How to Repair Electric Dog Fence Wire?

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How to Repair Electric Dog Fence Wire?

Having an electric dog fence provide you with much flexibility and saves your time running behind your dog. The companies build these devices to provide complete protection for dogs in any area. You can easily handle your dog within a specific boundary and your dog also feel the freedom that he looking for.

I personally like these devices much especially the wireless and electric ones because the set-up is easy and you don’t need to bury any wire for it. But still, you might face some issues with them off course. The one we are talking about today is how to repair electric dog fence wire?

How to Repair Electric Dog Fence Wire?

The damage to a broken electric dog fence can be fixed by repairing the fencing wire. But you need to know how to fix the fencing wire to maximize the fence’s effectiveness. Here is how to repair electric dog fence wire with a few simple tools and supplies.

Pro Tip: You Can save almost $100 if you do the repair on your own rather than hiring someone to do it for you.

Follow these simple steps and you are good to go:

  • First of all, you need to find the wire where it broke and you want to repair
  • Then you need to buy PetSafe Twisted Wire Kit (Amazon) which you can easily get from Amazon

Some people think they can twist both ends of the wire and connect with each other but that’s not the case you can end up damaging your whole electric dog fence set up.

  • In the kit, you can find an extra wire, that you need to place at one end equally

straight wire

  • The other end maybe not even so match the end and cut the remaining wire
  • Cut the wire so you can able to see the copper wire behind that
  • Once you see both cooper wires twist them
  • Pick the orange wire nuts from the kit and place them on that wire

place nuts

  • Next, pick the orange capsule and place the nut in that capsule

put in box

  • And that’s the one side is fixed, you can do the same for another end too.


It is challenging to repair the electric dog fence wire. The process is sometimes frustrating. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the issues with the wire. The most important step is to try and determine the issue that you are facing with your electric dog fence. Once you have determined the issue, you will have an easier time completing the repair on the fence. If you need any help, feel free to contact us anytime.

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