How to Test an Electric Dog Fence Without a Tester?

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Electric fences for dogs provide the necessary elements to achieve an optimal security system that works 24 hours a day if that is preferred. The installations of these systems are usually very common and universal. Still, it would be best to always ask the manufacturer about the process to carry it out properly or hire someone for it.

Once the correct installation is done, it is important to check if the electricity goes through the fence, but you don’t always have the tools to do it. However, it is possible to test a correct, current supply with other more homemade methods.

You have to have the confidence to have the appropriate tools to do these electrical tests without risk, but these types of discharges are not that high because they are adapted to the size and weight of each dog. Faults can be very damaging and lead to a large fluctuation in fence power, which is very common when installations have not been done correctly, doing a lot of damage to pets as a result.

Although the tools to make these measurements are very simple, you may not want to invest so much in a one-time multimeter. This investment should not underestimate because it can use for future uses associated with the need to check the currents of any preferred electrical system.

The home methods for these checks, when carried out correctly, present optimal results that allow checking in a few minutes whether or not there are problems. Here you will be able to get to know them and start using them without resorting to buying a tester, achieving effective results in these attempts.

How to Test an Electric Dog Fence Without a Tester?

How to Test an Electric Dog Fence Without a Tester?

There are different methods to achieve this energy detection, which are:

1. Use Indicator Lights

Step 1:

The indicator light is placed on the fence and can fInd implemented in the purchase of the fence located at its ends. It can place on any side or level that is handled, being careful not to touch the face with your hands not to receive a shock.

The installation of this system will always find in the product instructions.

Step 2:

Verify the correct location of the lights using its ignition system, which will illuminate instantly if the fence is supplying the correct energy. It is recommended to place signs that there is an electric fence for dogs and thus avoid dangers with nearby people.

2. Use a Compass

Step 1:

Choose a compass and place it 2 to 3 inches from each fence separation wire. It is recommended that it be a hiking compass and has no malfunctions.

Step 2:

Take into account the data dictated by the compass and, if there is a magnetic field due to electricity, the arrow compass will vibrate at the moment.


It is recommended to hold the compass near the exposed distance for 10 to 30 seconds. This is the time range in which the fences are responsible for sending electrical charges, thus having a more noticeable effect.

3. Listen to the Buzz of Electricity

Step 1:

If there is a lot of silence in the area, it is recommended to have a 1-foot approach to the fence to listen to buzz 10 and 30 seconds to verify the electrical signal the fence generates.

Step 2:

If there is no sound, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TOUCH THE FENCE because not having sound does not mean it is not working. It may happen because there is a short in some part of the fence, something that has to be checked with qualified people.

4. Use a Fluorescent Tube

Step 1:

Dirt adhering to the fence should remove to expose a large amount of loose soil.

Step 2:

Place 2 of the ends of the fence on the ground, keeping in mind that they must maintain direct contact.

Step 3:

Two prongs from the other end of the fence are attached to the fluorescent tube with a wire from the same fence. Thus, if the car transits as it corresponds, the light bulb will light up immediately.

5. Use a Screwdriver

Step 1:

Select a screwdriver with a plastic handle to have a safe test without having an electric shock to the body.

Step 2:

Be sure not to touch any metal with your hand, manage to touch the fence with the metal tip of the screwdriver, and notice if there is an electric arc between both objects when making contact.


If the electric arc is not generated, it is recommended to pass the screwdriver back and forth between 10 and 30 seconds. If there is no arc, the cable has no load, and it is better to test it near the power supply module to the fence for better response safety.

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How Do You Tell if an Electric Fence is Working Without Touching it?

Although you have greater security if you touch the fence with one of the alternatives presented above, you can use the approach method and only hear the buzz of the fence. Thanks to this alternative, the sound can detect easily, but the power supply module that must turn on can be checked.

If it is turned on and you are sure that the power is not properly supplied, the fence may have a short circuit or connection problem that must check carefully.

Can I Test an Electric Fence with a Multimeter?

A multimeter is a tool that is often confused with a voltmeter, but multimeter, more functions are handled than are known. With a multimeter and measuring voltage, energy magnitudes such as impedance or resistance are measured, essential to detect the correct energy supply of any electrical system.

The test system, in this case, requires that the red cable be placed on the positive side and the black cable on the negative side, having data of the continuity measurement instantly and its stability. It is good that it is measured several times in a preferred time range, being able to have the security of the data at all times in the test that is being carried out and if this is correct for the type of fence that is being used.

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Is an Electric Fence Output AC or DC?

The current that enters this type of fence has a 110vac or 220vac transformer reduced in rectification to 12vac, taking the AC Alternating Current input to DC Direct Current through all the established circuits. This system is currently one of the most convenient for this type of system, extending the signal throughout the circuit and avoiding any short circuit.

Although it is DC output, the current passes between 10 to 30 seconds at each end while maintaining the same security throughout the system, checking using the previously exposed alternatives.

What Is The Best Electric Fence Tester?

Most millimeter models are very useful for this system, but you should always consider the brand names for safer operation. Among the most reliable options are brands such as:

Going to any of these brands will always be better before carrying out home current measurement tests that can be a bit dangerous when they are not given properly. These types of tools are well known throughout the world. At an electrical level, they are extremely famous, which allows you to purchase on online platforms or electrical material stores.

Choosing the best materials when buying products for your pets is the best way to ensure that they will be comfortable and safe. Avoid bad times and future worries by giving them the best.


In most of their presentations and models available on the market, electric fences comply with the necessary elements to achieve optimal operation at all times, something rarely seen in other types of fences that exist today. However, this does not mean that faults do not occur or that a review of the correct transfer of the electrical current generated is not necessary.

Although there are many home ways to do it, and they are not too dangerous, there may be a small risk in making these attempts when they are not done properly. That is why it is recommended to use a multimeter to check the Direct Current (DC) that is occurring without problems, taking into account that it is in the safe range for the pet you have at home.

In this way, in the future, you can be sure that there are no operational or connection problems in the fence. The verification system can be implemented with all the electric fences that exist, but taking all the security measures necessary to carry out this process, trying to comply with the recommendation to resort to an electricity specialist for greater security of the confirmations that are handled.

Always keep in mind that dogs are the most special animals that exist, so it is important to keep them in good condition and with the best products. Their happiness and tranquility will also be yours.

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