How High Should a Fence Be for a Pitbull?

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How High Should a Fence Be for a Pitbull?

Pit bulls are a special type of dog characterized by descendants of other breeds such as the Bulldog and Terrier. Their figure and average size for a canine have made them excellent guardians or pets. They tend to be a breed commonly used in security services for drug detection mainly.

Part of their care to be raised as domestic pets requires a security fence at home high enough to make them feel safe. Like any other dog, they are usually very active animals in the face of any threat and will protect their family or trainer without hesitation.

The intention of creating a fence that surrounds the home is to protect the pet and strangers who are in areas outside the patio from any inconvenience since dogs tend to bark or approach that catches their attention. Dissuading them from jumping a fence is a fundamental part of their training, and this can only achieve under the most appropriate indications.

How High Can a Pitbull Jump?

Pit bulls are an exemplary and obedient breed in every rule. Their large body and head of well-developed muscles have made them a canine worthy of respect and admiration, especially in the competitive field. This is because the best-trained Pitbulls can reach a balance of up to 13 feet in height. It is on a straight wall and without using grips.

However, the incredible ability to reach that height is only possible in Pitbulls that undergo constant physical training. The average dog of this breed would only reach 8 feet in height on a straight wall. Cases have been recorded where some domestic specimens exceed the average height if the situation demands it, so they should not underestimate.

How High Should a Fence Be for a Pitbull?

The height of an ideal fence for a Pitbull should exceed 4 feet, especially if it is a very healthy and trained dog. This breed of dog is large, they are animals that exceed the average height of a canine, and their strength should not underestimate.

Most families who adopt a Pitbulls are advised to equip their home with a fence at least 8 feet high if possible, ideally training them to avoid these unwanted behaviors.

How Do I Stop my Pitbull From Jumping the Fence?

The main reason to prevent a Pitbull, or any other dog, from jumping a fence is because it is a responsibility as a pet owner. When a dog is loose on the streets without supervision, it can represent a risk to other people and to the animal itself, with the possibility of generating legal problems in the worst case.

The main way to prevent a Pitbull from jumping a fence is constant training; all canines must be housebroken and trained to maintain exemplary behavior.

This can reduce the chances of your pet jumping out, but there are always other preventative measures you can take:

  • Place toys or objects that attract the Pitbull’s attention near the fence so that these are its main focus and not more distant items.
  • Increasing the height of the fence is often the most convenient method as it visually discourages the dog from jumping.
  • Next to the previous one, the fence extenders that slope inwards are a good complete to avoid jumps.
  • Many veterinarians recommend spaying or neutering the canine to reduce the hormones that increase the animal’s hyperactivity.
  • Identify all the elements that attract the dog’s attention, such as the sounds of bicycles, car noises, or the times of day when he jumps. In this way, this behavior can progressively correct.
  • For some specific cases, installing an invisible fence located 3 or 4 feet away from the fence is recommended.
  • Hiding behind the fence, you can throw water at the dog as a lesson or make a loud sound that tells him that he is doing something wrong.

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Is a 5-foot Fence Tall Enough for a Pitbull?

A 5-foot fence is considered acceptable to prevent a Pitbull from jumping out of the yard; it is unlikely that he will feel the need to jump if it is accompanied by other instruments such as fence extensions to the inside. In the same way, tests should be done before, linked to a good diet and daily exercise, this will give you the possibility of rising much higher.

Can a Pitbull Jump a 6-foot Fence?

For owners of a better trained Pitbull, their pet will not be able to jump a 6-foot fence. This is because a greater height further deters the canines from getting over the fence. It is the best height since it adapts to all the family’s needs if they wish to adopt this dog breed.


Dogs present the need to jump and train their agility from at least 18 months of age, which is the perfect age to exercise and create adequate discipline. However, at this age, they only start with low jumps. It is important to educate them with fun at this stage to create a greater bond with the family or coach.

Every family should prioritize the installation of a firm fence made of good material when they want to adopt a Pitbull; it is the best act of affection to protect your pet and avoid problems. Although these are animals capable of withstanding great jumps, a bad movement can increase the wear and tear on their joints and put their health at risk, making a canine prone to developing diseases such as arthritis or similar conditions.

It is also recommended to constantly security check any fence installed to eliminate any damage to the fence or objects that give the dog a chance to climb. These periodic reviews will prevent possible holes that the Pitbull makes in the ground from trying to escape outside the neighboring patio.

These dogs are wonderful and keeping them cared for should be a responsibility. Do not hesitate to buy the best and best quality products, in order to offer them an excellent lifestyle, free of diseases or infections.

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