Can Dogs Eat Dried Mangoes?

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Can Dog Eat Dried Mangoes?

A tropical and summery fruit is bright yellow and tastes so sweet that you can’t resist it. This versatile fruit originally belongs to South Asia, East India. Mangoes give you a sense of happiness and are celebrated like a festivity. 

A very important part of some rich cultures. Mangoes are not easily available in the United States and if you find some, they might not taste as good as they taste in India or Pakistan. The trade of mangoes to the US started after the 1870s and is mostly grown in Florida and California.

The cost of mangoes is a bit higher than usual fruits and many qualities and types of mangoes are available in the market today. Mango is a quick energy booster full of vitamins and nutrients.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Mangoes?

Mangoes contain vitamin A, E, C and B6 which are equally good for your dog as it is good for you. It also contains beta-carotene, antioxidants, and potassium which prevents various kinds of cancer. The amount of fiber present in mangoes will help in the easy digestion of your dog. 

Giving dried mangoes to your dog will also control the cholesterol levels of your dog since mangoes are known to lower cholesterol levels. A great immunity booster for human beings as well as dogs since dogs are exposed to all kinds of bacteria, it is important to boost their immunity in all ways.

Why choose dried mangoes instead of a full mango for your dog?

One should never give an entire mango to your dog for eating as it may possess choking hazards and too much sweet can make your dog hyperactive which can harm you in some way. It can also cause vomiting or diarrhea. A mango peel can get stuck in your dog’s airway and the dog can die.

A mango peel can also create an intestinal blockage. Canines can only consume a minimal amount of fruit so you should either give them half cut pieces without any seeds or peel or give them one or two pieces of dried mangoes.

Some veterinarians are a bit more concerned about your playful creature so they allow you to feed dried mangoes less frequently to your dogs. why? Dried mangoes are candy-like containing a good amount of sugar content which can become harmful for your dog.

Another thing some dried mangoes contain is xylitol which is an artificial sweetener. A dried mango may possess all sorts of preservatives which can be dangerous for your dog.

Before feeding your dog anything, whether it be a piece of any fruit or vegetable, you must consult your veterinarian so you don’t end up losing your precious little pet.

How will you know if your dog likes dried mangoes?

If your pet has been with you for a long time, you will know all its likes and dislikes. You will know how the dog behaves when he likes something or when he dislikes something. Like human beings, dogs too have different choices and different taste buds. If one dog likes dried mangoes, no other dog needs to like them.

When you are trying new things for your dog, let’s take it as when you try a piece of dried mango, offer one piece first instead of putting a few in front of your dog. If they like the first piece, they will either bark, whine, sit in front of you or move around in circles to ask for more.

If your dog doesn’t like the piece of dried mango, he will simply spit it out or start playing with it instead of eating it.

How to serve dried mangoes to your dog? 

If you have puppies then offer them only one or two slices but if you have dogs then you can even serve them the whole mango in pieces but make sure they have no peel and no seeds.

You can serve the dried mango in their own serving pot or you can just put it in front of them to eat. Make sure to never serve the entire mango as it can cause severe diarrhea. However, diarrhea symptoms will show up within 24 hours.

If your dog doesn’t like the piece of dried mango, no need to give forcefully as the dog might end up biting you in aggression. 

Why keep your dog treats to a minimum level?

Every creature, human or animal likes to be served treats but you should be very careful regarding their consumption level. It is recommended by Dempsy the 90/10 rule. It doesn’t matter how much your dog likes the treat, you should never serve him in excess. Only the 10th part out of 100 should be served daily or every other day.

The best meal for a dog is his dog’s food. Usually, a dog’s food has all the nutrients needed for your dog’s nourishment and growth so there is no need to offer them the daily treats you like. Once in a while is fine. Even then consult with your veterinarian.

What should you do in case of a blockage?

In any case of obstruction or blockage or any sort of reaction, you should quickly run to your veterinarian. A blockage in a dog’s intestines quickly needs surgery otherwise he will pass out. In case of a reaction, your Vet will give your dog an injection to subside the effects of an allergic reaction.

Make sure to always remove mango seeds as they contain cyanide which can harm the dog badly.

If your dog eats seeds, you might notice symptoms such as vomiting, drooling, febrile seizures, and running short of breath. Always be attentive while feeding anything new to your dog.

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