Why Does My Female Dog Hump Her Bed?

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Female dogs are not the only ones to show this attitude as it is necessary for people to know that male dogs can have these same attitudes. Males and females alike in both genders experience a more aggressive nature which they often try to make up with their bed mates whether or not the dog has an owner, so care should be taken when bringing home one of these furry friends.

Why Does My Female Dog Hump Her Bed?

Why Does My Female Dog Hump Her Bed

If your pup’s behavior is improper, it may be because they’re bored and need some stimulation. Here are the main reasons for inappropriate dog behaviors and how to fix them:

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 Real Problem 

Boredom and Stress Relief

Of course, one of the main reasons for this attitude of bitches can be both stress relief in certain situations and boredom. Among other attitudes dogs can also:

  • Bark
  • Bite
  • Moan
  • Howl
  • Breaking shoes or sofa cushions

This can especially occur when dogs go long hours without a walk or fun with owners and other dogs. So an excellent way to avoid this behavior in female dogs is a daily walk. In this case, a walk of at least 20 minutes can be more than enough.

It also prevents female dogs from being exposed to very stressful situations. Some of these situations can be punishment, excessive training, or visits from many people. Some fun and a proper walk are more than enough to deal with this behavior.

Behavior or Medical Problems

In some cases, there may be a urinary tract infection that causes difficulty in urination and physical pain. So, if your female dog is engaging in this behavior excessively, it is a good opportunity to consult your veterinarian.

Even when dogs begin to chew or lick the genital area excessively is another indication of this problem. If your female dog does not have any health problems then the problem may be in the behavior.

Some female dogs that have been raised in stressful conditions or with poor socialization may have inappropriate behaviors. So, an excellent way to address this problem here is with behavioral training. When punishment is avoided and rewards are offered, and training can be truly successful.


How to Handle This Issue?

When this behavior takes place in an environment with many dogs it is not necessarily a problem. This behavior is one of the methods to reinforce the hierarchy and socialize with other dogs. Sometimes this behavior can be natural and performed for different purposes.

In other words, female dogs who have this attitude with other dogs are trying to emphasize their hierarchy and superiority. With this, you may be witnessing a dominant attitude that not only male dogs have. As with a behavior problem, training that includes rewards and excludes punishment can modify this attitude.


As we have mentioned, when female dogs hump it is not always a problem. In cases of boredom or stress, you can implement an efficient walk to make them feel better and alleviate the issue for as long as possible. This also could be due to feeling overwhelmed by hormones which your vet may help with in some way such as changing their diet or giving medications that will calm her down until the hormone levels decrease again naturally over time.

When female dogs perform this act they are trying to establish dominance either on other animals around them or even humans like us.

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