How To Install Invisible Dog Fence Across Driveway or Sidewalk?

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Installing an invisible dog fence is one of the best ways to take care of these pets. This type of system avoids installing traditional dog fences that require a high budget and a lot of labor.

However, users may encounter some inconveniences on certain occasions while installing an invisible dog fence. One of the typical problems with installing this system is when the invisible dog fence must cross a road.

Of course, this type of pathway has a different material than the grass or dirt of a home’s driveway. To avoid making mistakes when installing an invisible dog fence, below we provide all the details that any user needs to do a good job.

How To Install Invisible Dog Fence Across a Driveway or Sidewalk?

How To Install Invisible Dog Fence Across Driveway or Sidewalk?

Installing this accessory is necessary to provide greater security for dogs that must remain in the same area. That is why it is necessary to start digging a trench through the critical paths to complete the invisible dog fence. In this case, it is a trench of at least 5″ deep, although 8″ deep is recommended.

This procedure can be complicated when dealing with complex material paths or gravel or stone driveways. The user needs a pick and tools to dig a trench in this challenging material. In addition, the difference in trench depth can vary. A minimum depth of 5 and a maximum depth of 10 are recommended.

Once the trench has the recommended depth, the user can continue the procedure by incorporating the fence wire. The deeper the wire is, the easier it will be to achieve an invisible dog fence that is genuinely unseen.

It is also advisable to incorporate additional material on top of the fence wire. This new additional material will allow the fence wire to be held in place, preventing the wire from ever coming to the surface.

How Do I Run The Wire Over My Driveway?

Most invisible dog fences are manufactured to always run the wire over the ground. This means that installing the invisible dog fence wire should not be done entirely over the driveway, and doing so could only lead to a malfunction of the invisible dog fence.

Instead, it is advisable to have a small pipe to protect the invisible dog fence wire. Here again, the user needs to get a shallow trench in his home’s driveway, which is essential to avoid discomfort when people walk or drive into the home.

Simply get the trench deep enough to accommodate the small pipe that the user needs to use. Once this is done, the wire of the invisible dog fence should be inserted inside the pipe.

This can be one of the best ways to protect and keep the invisible dog fence wire in place. Finally, it is advisable to add additional material such as cement to completely fix the installed pipe protecting the invisible dog fence wire.

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Where should I Put the Invisible Fence Transmitter?

It is essential to consider how the system works to get the best installation site for the invisible dog fence transmitter. The transmitter of this system works together with the receiver that each dog wears on its collar. So, it is an electronic and electrical system. The transmitter must be installed in a safe and suitable place.

Of course, a place with few walls and obstacles is the most convenient to create interference between the transmitter and the receiver of the invisible dog fence. However, choosing a secure location such as an attic, a basement, or a garage is highly recommended. These places are rarely used by people and are excellent for a transmitter.

All these locations also provide a roof so that the transmitter can always be protected from rain and other weather conditions. On certain occasions, an invisible dog fence system may incorporate some fully waterproof accessories such as a receiver mounted on the dog’s collar.

In any case, it is always more convenient to have a transmitter installed in a secure, roofed location. It is also recommended to have the invisible dog fence system transmitter installed near a power outlet. This will facilitate the use of the entire system, even if the invisible dog fence system includes a rechargeable battery.

How Do You Cross a Driveway With an Electric Fence?

Today there are very convenient electric dog fences designed to provide safe and reliable operation. The fence wire must be installed in a trench at least 5 or 6 inches deep to cross a driveway with an electric fence.

To increase the safety of a road crossed by an electric fence, the user can use a PVC pipe. In this way, the electric fence wire will have one of the best electrical insulators in use today. The electric fence wire must be inserted inside the PVC pipe.

Once the pipe has been installed in the trench and the wire inside it, the entire trench should be filled with gravel or similar material. All that will be more than enough to fully protect all the people are crossing a road with an electric fence.

Installing an electric or wireless dog fence can be a much more versatile and inexpensive option than traditional fencing. It is also a completely safe and reliable way to keep dogs in the same secure area.


As mentioned above, installing an invisible dog fence can be very simple and inexpensive. The most important thing is to have the necessary materials to avoid all kinds of inconveniences.

One of the essential aspects is having a PVC pipe that provides excellent electrical insulation. In this way, the user will have a fully functional invisible dog fence system under any driveway.

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