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If you want to adjust your dog bed in a kennel, but don’t know-how. This guide is for you! When it comes time to clean up doggie accidents from the house (especially when they’re at home), some people would love an easier way of doing so.

If you put a pee pad inside their crate, this could lead to more severe problems with house training.

How to Put Dog Bed in Kennel with Puppy Pad?

A puppy crate can be a dog’s house to relax, chew on toys, and sleep. A dog will also enjoy an appropriate kennel with enough space for relaxing in comfort that includes a proper pup pad.

If your pet is prone to accidents during the night or when left alone, this setup should make cleaning up easier as well because of its design which keeps messes contained and away from other objects.

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How To Create Proper Kennel?

Put Dog Bed in Kennel with Puppy Pad

A kennel, when properly designed, can act as a secure haven for your pup. Here, I will tell you how to create a perfect kennel, which can be introduced as a comfortable home for your puppy even if he got accidents. You have to follow four super easy steps for preparing a perfect kennel for your puppy given below.

1. Kennel Size

Selecting a size for the dog house requires careful consideration. You want to make sure it is not too small because then your pet will be unable to move around and get enough exercise. But you also don’t want it too large so that they have space to do their business without having accidents inside of the kennel.

2. Choose Waterproof Mat

There are plenty of mats available in the market that can both chew and be waterproof. You have to choose this kind of carpet from the need for better sleep for your pup. Place these mats as a replacement for the crate in their kennel, but make sure they’re soft enough so it doesn’t hurt them if you accidentally step on them or catch one while cleaning up after dinner.

4. Dog Kennel Pads

Indeed, you want some procedure for easy cleaning of the potty. For this purpose, you have to put some special pet training pads under the chew-proof and waterproof kennel mats, which are easily cleanable and insulated so that any messes can be easily cleaned up in the morning. Special dog kennel pads are available in the market, which is much easier to clean and insulating.

5. Use Ice Cubes In a Bowl

Your dog often gets thirsty at night and sometimes drinks a lot of water, which can lead him to pee during the night and accidents. A worthy tip is to place ice cubes in the bowl so he can remove his thrust just by licking ice and drinking less water. This tip can lead to a very positive response towards controlling accidents at night.


If you’re having trouble potty training your puppy, don’t worry- it’s just like infant potty training. Puppies can get accidents at night due to many situations including their own natural instinct, separation anxiety from being left alone for too long and fear of the dark or loud noises happening in the home. But we can overcome this situation by following these steps that will help both you and your pup.

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