Dog Shock Collar Stopped Working

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Shock collars are an electronic training accessory that can stop working for a variety of reasons. Understanding these reasons can be important to avoid buying a new shock collar.

Here you can find all the information you need about the different shock collars. For your dog to have the best training, you should read on.

Dog Shock Collar Stopped Working – Reasons And Solutions

Dog Shock Collar Stopped Working

A dog shock collar is an electronic device that can stop working for very simple reasons. Here you should check the following aspects for the proper functioning of your collar.

  • Battery: something as simple as the battery can be enough to cause the collar to stop working. It should be remembered that not all collar batteries are rechargeable. In addition, the life of each battery depends on the functions used in the collar.
  • Remote Control: The remote control also has batteries and a range of use. The remote control may be used too far away, allowing the collar to stop working. There may also be some interference that may impair the operation between the collar and the remote control.
  • Improper Fit: For the dog shock collar to work properly, the fit must consider the contact points. If the contact points are not touching the dog’s skin, your pet will not feel the shock stimulation.
  • Stimulation level: stimulation levels may be too weak and not generate any kind of reaction in dogs. It is also not necessary to choose the highest stimulation levels, as they produce discomfort in dogs.

How Do You Reset a Dog Shock Collar?

Dog shock collars have a reset button in case of any kind of malfunction. This button is usually built into the remote control or remote transmitter. So, it is not necessary to remove the collar from your dog to reset the collar.

This button must be held down for a few seconds until the indicator light on the receiver collar flashes a few times. The number of times the light should flash varies depending on the manufacturer of each collar. It should also be noted that some collars require approximately 3 ft from the remote transmitter.

When the dog shock collar has been properly reset, the indicator light should continue to flash normally. If not, check the instruction manual of each shock collar, as instructions may vary. However, resetting a shock collar may be adequate to prevent malfunction.

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Can Shock Collars Malfunction?

Shock collars are specially designed to be able to correct a dog’s behavior with the right stimulus. However, shocks, water, dirt, or other factors can impair the performance of these collars. So, it is important to check the functioning of a collar to avoid problems for your dog.

In fact, the malfunctioning of the collar may simply be the lack of shocks or selected stimuli. This does not generate any kind of behavioral or health problem in your dog. However, it can also happen that the problem is excessive or continuous shocks. In these cases, it is crucial to remove your dog’s collar to avoid the consequences.

Some of the most common problems caused by excessive shocks are gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory problems, anxiety, and fear that impair their behavior, or detrimental changes in heart rhythm.

When confusion and anxiety caused by a malfunctioning collar are too frequent in your dog, the above-mentioned problems can be aggravated.

How Do You Test a Dog Shock Collar?

To test if the collar is working efficiently, just follow a few steps indicated in the instruction manual. One of the very simple and quick steps is to touch the contact points of the receiver collar. By doing this, a stimulus must be activated to feel the shock from the receiver collar. To do this, it is recommended to choose a low level of stimulation.

To get the shock on the receiver collar, both contact points must be touched at the same time. In fact, the shock from the receiver collar may occur together with some beep or vibration. So, it may also be appropriate to choose the different stimulation modes to check the correct functioning of each of these features.

Sometimes e-collars also incorporate a test light tool. To check this, turn on the receiver collar and hold the test light contacts. This also involves touching the contact points built into the receiver collar.

When this electronic device is working properly, the test light should start flashing. The intensity of the light may even increase or decrease depending on the stimulation level selected. Once you have checked the functioning of the collar, the device should be turned off to avoid wasting the battery.

How Do I Know if my Shock Collar is Working?

There are several ways to detect if your dog’s shock collar is working. The quickest method is to touch the contact points on the receiver collar and receive the shock. While this may be unpleasant for many people, it is the same stimulus your dog receives every time you are training or modifying any behavior.

Both contact points must touch at the same time to feel the shock. It should also be noted that shock collars incorporate different levels of stimulation. These stimulation levels are different to adapt to the characteristics or personalities of the different dogs to be trained or to modify their behavior.

It should also be taken into consideration that these collars do not only include shock as the only type of stimulation. On most occasions, vibration and beeps are also included as alternative stimuli. For dogs that are overly sensitive, the latter stimuli are often more appropriate.

These aspects should be considered as the shock collar could be working, even if your dog is not noticing the difference. However, this does not mean that higher levels of stimulation are more appropriate. In fact, excessive shocks can be truly detrimental to any dog.

