What Material Is Good to Fill a Dog Bed?

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Your faithful companion deserves a comfortable bed and sofa as well. After all, you work hard to provide your loved ones with what they deserve then why not offer the same comfort for your beloved dog? The best material will vary depending on whether or not it’s filled with foam or cotton – but most of them make an uncomfortable couch after enough time has passed.

It is essential that when purchasing this item, one researches the fillings before purchasing in order to find something tailored specifically towards their needs; otherwise, there may be many hours spent without any joy whatsoever.

Your loyal buddy ought to have his own comfy bed and settee too-after all he does so much around here we owe him some quality rest like humans get at home!

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What Material Is Good to Fill a Dog Bed?

What Material Is Good to Fill a Dog Bed

What’s the best way to make your bed as comfy and cozy as possible? Get a good, fluffy filling! Here are four of our favorite comfort-enhancing fillings.

1. Cedar Chips Fillings

Well, cedar chips bed fillings would be a great idea as it is not just comfortable, but at the same point, it smells good. As a matter of fact, the smell can provide subtle relief from mental disorders. So the smell of cedar chips will not let your lovely dog dive deep into the depression as its sweet smell offers a cozy and relaxed environment.

Use this cedar chips filling for the bed as the cedar chips filling is easy to change when the smell remains no longer fresh. It might be a little inconvenient as cedar chips are not washable. So while using cedar chip fillings, it is possible you would have to change the filling very often when it gets dirty or smelly. 

These cedar chips fillings provide your dog with a nice fluffy bed to rest on. If you are looking to fill your dog’s bed with cedar chips, make sure that the bed has a zip that allows you to change the fillings very often.

2. Old Clothes Fillings

Old clothes fillings are the best idea because a dog can relate very well to his keeper’s old clothes or worn clothes sometimes even unwashed blankets and clothe due to the keeper’s scent. These old clothes fillings can keep the dog relaxed and make him feel you are always with him at every moment he rests. Well, no doubt the idea of old clothes filling will not cost you tons of money.

You can easily DIY your dog’s bed with these old clothes fillings without any money. You have to gather all your worn-out or old clothes and then unzip your dog’s bed. Remove the old filling from the bed and fill the bed with your old clothes.

Using old clothes filling will help provide your dog with a relaxing, comfy, yet cozy environment with your vibes. This old clothes filling idea can also be easy to wash and easy to change. It would also be convenient for you and your dog at the same time. This old, clothe-filled bed will also provide a comfy and fluffy resting place for your bed.

3. Polyester Fiber Fillings

Polyester fiber filling is best in many senses as it provides the bed comfortable and leveled surface. The polyester fiber filling is affordable to use. It is best to use when your dog is allergic as the polyester fiber is hypoallergenic. 

Using this polyester fiber will be highly ideal as it is easy to wash, and the polyester fiber is also comfortable at the same time. It provides firm support to your dog while he rests on the bed. Polyester fiber filling would not cause you to spend more money on the bed very often as it is highly durable.

Polyester fiber is the best material to fill your dog’s bed with as it gives excellent support to what your dog is willing to have. It is only best for the smaller-sized dogs as it could not provide that such good support to larger dogs. The polyester fiber fillings can make your pet dog’s bed cozy as they also have insulation properties.

4. Foam Fillings

Foam fillings are very common as the foam is affordable and at the same point, it is highly durable so you would have often heard that dog beds are stuffed with foam. Well, foam fillings also provide a supportive surface to the dog’s weight. The foam also contains a range of quality and kinds. The memory foam works best.

Memory foam works very best for dogs to rest on as the memory foam provides cushions to your pet’s joints and bones. Foam filling can maintain the shape of the bed very well for an extended period. Foam filling is easy to wash, and there is no need for changing foam filling as they did not cause any problem very often.

Using foam as a filling material for your bed will be a good idea as it does not make you spend tons of money on it. Besides everything, the foam filling provides your pet dog with a comfortable and relaxed surface to rest on.

Material to Avoid

The cotton filling for the bed is a big NO for multiple reasons, but the cotton filling is very common, and every second dog keeper is aware of the demerits of cotton stuffing. You might be thinking what would be the reasons to avoid cotton fillings? Well here are some reasons that will convince you not to buy the bed with cotton fillings.

The cotton filling can become lumpy over time

The cotton filling can cause the bed to lose shape

The cotton filling does not give firm support

The cotton filling is not easy to wash

So yes, these are reasons to avoid cotton filling. No worries if you love the bed design which has cotton fillings. Buy it but make sure it has a zip so that you can easily change the cotton filling to any other comfortable and reliable yet affordable fillings.


A dog bed is an investment that will last for years, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right one. To help with your decision-making process, we’ve put together a list of materials and their pros and cons so that you can pick what works best for both your pup and your home.

Some of the most popular options are memory foam which offers great support but may not be ideal if there are pets in the house who like to chew on things; orthopedic pillows which offer excellent support as well as being durable; synthetic fillings such as polyester fiberfill or cotton balls which should also provide good insulation during cold months; shredded paper products such as newspaper pulp or recycled cardboard boxes.

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