Where Do You Put the Flags For an Invisible Dog Fence?

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An invisible fence is a very effective alternative for dog owners who do not have the requirements to build the traditional fence, like those made of wood, chain links, etc. It is quite affordable and easy to install. It even costs lesser than building a fence.

You can decide to DIY or call professionals to do the installations but either way, the safety of your dog is guaranteed to a large extent. Your dog gets to roam freely about your yard while you sit relaxed with peace of mind being rest assured that your dog is safe.

Invisible fences come with wires that are most times buried. And since the wires are buried it might be difficult for you to tell where the dog fence perimeter is especially without the collar. This is where the boundary flags come to the rescue.

While the boundary wire restricts your dog’s movement from inside the ground, the boundary flags indicate the boundary above the ground.

So if you just purchased an invisible dog fence and you are wondering what the flags in the package are used for? Now you know and keep reading to find out more.

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What is The Importance of Placing Flags for Invisible Fence?

placing flags for invisible fence

Placing flags for invisible fences is a very important part of training and in the use of an invisible fence. It plays a very vital part in helping your dog identify and familiarize with their boundary. It is used to mark the areas where the dog fence is buried. Therefore, allowing you to effectively train your dog.

After training and sometimes even without installing an invisible fence, your dog might not be able to leave the yard because it sees the flag as its boundary. This can be used to your advantage. Since your dog respects the flag, you can use it to protect the other parts of the yard you don’t want your dog to go to, even without a boundary wire.

For instance, you have pots of flowers sitting somewhere in your yard and you do not want your dog to go close to it. You can just place the flags around the pots of flowers. As long as your dog has been trained to respect the flag, they will not touch your pots of flower.

Placing flags in an invisible fence fastens your dog’s learning twice faster than normal. The flags determine how your dog reacts in other areas.

Where Do You Put the Flags For an Invisible Dog Fence?

Placing the flags of an invisible fence is simple and requires little or no strategy at all. The flags are used to mark the perimeter of the invisible fence. The flags should not be kept in hidden spots. It should be kept in the open where it can easily be seen.

The invisibility in the invisible dog fence refers to the boundary wire which is most times buried in the ground. So the flags are used to make the invisible fence visible even though it’s just for a short period.

How Far Apart do You Put Flags for Invisible Fence?

The flags should not be placed far from each other or too close to each other. If they are too close, you will need more flags than usual and if they are too far, it might be difficult for the dog to identify the boundary line. And difficult for you to connect the line. They should be placed at certain intervals.

How Do I Mark my Invisible Fence?

Marking your invisible fence makes placing the flags easy. It allows you to locate the boundary without having to dig the wire out of the ground.

Here are some steps to follow when you want to mark your invisible fence:

  • Switch on the system from the transmitter and collar with its On button.
  • Set the collar on vibrate or beep
  • Starting from the beginning or middle of the yard and with the collar in one hand, walk towards the end of your yard (maybe towards the road). Make sure you bend to the level of your dog’s neck as if it was wearing the collar. This is because the collar might not have been designed to receive signals if it is far from the ground.
  • Keep walking towards the boundary. The collar has been engineered to beep or vibrate when it is a few feet away from the boundary.
  • Pay attention to the collar while walking down the yard to know when it vibrates or beeps.
  • When it does, you can use a spray or paint to mark the spot. Move sideways along the wire and every five feet, apply the spray or paint.
  • Connect the marks to draw a line. After this, you can proceed to put your flag.

When Can You Remove Invisible Fence Flags?

The flags are to help the dog get accustomed to its boundary. Getting familiar with stuff can take some time especially for dogs. Plus, the training must have been inculcated in the dog before the flag can be removed.

So the flags should be left for 2 weeks or longer like up to 4 weeks (30 days). Sometimes it takes as long as 6 weeks to train a dog.

So, whichever time you choose to remove your flag should be after you have trained and you are sure that your dog has mastered its yard.


Now you know how important flags are to your invisible fence and that your flags should be kept at equal distance from each other. Just close enough to show the boundary wireline and not require too many flags. This will help save more on the number of flags you need. Rewards should be offered to your dog during training.

While installing the invisible dog fence, remember that a part of the land close to the road is owned by the city and so your dog fence should be installed at least 10 feet away from the road. This ensures that you are not disobeying the law and the yard is your property. Flags go a long way in easing your dog boundary training.

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