My Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence

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My Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence

Raising dogs as household pets is a very complicated task that people must perform daily. Some of the objects and toys available in the market can be of great help to dog owners for their control and discipline. Installing a wireless, electric, invisible, or underground fence is one of the best ways for people today to control their pets’ footsteps.

Thanks to these fences, the dogs will stay in a single perimeter and will not reach the places that the owners do not want them to go. The installation of these fences must be done in the exterior spaces of the homes and establish a convenient perimeter so that the dogs do not pass beyond. On some occasions, people may experience the inconvenience of their dogs simply walking through these electric/underground/invisible fences as if they don’t exist.

Faced with this uncomfortable and worrying situation with the fences, the owners of the dogs will have many doubts and questions about their non-functioning them. This article covers the main reasons why dogs go through fences, and their collars do not issue any warning. In addition, you can get some of the ideal methods that you can apply to prevent this from happening, and your dogs are very well protected.

Reasons Behind Your Dog Runs Through Fence

Dogs can go outside the limits established by any type of fence due to different reasons in particular. Although these fences are installed on the exterior of homes or anywhere else, it is a reality that dogs will trespass it. Many owners of these canines will wonder if their dogs or the fence system caused the limit to be violated.

Here are some of the main reasons some dog owners will experience seeing their pet walk through the fence like nothing else. Among the most common reasons this problem occurs with fences are:

1. Stubborn Dogs

Some dogs can become very easily excited or scared when it is a threat, distraction, or incitement to play. When this happens in the backyards of homes, dogs will break through the type of fence that their owners have installed. If the level of fear or excitement is very high, they will completely ignore the electrical stimulus and sounds that the collar will emit due to having passed the limit.

Some dogs also struggle with “barrier frustration” throughout their lives. That occurs when dogs visualize other animals outside the fence installed by their owners. If the canine is very friendly and gets overly excited about playing with other dogs, being under fence protection can lead to frustration.

2. Fence and Collar Problems

The types of fences for dogs are an incredible tool that works for them to be trained in the surroundings of the homes. It helps create a hidden boundary on the property to keep dogs contained, safe from danger, and trained. The limit may no longer be set when these fences or collars fail, and the dogs may not hold.

The main problem that can occur and affect the necklaces is that the batteries do not work, so they do not sound or give shocks. Transmitters may also be faulty with the dial or not plugged into the outlet properly.

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My Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence?

Training dogs not to go through electric, invisible, underground, and other fences is by no means a simple task. However, in this article, you can find some methods that will help you prevent this from happening. The main methods or solutions to prevent dogs from breaking through fences are:

1. Check the Battery Charge

The batteries found in dog collars have a limited time to run the device. After a long time, these batteries stop working and completely reduce the effectiveness of the necklace, making it not ring. For invisible fences, the collar is extremely important. For this reason, always check that the batteries are well charged.

2. Thinning the Skin of Dogs

Dog owners should make sure that they receive a haircut on time so that the coat can be thinned (especially in the neck area). By reducing the fur in this area, the dogs will have a much tighter, more comfortable, and secure collar. Because the collar is now much better in place, dogs will receive the most effective warnings against trespassing.

3. Verification of Dog Ranges

All the invisible fences cover a maximum area around the homes or the place where they are installed. Dog owners need to make sure that the fences cover the ground where the canine normally hangs out. If the fence you have to prevent the canine from exiting is not sufficient, you should start now to change it for another.

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How Do You Train a Dog with an Invisible Fence?

The installed systems to work with the invisible fences go along with the good education given to the dogs. One of the main reasons dogs get to trespass invisible fences is a considerable lack of education. You need to make sure the dogs take a severe hit to understand that they can’t get through these invisible fences.

The best thing you can do is train your pet and prepare it to reach its limits before reinforcing the collision measures with the collar. The use of flags is very useful to begin to mark the canines the limits they have when they start; they will know how to understand progressively. Whistles when the dog is very close to the boundary line also help invisible fence training.

My Dog Keeps Running Through Electric Fence

For all dogs, the peace of mind of being safe and secure will relax them, and they will not be looking to flee from their owners’ homes. Electric fences such as invisible ones are considered one of the most modern systems that prevent dogs from escaping. However, on some occasions, these pets will continue to run through these types of fences.

The best thing people can do is train their dogs on a prevention collar and assign them to a much more lively area. Playing with pets will also keep the canine away from electric fences, and it won’t want to run away.


Using an invisible, underground, electric, or another fence is the smartest way to keep dogs within a certain area in homes. This article will help you if your dogs are constantly crossing fences. The most perfect and ideal recommendation so that the dogs do not cross the fences is that they are very well behaved.

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