French Bulldog Potty Training

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French Bulldog Potty Training

French bulldogs are a popular breed of dogs. A lot of people keep them as their pets. They have many characteristics like are smart, loyal, funny, playful, athletic, easygoing, sociable, patient, bright, etc. They are affectionate and great family friends.

French dogs are intelligent and somewhat easy to train but they can be stubborn. Once they are trained, they stick to that till the end. But the training period can be overwhelming for you. Following some tips can bring fun to you and your dog in the training. 

If you are getting a French bulldog or already have a French bulldog puppy, then you should be wondering when to start their potty training before they turn your house into a mess. It will be not long before you will start feeling the need for potty training them.

French Bulldog Potty Training – A Complete Guide

The initial training can be frustrating and a challenge for you but following some tips given below, you can potty train your French bulldog with ease. The earliest you can start training is 3 weeks of age and they can be completely trained at the age of 7 to 8 months. 

You need to be consistent and patient to train your French bulldog. Train your dog to go outside whenever he has to relieve himself. You can also use pee pads and newspaper at the beginning. And then gradually move them to the outside. 

You must keep an eye on your puppy and know where it is at all times. Look for signs it shows whenever it has to pee or potty. Whenever you feel the need, take them outside. Also, make a schedule and stick to it. 

Use command whenever you see them start peeing. Repeat the techniques to train them again and again until they stick to them consistently. It is only a matter of some weeks until they are totally potty trained. 

Items needed for potty training your French bulldog:

You will need some basic item to potty train your dog like:

  1. Dog leash
  2. Puppy pee pads
  3. Dog Treats

French Bulldog Potty Training – Step By Step

Following these simple tips, the potty training of your French bulldogs can become easy and fast.

1. Start at an Early Age

The sooner you begin the training is the better or you can consider three weeks of age is best. From the first day in the house, start their potty training. This way they stick to it well and starting early can make the training process easier. They may not get the hang of it immediately, but slowly they will develop the habit.

2. Make a Schedule

Make a schedule for the day. Take them out according to that schedule every day. You can take them out to relieve themselves in the morning when they wake up, after meals, after you take a walk after you play with them, and at night before sleep. In this way, they will be knowing their time of pee and potty and what to expect from you at those times. This will create regularity in their routine in their mind.

3. Look for Signs

Keep an eye on your dog about where they are and what they are doing. Look at the signs they give whenever they need the urge to go to pee or poo. This way you can identify whenever they had to go and when to not. It depends on you how best you understand them. The signs may be pacing in the room back and forth or circles, staring at you, sniffing you, etc. 

4. Perseverance and Consistency

Be persevering in potty training. Stick to the schedule. Keep an eye on what they do, and whenever you feel like they need to go pee, assist them. French dogs have the character of letting you know their needs. It is up to you how well you understand them.

5. Keep the Training Easy

Don’t make the potty training hard on them. Give them time and space to learn it. Make the steps in the training easy like placing the newspaper by the door so that when they poop, it can be easily moved outside. 

6. Make use of Puppy Pee Pads

When you are potting training your French bulldog, use puppy pee pads to reduce the mess. No matter how hard you are training them, they surely will make some mistakes. So whenever they give you the signs, take them to puppy pee pads where they can relieve themselves. You can also use newspapers or start taking them outside the house. 

7. Always use a Command

Select a command like “go potty or pee” whenever you take them out according to their schedule. This will associate the command with the behavior. Choosing a command in every training is essential to make them perform the task whenever you command them. This way whenever you command them, they will act as they have learned.

8. Give them Reinforcements

Give them treats whenever they perform the task right or obey your commands. Giving reinforcements is a great way to enhance good behaviors. Your puppy will learn faster this way. So pat them, praise them and give them a treat whenever they listen to what you said or abide by the training you are giving them. 

9. Avoid Shouting or Giving Punishments

Do not shout at them when they pee or potty inside the house. Shouting at them will make them more nervous leading to more mess.


Potty training your French bulldog can be a challenge but following the above tips, you can easily tackle it. If you and your dog have a strong bond and trust, this makes potty training easier for you. Reading the signs they give, rewarding them, commanding them, and sticking to the schedule will make you able to potty train your French bulldog.

Just be patients and follow the tips to get results! Follow us at dogseeks website for more interesting guides.

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