Wash Dog Bed Without Washing Machine

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Wash Dog Bed Without Washing Machine

Are you in a pickle and wondering how to wash a dog without a washing machine?

Don’t worry we have got your back! 

Now there could be multiple reasons why you could need to wash a dog bed without a washing machine, maybe you don’t have a washing machine at home, or your machine isn’t big enough to fit your dog bed into, or maybe washing a dog bed by hand is your personal preference. No matter what the reason, we have crafted this easy guide just for you.

In our simple-to-follow guide on how to wash a dog bed without a washing machine, we will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know about washing your dogs’ bed without a washing machine. 

The common perception when it comes to washing dog bedding is that it can be a difficult and time-consuming task without a washing machine. It’s honestly not as hard as people believe, especially when you know what to do and how to do it!

How to Wash Dog Bed Without Washing Machine?

You know, every dog bed is different so it’s not always easy to say how you should wash them. Some beds are made of terry cloth and some people like to use a gentle cycle on cold water with a mild detergent that doesn’t have any fragrance or dyes in it. If your washing machine has an agitator inside, don’t put the bedding into clothes hampers because when the dogs jump around they can get caught up in those loops and tear out their hair.

Before we begin further I want our discussion about this topic today to be helpful for everyone listening because there might be things here that they didn’t already know before coming over today – even if you’re someone who really loves spending time.

You can mix and match the tips, tricks, and methods we are going to share with you, but for best results, if you follow the steps we have mentioned below we guarantee you that you will stick to it forever.

 STEP #1 

1. Shake It Off

Dogs tend to drag all sorts of dirt, grime, and even insects with them, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their bed has to be cleaned as frequently as possible because it is crucial for your dogs and even your health and safety. Shaking off the dog’s bed outside your home is a step you can’t skip, whether you are planning to wash it in the washing machine or thinking to go old-style by washing it by hand. 

Shake off the dog bedding outside thoroughly, ensuring all dirt, grime, and any other unwanted materials fall off. If the dog bed you have comes with a removable cover or other removable items like a removable centered pillow, remove it all! Once you have successfully removed the removable items, shake the bed properly and you can even thump it against the railing. You will extremely be surprised to see all the dirt, grime, and hair that comes out. Shaking off the dog bedding is a necessary method and needs to be performed before washing the bed with water or any other method.

 STEP #2 

2. Use Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean your dog bed. There’s no other tool that cleans dirt, dust, grime, and other unwanted particles that you don’t want lingering on your dog’s bedding. Using a vacuum cleaner is easy and doesn’t require much effort. To clean your dogs’ bed with a vacuum cleaner you have to make sure that you don’t leave out any areas. You can first vacuum the dog bedding without removing the cover which will clean the covers first. 

Use the right vacuum tool to clean the dog with the cover from the top and bottom thoroughly. You can even use the brush vacuum attachment to clean the cover if you think it will make a significant difference. After you have cleaned the covering, you can remove it and start vacuuming the dog bed again. Don’t leave out any areas, clean the top and bottom of the bed. Once you have cleaned the dog bed using a vacuum cleaner, you can zip up the bed in its covering and run the vacuum one more time which will ensure that there is no dirt, grime, or pet hair left behind. 

 STEP #3 

3. Steam Cleaning

The next step we have for you when it comes to learning how to wash a dog bed without a washing machine is steam-cleaning. You can’t steam clean a dog bed without vacuuming it first. However, steam-cleaning is a great way to thoroughly clean your dog’s bedding. If you’ve ever steam-cleaned a mattress before, steam-cleaning a dog bed is pretty much the same. 

Some of the benefits of steam-cleaning a dog bed are that it effectively removes pest infestations, tough stains, odors and it also increases the longevity of the bed. Steam-cleaning is the best way to clean a dog mattress in our opinion and it also is very good for your dog’s health and hygiene at the same time. We can’t think of a better cleaning method for your dog’s bedding.

 STEP #4 

4. Hand Washing

If your dogs’ bed is machine-washable and for some reason, you want to find an alternative to it. Then it’s time to go old-school, you can hand-wash it using water and some vinegar. Get the biggest tub you have in your house and fill it up with water. The temperature of the water depends on the instructions that come with the dog bed. Add some vinegar, the measurement of the vinegar is directly proportional to the quantity of water. A cup of vinegar would be good enough in our opinion.

You can even add a little baking soda and dish detergent to the water mix as well. Just simply place the dog bed in the tub and let it soak in for a good 30 minutes. Once the times up you can rinse it with water and let it air dry. You can wash the cover of the dog bed the same way, although wash it separately. It’s just exactly like washing clothes by hand. This is the last step and when the dog bed and covering are completely dry you can place it back in its desired place for your dog to enjoy.


When it comes to washing a dog bed, there are various methods you can use. The method we have shared with you is simple and easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of effort as well. Most importantly, once you start using this method to clean your dog’s bed you will be surprised to see how clean it is and will stick to it forever.

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