How to Stop Dogs Chewing Their Beds?

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Without a doubt, teaching your dog to sleep in his bed can be a relief for owners. However, many times they start biting and chewing their beds. That’s why here you can learn how to stop a dog from chewing his bed.

We also need to mention what are the main reasons why they enjoy chewing their beds. This way, you will have the possibility to implement a more efficient and appropriate solution for your pet. In other words, you will be able to satisfy your dog and take care of the integrity of your beds.

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Why Dogs Chew Their Beds?

In particular, there are three general reasons why dogs want to chew their beds. It is not always a bad behavior since it could refer to an attitude of their instinct. When you can recognize what the real reason is, you will know what the most efficient solution to apply is.

Instinct or Exploration

All dogs enjoy exploring the world around them. Most of them, of course, do so with their sense of smell rather than their sight. This type of exploration is also done with the mouth. In particular, for them, the mouth is the same as the hands are for humans.

When a dog tries to chew something it is trying to understand a certain object. So, if you are noticing that your dog is chewing your bed, it may be an exploratory action. This happens especially when it comes to puppies or young dogs. When a bed is new they will also try to explore by chewing.

Anxiety or Boredom

As curious as dogs may seem, they can also get bored or suffer from anxiety. When your dog spends too much time locked up, he’ll start to get restless sooner or later. In this case, your dog will start looking for some elements to stimulate his body and mind. Even this happens when there is no exact routine in their lives.

In turn, chewing can also be due to some anxiety factors. So if your dogs don’t have certain enrichment activities they will certainly start chewing something. That’s why some people offer toys or regular walks to their pets.

Health Problems

Last but not least, another common reason is a problem with your dog’s health. In this case, it can exist as an intestinal problem or simply a disorder of convulsive mastication. Either way, it is always a good opportunity to consult your vet about it.

How to Stop Your Dog from Chewing His Dog Bed?

How to Stop Dogs Chewing Their Beds

Training and Toys

As we have mentioned, dogs can start chewing their bed when they are bored. So, here the most recommendable thing is to buy some toys with which they can have fun. In the pet store, there is a great variety of options that dogs enjoy chewing.

At the same time, efficient training may be necessary in these cases. This way, you will be able to prevent your dog from continuing to have fun chewing his bed. Usually, some people notice that it is insufficient to just buy toys for their dogs. So you should implement the “No” command when they start chewing their bed.

Along with this, you can implement some games with your dog. One of the most popular games is to throw some of your toys away so that they go to look for them. It is even an excellent opportunity to implement some prizes, such as sweets. Anyway, you should avoid by all means possible to implement any kind of punishment.

Regular Walks

Another highly efficient way for your dogs to spend energy is with regular walks. A regular walk is one of the most effective ways to stimulate your dog positively. Your dog will be able to enjoy an exploration several times a week. Even stimulation of the dog’s body and mind is what they need.

In general, a long walk is not necessary if it is done regularly. Here it is more than enough to implement a walk of at least 20 minutes. Especially, if this is done within the same routine, dogs appreciate these walks. At the same time, it is one of the most efficient ways to avoid them getting bored during the day.

Regular walks can diminish the level of anxiety of the dogs. Even a routine that includes regular walks allows dogs to enjoy a restful sleep at night. So to provide a better quality of life for your pet you should consider implementing a daily walk of at least 20 minutes.

Feeding and Visits to the Veterinarian

Finally, excessive chewing may be due to some health problems in dogs. As we have mentioned, previously compulsive mastication can be simply an intestinal problem. So, in this case, it is advisable to provide your dog with high-quality food. In this way, you will be able to easily avoid intestinal problems.

If your dog enjoys a healthy and balanced diet, it is always a good way to consult your veterinarian. Of course, a high-quality diet can prevent intestinal problems. However, this does not mean that dogs can suffer from such problems in any way.

Therefore, a visit to the vet every 6 months is the most efficient way to solve these problems. You will even be able to detect any other health problem your dog may be suffering from. In general, the opinion of a veterinary professional always produces good results for the health of your dog.


By applying some simple techniques you will be able to know How to stop a dog from chewing his bed. You may even be solving a behavioral or health problem without even knowing it.

Of course, when a dog bites his bed it is not acceptable behavior. So you need to find the best way to solve this without harming your dog’s quality of life. Therefore, consulting your vet is always a way to make sure of what is happening.

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