Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Wafers?

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Dogs have been categorized as man’s best friend, and how can we not consider them a best friend if they are one of the most faithful animals that can exist. According to studies, dogs generate such a great bond with humans that they often feel our emotions and reflect it on them.

When you have a dog, the dog and master relationship makes us very sentimental with them. We take care of and protect them as if they were our children. Even when the family grows and a baby, dogs receive it with a lot of love and devotion.

On the other hand, having a dog beyond having a nice relationship is also a great responsibility. Health, their well-being, and their diet is a commitment to us. They depend on how we take care of them and appreciate them. 

Dogs for not being right and simply instinct every time they see us eating something, they put their tender face that we understand as they want us to give them what we find ourselves eating. However, unfortunately not everything we eat is an act for them since it can cause great health problems and even death. 

Although dogs do not know what to eat, we, like their masters, must take into account the foods that cause harm to dogs because even a cookie can cause their death.

What are vanilla wafers?

They are a type of cookies, usually compared to a kind of waffles, but they come without any design, that is, smooth. Its measurements range from approximately 1 to 2 millimeters wide, while its length is around 10 centimeters.

They are known in much of Latin America. There is sweet, milk such as condensed milk, chocolate, or whatever the user wants to spread. In industrial factories, this cookie usually has a grid engraving and is filled with sugar creams, including vanilla.

Although wafers are a very easy sweet to make and they are quite tasty for some people, which is sure that if you like it, you will buy it, which has nothing wrong, but sometimes when you eat them, you The dog begins to haunt you, to move its tail from one side to the other, it fills itself with energy, thinking that you will give it since they are not made of chocolate, which would be a big mistake, but, actually, how good are wafers for dogs? Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Wafers?

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Wafers?

When we adopt or acquire a dog, our responsibility grows. Its health and well-being depend on us as masters and owners. Keep in mind that dogs are irrational animals. That is, they act by instinct. That is why it is up to us to take care of them and protect them from diseases or problems they may have.

One of the most common dog diseases is obesity, and there are still people who do not limit themselves to feeding their dogs. We all know that the best food for them is food designed for dogs, but there are still people who feed them human food, which can be deadly depending on the breed.

But let’s get to the point, it would seem normal for a dog to eat a wafer, and more if it is vanilla because it does not have chocolate, which is a completely toxic ingredient for dogs. Still, we do not realize what the wafers are made of, or we just decided to make them at home to avoid chemicals.

However, like most desserts, the wafer contains milk, which is harmful to almost all dogs in adulthood, since they do not have the enzyme to digest it. Still, the problem is that it is LACTOSE, this being milk’s sugar, which causes great diarrhea with dehydration. That is, dogs are lactose intolerant.

In case the wafers are manufactured, it is much worse. The foods from large industries have a high sugar index and many addictive ones. What would trigger diseases such as hypoglycemia or liver problems?

With all these disadvantages that were giving your dog a wafer, the only advantage you would have is seeing his face full of happiness and satisfaction. Still, this advantage brings us great future disadvantages, causing death. Are we ready for them?

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Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Oreos?

As we discussed earlier, most of the sweets have milk, and the industrial ones have milk and a lot of sugar and many addictive, which would be a great explosion of substances that are quite harmful to our dog.

Oreos are a cookie that many of us are familiar with, it has been in our lives for a long time, and its unique flavor makes us want to eat more and more, and sometimes we don’t stop eating them. But that they are so tasty for us as human beings, and although it hurts us, it is not as harmful as for dogs.

Anyway, the Oreos, even if they are vanilla, is a NO for dogs, their high sugar index and very likely their lactose content. Although it will not cause your dog’s sudden death, it will generate diseases that did trigger serious diseases.

Is it Dangerous for Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Wafers?

Of course, as we already mentioned, it is not that the dog will eat a wafer or an oreo and die instantly, or that he will accidentally eat one, either. The question is that eating this type of sweets daily or frequently can cause long-term diseases harmful to health.

That is why it is not recommended that your dog eat this type of food, since you will accustom him to this type of flavors that are quite addictive, and every time they see you eating this or other types of food, they will be able to make his face all tender so that you give in even a little.

Other foods that can be harmful to them are: onion, leek, garlic, apple, although recommended has limits due to its high sugar content, milk, avocado, fruits are very large seeds (peaches), bones, grapes, among others.


Before obtaining a dog, we must research what they can and cannot eat since they will always have the initiative to eat everything that comes their way.

That is why many are the companies that have been concerned about this situation. In addition to manufacturing food for dogs, they have also decided to include in their menu species of desserts that are completely suitable for them and will not cause any disease. But be careful not to give them excessively because you can cause obesity. According to their age type, dog biscuits are made with ingredients and sometimes even bred. They have the right proteins and vitamins.

But, if you don’t trust the web, there are various recipes on how to make homemade dog biscuits, save a little money, and make sure that the ingredients they are ingesting are good. Either way, always take care of your pets. Find more guides at dog seeks so you know the right information.

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