Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds?

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Dogs that have their bed can enjoy better rest. However, some of them spend a lot of time licking their bed. This is where many people ask themselves Why do dogs lick their beds?

Therefore, below you can find the most complete set of reasons for this behavior. So, it will be much easier to understand what is going on with the dogs. Finally, you will be able to apply a very simple solution to definitively eliminate this inconvenience.

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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds?

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds

As with other aspects of your dog, language is used for a variety of purposes. They need their language to communicate with other animals, clean themselves, and of course, eat and drink. So, to better understand your dog’s behavior, here we mention the main reasons why this happens.

 Reason # 1 

Biological Reasons

Of course, biological reasons should be included in the first place. One way that mother-dogs clean their puppies is by using their language. Even this cleaning must also be applied by the female dogs to clean the area where the puppies usually are. This is why the bitches may be licking the bed where the puppies usually sleep.

So we can mention that this is a maternal instinct that allows the female dog to take care of her puppies. Additionally, other dogs may simply be licking their bed in search of food or because they are hungry. Many dogs even bring some food scraps and treat to their beds.

So when chunks and crumbs fall, dogs use their tongues to clean up every last bit. When none of this happens then the reasons may be different.

 Reason # 2 

Psychological Reasons

Here it is necessary to consider that dogs used to live in packs when they were at the mercy of nature. That is why this behavior and many others are instinctive behaviors that dogs perform automatically on many occasions. The moment a dog licks its nose it is communicating with other dogs to humans.

In this case, the dog is trying to communicate its submission to another dominant dog. In turn, this dog is saying that it is not aggressive at all towards other humans or animals. However, when a dog begins to lick its bed it may be because of boredom, stress, or anxiety.

When dogs are not very stimulated by their environment or are overly stressed, they begin to adopt compulsive grooming behavior. Even when they lick their bed they are probably trying to get the attention of other dogs or their owners. So, if you pay attention at this time, you will be able to tell if your dog needs your attention.

 Reason # 3 

Health Problems

The moment a dog begins to feel nauseous, then the drooling, chewing, and licking behaviors begin to appear. Even when someone applies medication to a dog on an empty stomach nausea can be very common and likely. So, if you must apply a medication to your dog, make sure your dog’s stomach is not empty.

Even other health problems can be the reason for excessive licking. Some of these problems are neurological disorders, liver problems, or gastric disease. If this happens it is always a good solution to consult your vet. When you do so immediately you have the possibility of solving the problem more easily.

What Are Useful Solutions For This?

Some solutions are effective for some of these problems. First of all, it is necessary to mention that instinct behaviors are not always a problem. Even here with proper training, it is possible to modify these behaviors.

On the contrary, when the behavior is due to a psychological factor or a health problem, then you can apply some of these tips. In fact, in this way, you will be able to provide your dog with a better quality of life every day.

 Tip # 1 

Establish a Daily Walk

Establishing a daily walk of at least 20 minutes can make a great difference in your dog. Here the most recommendable thing is to fix the same schedule at the moment of walking. Unlike humans, dogs love routine. So they are really happy and you set a certain routine for all their activities.

 Tip # 2 

Consult the Veterinarian

When it is a health problem, there is no other possibility than consulting a professional. This means not medicating your dog without a vet’s prescription.

Here it is much easier to make the situation worse than to improve your dog’s health. Therefore, the veterinarian will indicate the most effective treatment to improve the life of your pet.

 Tip # 3 

Buying Toys

If there’s one thing that can reduce stress and anxiety for pets, it’s toys. In particular, dogs enjoy toys that they can bite and throw at various places. Here, just one rope might be more than enough for two dogs to play with. Besides, it is advisable to have high-quality toys that are not toxic to your dog.

 Tip # 4 

Apply Prizes

Praising your dog’s good behavior is an excellent way to eliminate certain inappropriate behaviors. If you want to apply certain training to modify your dog’s behavior you should avoid punishment. Negative reinforcements in a training produce nothing more than an increase in stress and anxiety.

On the contrary, here you can implement some small rewards to encourage good behavior. Even here it can be more than enough to offer your dog small treats and a firm compliment. These tactics will allow your dog to stay busy and forget about licking his bed.


In fact, with effective training and some additional techniques, your dog will be able to enjoy healthier behavior. Even if it is a health problem it is a good possibility to consult a veterinarian for a better life for your dog.

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