How to Teach Your Dog to Crawl?

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How to Teach Your Dog to Crawl?

Dogs are intelligent animals. You can teach them a lot of tricks. They can understand many of your words and can learn a lot of new tricks. So if you have a dog and want to teach it a trick, go ahead and read the article. 

Everyone loves a dog that is intelligent, energetic, and can do a lot of cute tricks. A dog doing a trick not only looks cute and intelligent itself but brings a lot of compliments to its master as well. You will surely love your dog more than before when it makes you the center of attention in a gathering by showing off cool tricks.

Your dog is your best friend. You like spending time with it, playing with it, having a little walk with him. So why not teach him a new trick? Teaching them a new trick will not only make them adorable but also they will have more fun interacting with you.

When you are teaching your dog a new trick, you can spend some quality and fun time with your dog and this will make your bond stronger with it. This will make your dog look forward to the time spending with you.

There are a lot of tricks which you can teach your dogs like spin, go and fetch, stand on hind legs, wait, etc. some tricks are hard to teach them but if you are consistent and keeps on training them in addition to treating them a lot of treats, they will love to learn them. 

A really cute trick which you can make your dog is learning is crawling. Unlike a human child, who learns to crawl and afterward walk. A dog starts walking without learning to crawl. But it cants crawl unless it can walk properly. So you can say it is the reverse process for dogs than humans.

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How to Teach Your Dog to Crawl?

Before we start that how can you train your dog to crawl, let us tell you about some important things that you should make sure of. First, make sure that whenever you are going to train your dog, it should be well fed and not sleepy. Second, always have treats for them in a training session. And make sure they are their favorite treats.

The best reinforcement for a dog is delicious treats. Every dog loves treats and you can bribe them with treats to make them learn tricks. Treats are a secret to make your dog learn the tricks faster. Training without treats will make it difficult for you to make your dog learn a trick. Because if there are no treats, there won’t be any interest shown by the dogs in learning the tricks. So before starting the training, prepare their favorite treats for them.

You can also make a reinforcement schedule like the more they learn the more you treat your dog with treats. If you give them treats, you will be surprised that how fast they learn. 

Now let us tell you how to teach your dogs to crawl:

Crawling is a tricky trick to teach your dogs. But if you are persevering, you can make them learn in no time.

Command it to Stay Still

The first thing you have to do is to command your dog to stay still. When it is standing at a place, you have to move backward and keep a little distance between you and your dog.

Take Treats in your Hands

 Now take some tasty treats in your hands and sit in a squat position. Take your hand-holding treats close to the face of your dogs. The nostrils of your dog will be filled by the smell of the treats and they will be highly tempted by them. Make sure that he is drooling and wants to eat the treats.

Command it to lie Down

The next thing you have to do is to command your dog to lie down a bit. Now proceed to the next step. Take your hand low and close to the floor.

Move Back a Little

Now you have to move back a little while squatting. Move your hand back too. This will make your dog move forward a bit by moving his leg forward remaining seated. Treat your dog for this step. If your dog stands up and move, start again from step 1.

Say the Word Crawl

Whenever you move back a little, don’t forget to say the word crawl. This will make your dog associate this word with the action it is doing. So that whenever you will say the word crawl, your dog will know what to do!

Continue Moving Back

Now step by step move back your hand. Your dog will try to take steps in the seated position. Treat your dog generously whenever it takes a step. Your dog will be tired after few steps at first but gradually it will get used to crawling

Increase the Distance

Have a training session every day but gradually keep on increasing the distance. 

Keep on Practice

The key to every trick learned by your dog is practice, practice, and practice. So keep on practicing the trick so that your dog will never forget it. Have a practice session daily for five to fifteen minutes. Keep their treats ready and your dogs will be excited and looking forward to the session.

Have you learned how to teach your dog how to crawl? Don’t waste any time and have a lot of practice sessions of crawling with your dog and make him learn this cool trick. And don’t forget to treat your dog with dogs treat when it learns the trick.

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