How Much Does Electric Dog Fence Cost?

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Allowing your dogs to roam and play freely around the compound is a natural thing for dog lovers. It brings a lot of joy to see your dog happy and comfortable. But then, allowing your dog to run around freely in an unfenced yard is enough to keep you constantly alert and worried about your dog.

This worry could disturb your daily activity and make you restless. Well, if you are one of those dog owners in this situation, there is a solution for you. This solution is to get an Electric Dog Fence.

What is an electric dog fence?

You must be wondering what an electric dog fence is. Nope, it is not some physically built fence that has electricity coursing through it. I would have imagined that too.

An electric dog fence is a fence for dogs that uses correction in form of a mild static shock to make your dog stay within its boundary. The electric dog fence can also help you keep your dogs away from harmful areas, the pool, garden, etc.

When your dog steps out of its boundary, the electric fence delivers a warning or stimulation which makes it return to the area designated to it.

Some of these electric fences come with collars and systems that allow you to monitor your pup’s movement therefore keeping it safe and within its boundary.

How Much Does Electric Dog Fence Cost?

Electric Dog Fence Cost

After so many calculations, research and inquiry, I am happy to let you know that having an electric dog fence costs less than building a physical fence. Its cost difference might be a little less but it is an effective method of keeping your dog safe.

The cost of an electric dog fence differs depending on the brand and type. Hardly you find two different brands sell the same products at the same price. This is most times because of the quality of the material the product is made with or the popularity of the brand.

But to purchase an electric dog fence, its price per foot ranges from $15 to $50. It can also be gotten at an average total cost ranging from $850 to $1500.

While Doing it yourself costs less, having an expert install the fence costs more but is sure to be perfect. Should you choose to DIY, it would cost about $120 to $320.

For professional work, it would cost up to $850 to $1500. Prices might change depending on time and whom you choose to patronize.

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How Much Does an Underground Dog Fence Cost?

The emphasis remains on the fact that the price of products differs in terms of brand and type. It also depends on the amount of wire that can cover the perimeter of your fence. But basically, a kit made up of 500 feet of wire could cost about $300 but if you choose to get 2000 feet of wire, it would cost about $500.

A kit of underground fence includes a transmitter Box, splice kit, about 50 or more boundary flags for training your dog, thick gauge copper wire for the boundary, 1 or 2 receiver collars, and to help you with your training, and instruction manual.

To install an underground fence yourself would only require that you purchase the materials needed, that is the kit and probably a wiring trench. But for professional installation, you would have to pay for the service. This could require you to pay $2 to $3 per foot. Typically, it would cost about $950 to $1500.

How Much Does an Invisible Dog Fence Cost?

An invisible dog fence should cost about $957 to $1500. For you who might choose to DIY, you can purchase the fence for as low as $54 and $780.

For the installation of the fence, you might want a professional company to do it. This will cost about $1200 but it also depends on the size of the boundary.

Despite all the conclusions made above, let’s check out these costs based on the size of the boundary.

  • For a large plot of land of about 75,790 square feet which would need a boundary of 1100 linear feet, the total cost for the installation will be between $2,475 and $2500.
  • For an average plot (12,632 square feet) of land, it would cost a total of $1,008 for its 448 linear feet boundary.
  • And for a small plot of land of about 6,100 square feet with a boundary of 312 linear feet, you should expect to pay a total cost of $703

The cost of these fences is not only affected by the brand or type but also by the number of pets the fence is being purchased for.

Electric Dog Fence Installation Process

Installing the dog fence by yourself can be a little stressful and bothersome but it is possible. It becomes less stressful and a little bother when you follow these steps;

1. Mapped out Layout for Boundary

This is the first and most important thing to do first. After deciding to use a dog fence wire, you should measure your yard and the size of the area you choose. Also, you should sketch the yard, the areas with power lines, and the area you choose for the perimeter of the fence.

Doing all these reduce the chances of making mistakes when making the installations. At least the mistakes will be done on paper and not in the installation area.

While mapping out the boundary, be sure to take note of areas having power lines to avoid crossing them with the dog fence wire. Crossing them with the wire could cause a short circuit or even fire. Your sketch should include the trees, every part of your compound.

It should also include where you want to put your transmitter and the boundary wire. Do not forget to put in your sketch, that your dog is entitled to 6 to 10 feet of field width on every side of the boundary and the passageway should not be too narrow or else your dog might not want to use it. Your dog should also be allotted at least 5-10 feet of roaming space.

2. Set up the Transmitter

Once you have your layout and sketch, placing the transmitter becomes easy. As indicated in your sketch, you already have a place stipulated for your transmitter so just put it there. But before that, some things are worthy of note. Whatever package your transmitter comes in, it should not be exposed to water or else, it could cause a short circuit or fire. It should be placed indoors, in places like the garage wall or basement.

3. Prepare and Layout Twisted Wire Lengths

While making a layout of your yard, you must have measured the length and width of the area and noted how long the wire for each edge should be. While a transmitter can cover up to 20 to 30 acres of land, the 500-foot wire can cover about 1/3 of one acre of land. So you can always get more feet of wire to add the 500 feet of wire if your yard is more than.

With all that done, place both wires beside each other and twist. Then place them above the ground over the area you have marked. This is so you would be sure of your measurement.

4. Test the Wires And Bury

After the wires have been laid out on the floor, test to see if it works fine before burying it.

If your wire works perfectly above the ground, then you bury and check if it works. Don’t forget that it should be buried about 3-5 inches into the ground.

This is so that it can maintain a strong signal. Connect the wire to the transmitter through the twisted wires and switch on the transmitter.

Do Electric Fences Hurt Dogs?

The answer to this question is No. Electric fences have been tested and proven to be very safe for all pets so you don’t have to worry. The electric fence only corrects your dog by delivering a mild static shock.

Hearing the word “shock” might sound confusing and seem painful but do not be misled. This shock is very minimal and does not cause any effect, apart from a reminder that your dog has crossed its boundary. Experts agree that the sensation delivered by electric fences should be referred to as an impulse. This impulse is of a low level and almost the same as an exercise belt.

This type of training has been in use for as long as 40 years. And as time went by, improvements were made such that the impulse delivered can be adjusted according to the size of your dog. That is, your pooch receives the stimulation suitable for its size.

Surely, for the first few days of using this fence, your dog will get stimulated a lot because it has not gotten used to staying within its boundary. But with proper training and time, your dog familiarises with the boundary thereby reducing occurrences of the stimulation to zero or a little over zero.

Well, you as the dog owner might get used to your dog wearing the collar that comes with the fence, you should not forget to remove it from time to time, or else you would be causing your dog harm. You can choose to remove it every night before bed and put it back in the morning. Leaving the collar on the dog every time can irritate its skin.


If you’ve been wondering how much it would cost you to install an invisible fence or you are being held back by the fear that it might be too expensive, well there you have it. It is pocket-friendly and delivers the effectiveness you desire.

So, no more driving around your neighbourhood calling out to your dog. If you are not sure about how to install the fence, call an expert. Having a professional do the installation would save you more than doing a bad installation yourself.

Maria Martinez is a dog lover who likes to write about different dog products. She likes to share those products which she owns and uses and provide honest reviews about them.

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