How to Stop Dog From Pooping on the Bed?

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People who want to know how to get a dog out of bed so that they can sleep in their bed will probably have a problem. One of the most common inconveniences is that dogs poop in the bed. However, there is a proper procedure to prevent dogs pooped on the bed.

Besides, it is necessary to mention which are the main reasons why dogs act in this way. In this way, you will be able to implement a set of really efficient techniques. So to solve this problem you should continue reading.

Reasons Behind Pooping on the Bed?

Usually, there is no single reason why dogs have this behavior. When an adult dog has an accident of this type the most common reasons are

  • The dog is suffering from stress
  • The dog has not gotten used to a new schedule
  • Your dog doesn’t know how to ask you to go to the bathroom

Once a dog gets used to the family routine these problems usually disappear. Also, you should be in charge of training your dog and showing him the bathroom for them. Along with this, a routine to be able to go to the bathroom on a certain schedule is the most efficient. All dogs love to have a routine every day.

On the other hand, when a dog continues with these problems the reasons can be medical. Some problems in his health may be interfering with his behavior.

Some of the most common problems are:

  • Parasites of some kind
  • A food allergy or intolerance
  • Bacteria or viruses present in your pet
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases of any kind
  • In the worst case, intestinal cancer

Finally, aging can be another problem. In these cases, your dog could suffer from a lack of bowel control or fecal incontinence. As a dog gets older it needs to go to the bathroom more often. The strength of the muscles that hold urine and poop weaken over time.

Additionally, dogs can suffer from an illness similar to Alzheimer’s disease in people. In particular, it is a canine cognitive dysfunction that produces alluded to dogs. If your dog forgets to poop when he goes out then you should consult a veterinarian.

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How to Stop a Dog From Pooping on the Bed?

Stop Dog From Pooping on the Bed


 Tip # 1 

Give Him House Training

Efficient training is the first thing you should apply to your pet. Here it is necessary to establish useful commands for your dog to know how to go to the bathroom. Along with this, you must know how to interpret when your dog is indicating that he needs to go to the bathroom. During training, it is important to leave aside punishments and mistreatment.

Any punishment only produces a negative experience in the dog and difficult learning. Instead, you can reward your dog with a treat every time he goes to the bathroom in the right place. Of course, learning can be applied to a dog of any age. Besides, it is a procedure that takes time to be definitively implemented.

 Tip # 2 

Take Him Outside As Much As You Can

To prevent your dog from pooping in the bed or inside the house, he needs to go to the bathroom. If the dog’s bathroom is outside your house, you will have to take it out as many times as necessary.

Otherwise, it won’t be the dog’s fault if he has no chance to relieve himself outside your house. In particular, here the most recommendable thing is to establish a certain routine.

When you establish a routine for your dog then this problem can disappear definitively. So, if your dog poops outside your house he will not have the possibility to do this on your bed. In short, taking your dog out for a walk or to go to the bathroom will be more than enough to avoid a dog pooped on the bed.

 Tip # 3 

Be Friendly

Being friendly with the dog is one of the most efficient ways to apply correct learning. If you mistreat your dog then they might get revenge in some way. Displeasure after a punishment to them can generate what dog pooped on the bed. So if you are friends with them this problem will be easier to solve.

In particular, it is highly recommended to reward them every time they go to the bathroom in the right place in the house. Even when they learn to ask to go to the bathroom it is also another gesture that you can reward with caresses. As we have mentioned, you should avoid at all times producing disgust or applying a punishment during the learning process.

 Tip # 4 

Have Him Spayed or Neutered

Another highly efficient way to stop this behavior is the sterilization of the dog. When a dog is spayed or neutered then its behavior can change positively. Some dogs are much more docile after sterilization. Besides, you can prevent some dogs from becoming pregnant in the future.

When your dog is spayed or neutered then he will not want to follow female dogs during his period. When this happens then the male dogs can change their behavior and implement aggressive attitudes. Among these attitudes could be that dog pooped on the bed. So you can solve several problems with sterilization alone.

 Tip # 5 

Take him/her to the Vet

Taking dogs to the vet is another way to ensure their good health. As we have mentioned there are medical reasons why a dog pooped on the bed. At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity to check the health status of your pet.

In case of inadequate behavior of your dog, you will be able to consult the veterinarian about it. When you consult a professional you will be able to apply the perfect solution for this problem and others that may arise.


You will get more enjoyment out of your pet if you can avoid them pooping on the bed. It’s a gross and unpleasant situation but these simple steps are all that is needed to make it better.

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