Do Virtual Fences Work for Dogs?

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One of the most common fears of dog owners is that their pet will get lost or suffer serious accidents. Currently, thanks to technology, pets can now be much more protected with innovative objects and accessories that guarantee you absolute peace of mind. Have you ever heard of virtual dog fences? If the answer is no, this article contains the necessary information for you.

The system of virtual fences for dogs (wireless or invisible) is a great investment in the long term and brings many positive aspects. You should do enough research on these types of fences to completely avoid wasting money on other alternatives that don’t work. Definitely, virtual dog fences are popular and innovative options that will help control and train your pet.

Do Virtual Fences Work for Dogs?

Virtual, wireless and invisible dog fences are usually combined with a collar that is responsible for sending electric shocks. Canine behavioral scientists have long determined that domesticated dogs are affected by external and internal stimuli. If you condition your dog enough with an external action that causes irritation or slight pain, he will adapt a different behavior.

Your pet can now be fully located and prevented from wandering outside the boundaries of your home with a virtual fence. Although this type of fence is one of the safest and most effective dog containment solutions available today, it is not a magical tool. Educating and training is also part of the canine learning process to avoid crossing limits set around your home.

Do Virtual Fences Work for Dogs?

Is a Virtual Dence Cruel?

No, it is not cruel at all since virtual fences have the simple objective of mapping and remotely controlling the behavior of dogs. This technology was first developed in 2005 and uses GPS and wireless sensors to control the canine’s movement. Advanced GNSS/ GPS virtual fences allow you to create much more precise wireless smart boundaries.

The comfort of virtual collars makes dogs feel completely comfortable and do not feel any kind of discomfort. You can learn how to set up and customize virtual fence sounds, vibrations, and static for your pet’s size. These are not at all cruel or cause irreparable damage to your pet, on the contrary, it keeps it located and protected to the maximum.

Do all Dogs Respond to Virtual Fences?

Virtual fences are made for any type of dog (breed and size) and novice or professional trainers. Although these fences are specially designed for all those who want to focus even more on the location and training of the limits of the dog.

You can find virtual collars on the market that have considerable strap sizes that fit your dog. In terms of geolocation, any dog ​​will be monitored even without the need for a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


Should you definitely buy a virtual dog fence? If you care about the safety of your pet and location, yes. These fences will be in charge of keeping your dogs 100% monitored and tracked remotely and without causing any type of physical damage.

Some of these virtual fences have collars that allow mild electrical shocks that allow instant correction of canine behavior. At the end of the day, it all depends on the decision you make: whether to buy these fences or try other similar methods.

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