Premier Pet Shock Collar not Working

As with many other shock collars, this manufacturer has also incorporated a reset button. Whether it is an e-collar or a bark collar, this button must be pressed and held for a few seconds. The reset procedure may be more than enough to get this collar working again.

When the reset button is not enough, the user has the possibility to turn off the receiver collar completely. After a few seconds, after the collar has been turned off, the device can be turned on again and checked for proper operation. If everything is OK, the collar should work without any problems.

However, there are some factors that must be considered to check the functioning of this collar. One of the crucial aspects is the battery. If it is a rechargeable battery, the battery levels could be very low. If it is a conventional battery, the battery should be replaced to check the performance.

In addition to all the above, this shock collar has a certain operating range. There are also some factors that may be causing interference, preventing the collar from functioning. These factors may also be impairing the signal from the receiver collar.

Dog Care Shock Collar not Charging

Not all shock collars are powered by conventional batteries. Many of the best collars incorporate rechargeable batteries along with a charger to optimize results. However, one of the most common problems is that the collar is not charging the battery properly. For that, there are a few solutions that can be implemented.

Something very simple that can happen is a bad connection between the collar and the charger or between the remote control and the charger. So, the first thing to do is to check the connection between the charger and the device to be charged. Here the problem can be found both in the terminals and in the cable used for charging.

So, it may be important to have a universal USB cable with the same terminals used by the necklace or remote control. Another drawback may be due to aesthetics or simply the outlet used to charge the electronic device. Therefore, another outlet should be used to detect where the problem lies.

NVK dog training collar troubleshooting

When the user finds there is any inconvenience in the use of this training collar, the following can be done.

  • The dog does not act on the stimulus

In principle, the user needs to check if the device is correctly turned on. You should also check both the receiver collar and the remote transmitter in reference to the battery of each of them.

The test light should be used to check the correct functioning of the stimuli. Finally, the collar must be correctly adjusted, and the correct level of correction chosen. This is because the contact points may not be touching the skin, or the stimulation level is too weak.

  • The collar does not turn on

Checking the battery levels is the main solution to this problem.

  • The collar turns on and does not work

If the collar and transmitter are turned on, you should consider the distance and factors that could cause interference in the signal of both devices.

Shock Collar not Working on German Shepherd

Many shock collars are designed and include different features to accommodate dogs of different breeds. Any of these collars could stop working if it is a German Shepherd or any other dog. For this, it is important to check the battery levels of the collar and the remote transmitter used by the user.

Before starting to use this collar on a German Shepherd, the correct stimulation level and type of stimulation should be chosen. In fact, there are different levels of stimulation that can be chosen to suit each dog according to its size or personality. A stimulation level that is too low may not be sufficient for effective training.

Thus, if a collar is not working on a German Shepherd, it could be that the stimulation level is too low. The correct level should be chosen for a German Shepherd, avoiding higher levels of stimulation.

There are also other types of stimulation, such as beep and vibration. So, if your dog is not receiving a shock, this may be because another type of stimulation has been selected.

Shock Collar not Working on Husky

Among the most common drawbacks, we can mention low battery levels. In any case, it should be considered that these dogs have very abundant hair as one of their main characteristics. So, one reason for this shock collar not working may be this very abundant hair.

The hair of these dogs may be preventing the contact points of the collar from touching the animal’s skin. As mentioned above, both contact points should be touching the skin. This is how the dogs will be able to receive the shock. It can also happen that the level of stimulation is too low and does not produce a change in the Husky dogs.

Patpet Shock Collar is Not Shocking

If you have a shock collar or bark collar from this manufacturer, the shock may not be working for some simple reasons. If you have managed to reset the collar and the shock still does not work, the reason may simply be battery levels. A low battery level provides a weak level of power for the download.

After checking that the battery is fully charged, the collar’s contact points should be checked. Both contact points must touch the dog’s skin for the discharge to occur. This can be checked if you touch both Contact Points and use the remote transmitter. If the contact points are not damaged, you should receive the shock.

Finally, the operating range between the remote transmitter and the receiver collar should be checked. When the distance exceeds the operating range, the shock does not occur at the shock collar. It may also happen that some electronic devices are producing interference between the receiver collar and the remote transmitter. 


Once your dog’s shock collar is working again, you can continue to train your pet for more positive behaviours. However, shock as a stimulus should be one of the last resorts. This is because a high level of shock produces negative effects on any dog.

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