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Orthopedic VS Memory Foam Dog Bed

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Orthopedic VS Memory Foam Dog Bed

Have you spent a vast amount of time trying to figure out the type of mattress you should get for your dog and are confused between the endless options available? If so, then you have come to the right place because we have crafted this guide to make your decision process as easier as possible.

When it comes to purchasing a dog bed the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind is the type of mattress the dog bed supports, and the rest of the factors like shape, design, size, color, and more shouldn’t take precedence over it.

To find the right dog bed, you have to pay attention to what your dog truly needs and it all starts from the type of mattress a dog bed features because ultimately the idea is to provide a space to your dog that is comfortable, provides support, and helps in achieving a peaceful sleep at whenever.

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Orthopedic VS Memory Foam Dog Bed – Which is Best?

Just like you purchase a mattress for yourself, deciding upon a mattress type is quite similar, only you’re making the decision keeping in mind your dog’s needs and requirements.

There are two types of dog mattresses extremely popular in the market:

  1. Orthopedic
  2. Memory Foam

In this guide, we will be exploring the two options in-depth and looking at their benefits to determine which mattress type is better for dogs. Making any hasty decisions without any prior knowledge about the benefits both these types of mattresses has to offer will possibly be a waste of your money, and just because you’ve heard from an acquaintance that an orthopedic mattress is much better for dogs than a memory foam mattress then you need to take a step back and understand that every not all dogs have the same needs.

Some dogs are large and might not want a lot of support, while old dogs often suffer from arthritis and would require an extra-supportive bed because it is a requirement that can’t be ignored!

What is an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

To determine which type of mattress is better suited for your dog, we need to have an understanding of an orthopedic vs memory foam dog bed, and what sets the two apart from the other. Let’s explore what an orthopedic bed is and the benefits it has to offer.

An orthopedic dog bed is designed to eliminate painful pressure points, support the bones and the overall shape of the body. Dogs that suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia including other joint and bone problems need an orthopedic dog bed that brings them relief and offer reduces pain. 

An orthopedic mattress evenly spreads the bodyweight which prevents the building up of pressure points in areas like the hips, neck, and back, while ensuring correct spinal alignment and alienating stress. Moreover, as the pressure points are from the body are relaxed, the blood flow is increased which ensures an effective recovery from the day. Purchasing a dog bed with an orthopedic mattress goes a long way in terms of the health of your dog while providing comfortable space to sleep on every day.

  • Pain Alleviation
  • Better Posture
  • Increase in Blood Flow
  • Have to be careful about the materials used by manufacturers

What is Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Now that we know what an orthopedic bed is, we can understand the dynamics of a memory foam dog bed. While an orthopedic dog bed is designed to alleviate pain, a memory foam mattress can contour to pressure and return to its original shape which helps in offering a contoured and aligned feeling to sleeping dogs. Apart from adjusting to the body shape of the dog, memory foam mattresses are long-lasting and durable. 

They are called memory foam for a reason because they have the memory to bounce back to their original shape immediately and when your dog is changing positions while sleeping, the mattress will contour to your dog’s body shape instantly, providing a comfortable and restful sleeping experience all night long. Moreover, it’s the ability to contour also allows for relieving joint pain and providing ideal support in the right areas of the body.

  • Contours to the Body Shape
  • Long-Lasting Support
  • Helps in Alleviating Pain
  • Have to be aware of low-quality memory foam used

Orthopedic VS Memory Foam Dog Bed

Now that we have a fair idea about the difference between an orthopedic vs memory foam dog bed, we can draw a simple and useful comparison between the two. A dog bed that features an orthopedic mattress is designed to help in pain alleviation and is an idea for older dogs that suffer from joint and bone problems. 

While a dog bed that features a memory foam mattress isn’t necessarily designed for dogs suffering from any health problems, it just helps in offering proper support that a dog’s body needs while resting and sleeping, as the mattress can bounce back to its original shape while perfectly contouring to the shape of the body.

Therefore, we can’t conclude that one mattress type is better than the other because both the orthopedic and memory foam mattress offers different benefits. Interestingly, there are quite a few dog bed options that incorporate both the benefits of an orthopedic and memory foam mattress, and are called orthopedic memory foam dog beds that we believe are a better option to go for than choosing between either of the two types because why not offer your dog the best of both worlds. 

We hope our guide on orthopedic vs memory foam dog beds was helpful and now that you have a fair understanding of the two types, you will be able to make much more informed decisions when finding a dog bed for your pet.

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