If sometimes you are not on guard and your dog gets diarrhea by eating rice pudding, then you can get him to the vet so that he can recommend you the precautions you should take. Sometimes you can just let your dog starve when he has any stomach issue.

The GI tract can relax and make up for the energy that is deprived of the body. While you can also feed him only white rice or any protein diet that helps to bind the stool due to the presence of starch in it. White rice is considered a bland diet food as it has low fiber in it.


Lastly, you have a clear idea about what food will be useful to feed your dog. Having a dog with excellent health also needs extreme care and a good diet. Eating rice pudding will not be a problem for your dog if you feed them on specific occasions.

A combination of sugar and rice makes it a food that contains a lot of carbs. So, it can be problematic if your dog consumes food that is loaded with carbs. That indeed leads to dental, stomach, and skin issues.

Feed your dog a proper protein diet to prevent him from these issues, helping in his nourishment and growth.

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