Are Invisible Dog Fence Collars Interchangeable?

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When you have a pet, sometimes you need to train it. One of the most common ways is to train collars and invisible fences. Do you requirement a new canine collar or an underground dog fence system? Have you ever wondered if dog fence necklines are substitutable? In this item, look at about of the greatest popular makes and which canine lapels effort with which spreaders.

You might believe that all training collars work with invisible pet fence systems as pet owners since all collars are the same and work within more or less the similar parameters.

In terms of use, a pet can wear the same training collar for a maximum of 12 hours at a time. Although they have the same duration, the truth is that dog training, and fence collars do not replace the collars of other brands.

Though, if your existing collar is still good and working well, there’s no reason it can’t use with newer models as long as your brand allows it. That said, we can safely say that some brands allow their customers to reuse their existing collar even when purchasing a new transmitter or receiver from the same brand, while other brands do not.

The best way to know what products to use in dogs according to their breed is by reading and researching, that is why it is important to take into account each one of the details.

Are Invisible Dog Fence Collars Interchangeable?

The short answer is yes. Many dog ​​collar receivers are interchangeable. Knowing which one will work is a bit more difficult. Some manuals will tell you that. Some won’t.

Are Invisible Dog Fence Collars Interchangeable?

1. PetSafe Brand Compatibility

PetSafe was previously a provider of wired, underground, and ground dog fences and wireless canine fence schemes. Over the years, they have sold lots of pet security systems and dog fence lapels.

Your products are likely to be compatible with each other. If you would like to verify your model, please refer to its compatibility page for a complete list of PetSafe Receiver Collars compatible with your Transmitter.

2. Pet Stop Replacement Parts Compatibility

Pet Stop has designed a fence replacement collar and parts with all the exclusive safety features you would expect from the Invisible Fence brand. Additionally, your replacement collar will include exclusive circumferential rubber contacts to prevent severe irritation and damage to your pet’s skin.

Unlike the Invisible Fence brand collar, the Pet Stop Receiver Collar is made to Pet Stop’s exact specifications in the USA.

The following is a list of Pet Stop collars that are well-matched with the subsequent Invisible Fence style transmitters:

  • ICT-700
  • ICT-100
  • ICT-75
  • ICT-775
  • ICT-725
  • ICT-250
  • ICT-150
  • ICT-50
  • ICT-750
  • CT-4000

If you want to know more, you can see all the spare parts on the official website of Pet Stop.

3. SportDog Electric Dog Fence and Collars Compatibility

It is important to clarify that Sport Dog collars are not compatible with transmitters from other brands. The SportDog Transmitter is compatible by the next PetSafe Burial Headset Lapels:

  • PUL-275 Buried UltraLight(TM) Deluxe Headset Collar
  • PRF-275-19 Ground Receiver Collar for Stubborn Dogs
  • PIG00-10778 Elite Small Dog In-Ground Headset Lapel

4. Extreme Dog Fence Brand Compatibility

The Extreme Dog Barrier System is incompatible with any dog barrier system, counting the Imperceptible Fence make. If the Extreme Dog Fence brand does not make your current dog fence cable and headset collar, it will not effort.

5. Dogtra Underground Fence Compatibility

Dogtra Underground sells an underground dog fence perfect, the E-Fence 3500. This particular model is compatible with the E-Fence 3500 headset lapels. However, Dogtra lapels are well-matched by any Dogtra distant transmitter.

Commands for combination the two plans can discovery in online physical located on their authorized page.

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Are Shock Collars Interchangeable?

There are currently three electric collars: barrier or fence collars, remote training collars, and anti-bark collars. All three types work the same way but have different uses. Fence collars will shock your dog when he crosses a certain boundary and will usually first alert you with a beep. The other two are essentially the same and emit shocks through a handheld transmitter.

Put these training collars are essentially the same device. The product itself is not necessarily inhumane or harmful to your dog, but it must use sparingly and carefully to be effective and not produce negative results.


As you can see, the training collars have almost no differences between them. The same shock collars and training collars can be used almost interchangeably in brands that tend to be mutually compatible. When used correctly, these collars can be useful in training a dog to be resistant to other training methods and can even be a good last resort.

There are mixed opinions about the effectiveness and humaneness of wearing these collars. So the only thing that can say ultimately is that it is up to you, the dog owner, to decide what is best for him. Please keep your dog safe and remove the receiver collar from your pet while he’s inside to keep him comfortable.

For each of the dog owners, well-being, comfort and temperance should always be the most important. It is necessary to take into account that each of the implications that this type of collar can generate in the animal. Before buying the one of your choice, you should go to a veterinarian to guide you in order to get the one that does not give you any harmful effects.

This type of collar has very good benefits, buying quality products will guarantee a better quality of life.

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