How to Wash Dog Bed With Stuffing

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One of the biggest questions dog owners have when it comes to washing a dog bed with stuffing is whether it’s safe to wash it with water and can it be washed in the washing machine. Well, for your convenience we have assembled all the best tricks and the ultimate complete method on how to wash a dog bed with stuffing in just a few steps!

Why Should I Wash My Dog’s Bed?

A dog bed is the best luxury any dog can have, and the comfort it brings to your furry pet is unmatched by an average dog mat. Every dog owner wants to provide a safe, comfortable, and loving home and space to their pet. Your dog might love the bed it gets to sleep on. However, when it comes to the cleanliness of the dog bedding, the responsibility falls onto the owner because your dog can’t discern the difference between a clean and dirty one. 

Frequently cleaning a dog bed is necessary for the health of your dog as well because if it is not cleaned it can be a hub to infections, pest infestations, and more. Moreover, having an unclean dog bed in the house isn’t good for your health too because dogs can carry various diseases that can lead to problems when the cleanliness of your dog’s bed isn’t maintained. For your and your dog’s health safety washing a dog bed is essential.

Can You Wash A Dog Bed with Stuffing In The Washer?

How to Wash Dog Bed With Stuffing

Not all dog beds are made the same, some can be cleaned in the washer while others can’t. Whether you can wash your dog bed with stuffing completely depends on the washing-instructions by the manufacturer that is written on the label. Most dog beds are machine-washable and hopefully, the bed you have for your dog is too. If the instructions mention machine-washable you can clean it in the washer, otherwise, you will have to use other methods to clean your dog’s bed.

How to Wash a Dog Bed with Stuffing? 5 Simple Steps

We have the ultimate and complete method on how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. Before you begin there are a few items you will need to have to ensure that the dog bed is thoroughly cleaned and all the effort you make doesn’t go in vain.

The Items You Need to Have:

  1. Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Washing Machine
  3. Pet Deodorizer
  4. Spot Stain Remover
  5. Pet-Friendly Detergent
 Step # 1 

Inspecting the Dog Bed

Before you wash the dog bed, inspecting it and ensuring that all zips are completely closed. You will also have to look for any torn areas and if you do happen to find any, you will have to fix them before you wash the dog bed. Closing all zippers and looking for torn areas in the bed is necessary because you want to protect the bed from damage and it won’t decrease its longevity. Moreover, torn areas could clog the drain which you wouldn’t want. 

Most dog beds come with removable covers and if your dog bed happens to have one too, you will have to wash it separately. The truth is, removable covers make the cleaning process simpler and you can check the washing-instructions on how to wash the covers. More or less, all you will need to wash the covers is some pet-safe laundry detergent and warm water.

 Step # 2 

Getting Rid of Dirt

 Once you have checked the dog bed for wear and tears, closed all the zippers and removed the cover. You will have to get rid of as much dirt as possible. In this step, a vacuum cleaner comes in handy, with the help of a vacuum cleaner get rid of dander, dirt, grime, hair, and unhatched eggs. Vacuum the dog bed from top to bottom, especially the sleeping surface. You can make use of a lint roller to remove any hair that might get left behind.

 Step # 3 

Using a Spot Stain Remover

It won’t come as a surprise that your dog bed might have mud, food, or other types of tough stains that won’t go away in the washing machine. Therefore, after you have dealt with all the loose dirt accumulated on your dog’s bed, you will have to get rid of the tough stains before you wash the bed. You will have to check the dog-bed covering for stains first and then you can check the bed for them too. 

By using a mild stain remover with no-bleaching ingredients will ensure that your dog isn’t irritated with all the strong-scent. Spot removal will make the process quicker and less hassle-free for you, and if you think you can skip it we recommend that you shouldn’t.

 Step # 4 

Using a Washing Machine

After you have successfully removed all the tough stains, you can place the dog bed in the washing machine. Before you wash the dog bed in the washing machine, it is essential to go over the washing-instructions. If the dog bed is machine-washable all you will have to do is follow the instructions and add in the pet-friendly detergent. Then wait for the washing-machine to do its magic. When it comes to tumble-drying the dog bed, follow the settings mentioned by the manufacturer. Most dog beds are tumble-dried on low to medium settings.

 Step # 5 

Fluffing the Dog Bed

Once the dog bed is completely dry, you will have to fluff up the stuffing using your hands. After fluffing the dog bed, zip it up in the cover (if the dog bed you have come with one) and spray it with a pet deodorizer for a fresh-scent.


We hope that the method we have shared with you was helpful and you have learned how to wash a dog bed with stuffing! All you have to keep in mind is that you don’t skip any steps, especially the pre-washing steps we have mentioned in this guide. Just remember to wash your dog’s bed frequently for your dog to stay healthy.

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