Troubleshooting Extreme Dog Fence

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Having a great dog fence is the dream of every dog owner but maintaining that dog fence is also one of the dreams that you want to achieve. You might face a lot of problems even though you bought a new device because you may not know much about the device. 

If you’ve purchased an eXtreme dog fence, you probably have some questions about installation and troubleshooting. This guide will answer some of the most common questions along with the other issues that you might face while using it.

Troubleshooting Extreme Dog Fence – Fix All Issues

The extreme brand did well development to build their wireless fences for dogs and they keep in mind all of the needs that a dog owner is looking for. But with all of the features, functions and benefits you might get stuck with the compilation of the whole setup although they provide everything.

There are some common issues that you face and here we are to answer them in the troubleshooting extreme dog fence guide.

Troubleshooting Extreme Dog Fence

Extreme Dog Fence Collar Battery Installation

Changing collar battery sometimes becomes tough for new owners especially when they are not aware of the process of collar battery installation. Although the process is simple and once you try that you can use it to do it, and start doing it on your own. I will explain the whole process in steps so it helps you out in the main time.

  • Pick the collar and detach the transmitter
  • You can see the screw at the bottom you have to loos it down
  • After doing that a small battery you can see that you need to remove from the transmitter
  • After doing that put the new battery in the transmitter like “-” Negative in the bottom and “+” positive at above.
  • After that close the transmitter and tight the screw, That’s it

After replacing the collar battery make sure you test the collar and see if it’s working or not.

Extreme Dog Fence Won’t Stop Beeping

Another issue that people commonly face is that extreme dog fences won’t stop beeping and it is a regular thing. Well, you might be in trouble, there are a few things you need to double-check everything you set up for your dog.

  • First of all check your wires that going towards the transmitter and see that if it fits right or not, if you see any lose screw tight that, it might help to stop beeping
  • Surge protector wire also cause the issue, so you have to check that too
  • The wire you use to set the boundary might be broken, so double-check that wire too and if that is broken you need to change the wire of the fence.
  • And the final, transmitter can also cause the issue, test it out in a simple way, and if it still beeping that it means the transmitter is gone. You need to replace that.

Why is My Extreme Dog Fence Collar Flashing? 

The flashing in your extreme fence collar is an indication of low battery life, and it shows because you need to change it. For better understanding listen to the warning beeps that will help you out.

How Do I Find a Break in My eXtreme Dog Fence?

While using any dog fence it happened with you that wire is broken from some point and it starts causing different problems at the same time. This is really frustrated because you have already spent a lot of money on the setup. There are some ways that we are going to discuss today that help you to solve this problem.

  • If your dog fence is old enough, better to replace the wire completely rather than find the break in the fence because it helps you to save your time and by spending a few bucks you can make things work for your dog fence.
  • If the fence is new or you don’t want to spend the money on a new wire then go for the Wire Break Locator Kit and buy it because this will help you to find the break.

Wire Break Locator Kit

  • Connect your Wire Break Locator Kit with the fence twisted wire
  • After attaching the locator make sure both lights on the transmitter are on
  • Set your AM radio, because it going to help us out.
  • Tune in to the station to 530 KHZ on your AM radio
  • And start walking around your fence boundary especially close to the boundary line, You will begin to hear one steady sound, keep going until this tone gets softer or begins to change.


  • That’s the area where you need to dig around and you can see the wire break at that point.

Repairing Wire Break:

After you found the break in your boundary wire, you need to cut a strip off a ½ inch from both sides and use a waterproof wire nut for both ends to attach them again in a good way. That’s why you can easily fix the break issue.

Over Takeaways:

Finally, we come to an end these are some common issues that people are facing with the extreme dog fence and in the guide of Troubleshooting Extreme Dog Fence, I try to address them all and provide you with easy solutions. If still, you have an issue then you can talk with me or contact extreme dog fence support for better understanding.

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