Why Do Dog Collars Have Spikes?

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Why Do Dog Collars Have Spikes?

Some pet accessories that are very common to see are dog collars with external spikes, usually metal. They can have an aggressive appearance. However, this does not mean that the dog that carries them is like that because many turn out to be very affectionate.

However, for many, they can be dangerous because the quills can look sharp or pointy, and they have doubts about the dog’s safety. For this reason, it is very important to know what the purpose of these collars is and if it is worth using them with our pets without causing danger.

Why Do Dog Collars Have Spikes?

The main purpose of spiked collars is to protect the vulnerable areas of dogs from attacks by other types of animals, especially predators. They come from collars for wolves in Italy and herding dogs in Spain, so they have a long history.

In some farms and herding groups, the best guardians were awarded spiked collars to enhance and reflect their status. It is estimated that many dogs have used this type of collar even since medieval times, and it is still perceived how many dog ​​owners use it.

Are Spiked Dog Collars Safe?

Spiked collars are very safe for the dog wearing them since the spikes face out without hurting its body. They can only harm animals that attack or try to touch the dog’s neck, such as coyotes, wolves, and similar animals.

However, if the dog is friendly and finds it easy to make friends, the collar may hurt others in play sessions with them. That is why it can be counterproductive on some occasions to put this type of collar on it because other dogs can harm themselves innocently when playing with bites.

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What is the Point of Spiked Dog Collars?

This type of collar is mainly aesthetic since it gives the animal that wears it a rough appearance. They continue to serve as elements to protect the dog, but thanks to the advancement of animal domestication, there are not so many attacks compared to previous times.

These collars are typically placed on large dogs associated with violence and space defense, such as Rottweilers, Dobermanns, and other large breeds. Unlike dog collars with spikes, these do not harm the dog’s skin. These particular necklaces are not recommended for use.

Are Spike Collars Good for Dogs?

If it is about defending the dog that lives in areas with predators, it should be used as a defense method. However, it is recommended not to use a domestic visa in cities and communities as it can hurt other dogs that are only looking for friendship.

In general, they are accessories that can be very useful beyond the aesthetic characteristics and appearance they give to the animal. It must consider that they are accessories with a useful purpose, so they should use them to the maximum to achieve training.


Spiked collars are among the most used accessories for large breed dogs for security and home care purposes. They do not represent a danger to the dogs that use them, although care must also be taken as with all existing training tools.

It is also important to use collars of good quality and comfort for the dog without hurting or bothering him.

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