Why Dogs Destroy Their Beds?

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Why Dogs Destroy Their Beds

We love our pets, but how do we keep them healthy and happy? Pets are great for companionship or maybe just a little furry friend to cuddle with. But they can be time-consuming as well! That’s because it takes work to maintain the health of your pet; you have to make sure their needs are met from feeding them high-quality food, giving medications when needed, being mindful about what they’re chewing on (be careful!), ensuring that there is enough space in the house/apartment for exercise indoors and out – all these things take up hours upon hours every day so owners must find ways around this issue too.

One of the worst situations we can find ourselves in is when our pet starts tearing into and destroying their bed! This is not an uncommon behavior and as this informational article ahead will reveal, there are quite a few reasons why this might be happening. To provide you with detailed insights into this phenomenon, we have a guide on 10 reasons why dogs destroy their beds.

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10 Reasons Why Dogs Destroy Their Beds?

We will also present a set of solutions to each problem as well so you can fix the behaviors. Keep in mind that dog beds are not a cheap product so this habit must be addressed and fixed right away!

1. They don’t Have Chew Toy

When it comes to canines, chewing, biting, and tearing into anything soft such as furniture or wood can be an appealing thing to do. This is because dogs and cats are those pets that like to chow down on things. They like to keep themselves engaged with chewing and biting activities and this of course is a problem! It is a problem because they might be destroying said furniture and usually, it is their dog bed!

One reason behind this behavior might be that they were never trained not to chew as a puppy. This is a lapse of judgment and all pups should be trained. However, more often than not, it might be that your pet needs something to chew on!


A good chew toy might be the answer here such as bone-shaped ones or those that are interactive such as chewing ropes that you pull along with your dog. This might curb the negative behavior and turn it instead into a positive activity you and your dog can indulge in at set times. This is your training your dog.

If that is not enough to curb your pet from chewing at things, then you might want to start reprimanding them with stern action if they continue to do it. You may take the bed away if they don’t obey you and try again repeatedly till the action sinks in. you will notice that with enough time spent perfecting this and training them, they will eventually stop. You do need a lot of patience to be successful!

2. Instinct

Indeed, you cannot take away the instincts that dogs are meant to exhibit in the wild! Even if you have a domestic pup, you will find that their first instinct is to burrow, scrape, and tear away at whatever their favorite spot is in the house. The most common reason why dogs destroy their beds is that they are trying to leave behind their scent or to assert their dominance in their territory. If they are presented with a new bed, their first instinct might be to dig into it to make it recognizable to them.

You might find that while it is an issue with domesticated breeds, those dog breeds which are bred for hunting or are crossbred with wolves such as some husky types will be more inclined to chew, bite and tear away at their beds.

If you have a beagle, a collie, a Jack Russell Terrier, a Siberian husky, or even a Dachshund, you might find that they are more prone to wanting to chew and tear away at things. This is just a natural thing for them to want to do.


If you cannot figure out any other reason apart from them being naturally inclined to chew and destroy things, then you might want to consider investing in a good quality chew-proof bed for your dog. This will keep them content and will also ensure their bed is not destroyed.

3. Nothing To DO

If your canine doesn’t have something to keep them occupied, you will find that this makes them restless. If they have nothing else to do they might resort to seemingly destructive behavior. However, as we have discovered, they do not chew or bite to destroy things, rather they may feel restless or want to do something productive.

A bored pup can cause a lot of mischief and so if you feel like the monotonous days of quarantine are getting to you, they might also be affecting your dog’s mental health. Dogs are naturally active and curious and this means they can’t stay put for too long. The most noticeably bad conduct can be seen from pets who do not get enough playtime or activities to indulge in.


If you cannot afford to take them out at the moment, then we would recommend buying them a good number of chew toys and teaching them tricks. This training will not only occupy their time but will also ensure they are well behaved. You should also remember that most fogs will get tired of the same toys so it is wise to alternate playtime with these.

If you will be gone for longer periods, a good idea is to leave their favorite channel or movie on TV. This shouldn’t become a habit since it can lead to unhealthy behaviors and make them inactive, however it is a good stimulus in case they will be left alone.

4. Stress or Anxieties 

Even though your dog might appear to be the most active and happiest animal around, it is no secret that they too can be affected by depression, stress, or anxiety. This might be why they resort to chewing on or tearing on things such as their beds.

