How to Discipline a Puppy While Potty Training?

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How to Discipline a Puppy While Potty Training?

You might already be familiar with the importance of having a pet puppy that is well trained and disciplined. Just like human babies, puppies are not born with this knowledge innately and thus their owner and caretaker must help them out with this.

How to Discipline a Puppy While Potty Training?

Today’s review will highlight this exact issue by listing out all necessary steps and guidelines that you need to follow. The most important aspect to keep in mind at all times is that disciplining your puppy doesn’t mean punishing them! You have to be firm and yet also be affectionate with them

That’s one of the few misconceptions we will clear out today in this informational guide on how to discipline a puppy while Potty training:

When and why is Potty training necessary?

Most experts agree that when your pet puppy is somewhere between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old, this is the perfect time to start with a set schedule and times to train your pet. Bear in mind that this is not made out to be an easy task and will require quite a bit of attention and time from your end.

The reason why this age is usually considered the best time is because according to experts this is the perfect age where they are starting to gain control over their bowel movements and their bladder as well. This means that they are at the peak age where whatever they learn will stick throughout their lives.

Apart from working on disciplining your dog in their formative years, it is also a necessary activity to partake in because this will be the best way to deter bad habits and behaviors from forming. Just like children, your dog will respond to training when they are puppies so this opportunity mustn’t be missed.

What are the benefits of Potty training?

  • Your expensive rugs and home interior will be saved!
  • You will be able to prevent untimely messes
  • Your puppy will become more independent and active!
  • Your puppy will become an upstanding member of society!
  • You will be able to take them out for activities
  • You will have more peace of mind

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Discipline a Puppy While Potty Training – Step By Step

Now that a good base for why it is necessary to discipline your puppy into being Potty trained, we now move on to how to accomplish this efficiently.

1. Take Charge of their Diet

This is the first step to ensuring you end up with a perfectly potty-trained puppy! The reason behind this is that when your pet is younger, they will not have any impulse control over how much and when they eat. This can result in them over-eating and thus can be problematic.

If you can control your puppy’s diet this will ensure that you can ensure they only feed at certain times. This will also guarantee that they only eat a certain amount as well. So, you will be inadvertently training their bladder and bowel movements.

2. Stick to a set Schedule

We mentioned only feeding them at certain times and this is super important because if you stick to a schedule it will be easier to get your canine companion to follow it. This does not only mean when to feed them but it helps if everything they do is scheduled. This will make your life easier too!

If your puppy knows when it is time to go outside and relieve themselves, it will be a much easier job for them to keep up with your efforts. You will soon find that consistency is what will help them the most!

3. Keep them Active

This might not make sense at first but if you have a puppy that is active and partakes in a ton of exercise, its internal systems will be healthier. This increases their metabolic energy and helps regulate their bowel and bladder movements as well.

4. Positive Reinforcements Go a Long Way

This goes without saying but a happier dog will also work better and your training will become easier. Positive reinforcements are an excellent way to make sure this comes to fruition. You ideally will want to praise them whenever they indulge in behavior that is preferred.

You can also make sure that they associate going outside to relieve themselves with a positive activity. This could be playtime or a dog park where they get to interact with other dogs and people. Treats are another excellent method to reinforce positive behavior!

You can even add in some fruit-flavored gummy multi-vitamins as these will be a healthier alternative. Whenever they relieve themselves at the right time and way you have been training them to a pat on the back or positive words will help immensely.

Additional Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

It is perfectly fine to reprimand your puppy if they wet themselves or make a mess inside the house by accident. However, we do not recommend severe and cruel punishments as these can result in increases aggressive behavior over time!

You can choose to invest in dog collars that are commonly used to train dogs. However, these are usually meant for larger dogs and they might be harmful to your smaller puppy. A sound or light buzz option might prove beneficial but stay away from shock collars!

One thing to keep in mind is that you should be diligent in cleaning areas where your puppy has accidentally relieved itself. These soiled areas can become potential hotspots for your dog if they associate them with a place to relieve themselves!

Finally, you must remember to appreciate your pet because they are only going to be as good as you make them! Your motivation and guidance are crucial for the success of how to discipline your puppy while they are being potty trained.

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