Will Premier Pet Collar Work with PetSafe?

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Will Premier Pet Collar Work with PetSafe?

Training our pets can be difficult if we don’t have the right tools to learn what we want to teach them easily. For this reason, various alternatives and elements facilitate training, from accessories for our pets to electronic fences to delimit the spaces they need.

PetSafe offers you many alternatives for you to start with the training of your pet, in addition to building an environment that is comfortable and safe. Premier Pet also helps you equip yourself to teach your pet the necessary habits and thus guarantee a comfortable and happy life by your side.

Will Premier Pet Collar Work with PetSafe?

The Premier Pet collar is designed to teach your dog the necessary habits for good behavior through non-harmful stimuli. It has a remote control with which you can select the options between sounds to get your attention to vibration stimuli with different intensities.

All Premier Pet collars are well-matched with PetSafe collars to be used simultaneously for any training. However, Premier Pet claims that its products are well-matched with other pet training brands, so the above brands are recommended.

What collars work with PetSafe in-ground fence?

Several collars work with the in-ground fence, so there are plenty of options to choose from when marking out the land for your pet. One of them is the Deluxe UltraLight™ Headset Collar, which is waterproof and has four correction levels available for training.

On the other hand, the PRF-275-19 Persistent Canine In-Ground Headset Collar and the PIG00-10778 Elite In-Ground Slight Canine Receiver Collar, as their names imply. With these collars, you can establish a safe perimeter for your pet without it feeling so restricted due to the range of the fences.

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Can I use a different collar for Invisible Fence?

Many people wonder if changing their pet’s collar will the invisible fence to continue to work successfully for the new receiver. The answer is yes. The collars are interchangeable with the invisible fence configuration, so making the change is not a problem.

Remember that the configuration must establish with the fence to work correctly according to the desired limits. Thanks to this type of fence, you can save a lot of money on unnecessary construction that also affects the comfort and calm of the pet.

Can you add another collar to PetSafe wireless?

People who have multiple pets worry about putting limits on their gardens or spaces for all their animals without losing any of them. However, the fences can configure to receive multiple collars to include all pets within the safe space.

Each collar should only be configured to be within range of the fence and respond to the operation of the fence problem. The only important detail is that you have to make sure that the collar that has been added has to be compatible with the fence used.

Are all PetSafe collars compatible?

The collars are compatible depending on the type of fence used, a buried or a wireless one, so the compatibility varies according to these. The main advice is to know the compatibility of the collar to be purchased with the type of fence to avoid possible confusion.

Compatibility can find through the collar’s model number, manufacturing number, manufacturing date, and other product data. You should also use the fence model number on the base to see if it is compatible with the collar.


Undoubtedly, these new collars and their configuration with electronic fences is an excellent advance for the protection and training of all our pets. For this reason, it is very worthwhile to invest in products and the fact that their performance and efficiency are highly proven and guaranteed by the guarantee.

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