If this is a sudden development, then you need to figure out what might be causing this problem. You need to figure out whether anything has changed around the house. Has your pet recently been introduced to a new person? Did you get a new dog that might be threatening them?

On the other hand, a dog that is a rescue might have a known history of violence and aggression because of what they’ve been through. You need to know exactly what has happened and how it can be remedied.


The solution to this might be a bit trickier especially if you are dealing with a pet that is a rescue or has gone through traumatic experiences. You need to figure out what the stressors are in the environment which might be triggering your pooch and then work your way around placating them when the situation arises. You might find that the anxiety or stress comes from loud noises such as thunderstorms and a good idea is to divert their attention when those occur.

5. You might have a Puppy

Like we mentioned earlier, it is natural for dogs to want to rip the soft and chewy thing apart as an activity. However, if you consider the fact that the dog in question is a puppy, the reason is super simple.

Puppies have way less restraint than your adult dog might and thus they will certainly wreak havoc on their beds. If your pup is teething, this is another reason why they might be chewing and destroying their bed.


The easiest way to prevent your puppy from destroying their bed is to wean them off of the activity and instead offer them chew toys instead. These should be those which appeal to the pup because they usually get tired of chew toys super easily. We also recommend investing time in positive reinforcement and proper training while they are at this stage to avoid issues ahead.

6. No Proper Training

You might not believe in having a well-trained dog beyond potty training and not being too aggressive, however, there are reasons why training is important. If your dog is not properly trained, they are less likely to not obey orders when prompted.


We wouldn’t recommend extreme or negative punishments for your pet unless the situation was extremely severe and since chewing up their bed is a common thing, we instead offer the idea of positive reinforcement.

This is a method of classical conditioning where whenever they are doing something wrong, you redirect them to useful activity, and whenever they comply, you reward them. Make sure the rewards are something they enjoy receiving such as doggie treats.

7. Take them out more

We realize that with this ongoing pandemic and health concerns, you might not be getting as much sunshine and outdoor activity as was possible before! However, dogs cannot stay indoors for too long and if your dog is destroying their bed, being cooped up inside might be a reason why! If they feel like they are caged in, they will certainly act out to cool down.


It is recommended that you take your dog out for some exercise and fresh air for at least 30 minutes every day! This is because dogs are meant to be physically active creatures and you do not want them getting restless and potentially aggressive to you or your family members.

8. Want your Attention

If none of the above points apply to your pup then you might want to consider the fact that they are only acting out because they want your attention. Animals can be deceptively smart! This means that your dog will engage in behavior that they know will garner a strong response from you. Even if that response is anger.


This is a sign that you have been neglecting your dog. The solution for this is exceptionally simple; spend more time with your pet! You need to make sure that they feel like you are giving them enough attention and even if you find yourself to be extremely busy, incorporate your dog into an activity you already do. For example, take them along for your morning jog.

9. Hungry

Hunger can cause pets to act out in strange ways. Destroying their bed might just be one of those ways and this means you have underestimated your dog’s appetitive. This might just be the first sign and you should take it as a warning since your dog might start getting aggressive if you are not feeding them properly. Your dog might also start getting weaker if this isn’t addressed.


The solution is simple. Feed your pet! Consult a vet who can give you a specific calorie intake for your dog’s breed. The issue might not be how much but what kind of food the dog is getting.

10. Aggressive

While some breeds might be more aggressive than others, more often than not your dog might just be way too aggressive and that might be causing a serious change in their behavior. This might be a serious reason why dogs destroy their beds. If your dog is a rescue or has been through some trauma, this might also be the reason why they are overly aggressive.


Behavioral therapy or training is what we recommend here. It is important to deal with a dog like this with caution and not be rough. This might cause them to lash out even further and that can get potentially dangerous.


Every pet owner has to make a tough decision. Do they give up their furry friend for selfish reasons? Or do they keep them and take on the responsibilities that come with it, such as providing food every day or going out of town but still remembering to feed your pup while you’re away.

Every time we adopt an animal into our home, whether it be from a shelter or breeder; even if it’s just one more fish in our aquarium-we are given responsibility for another living being’s life until death (or us). This can feel like quite a bit of work at times which is why so many people opt not to get animals anymore because “they don’t want this task” -but what would happen without pets today?

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