PetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Dog Fence Review

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PetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Dog Fence Review

Pets are like the best friends humans could ever have. And dogs, the “bestest”. Yeah, I agree with what they say; dogs are man’s best friend. They offer little troubles, no backstabs, and play tirelessly. Always there to put a smile on your face even after a hard day’s work. It is also easy for pets to wander off and get missing. Then it gets hard looking for your lost pet.

So, if you are a dog lover looking to keep your dog in a confined and safe space, then you should definitely get a PetSafe Stay and Play wireless fence. It is the easiest option for keeping your dog in a small yard. It keeps your dog safe even as it enjoys running, playing, and chasing in your yard. It also gives your dog a sense of authority as the fence allows it to mark its territory.

Now, picking the right and best wireless fence to keep your pets safe is not so easy. It could be tiring and confusing. Different manufacturers of different PetSafe fences are bound to come at you with a load of words and marketing strategies to make you confused about which is true and worth it and the ones that are not. But you do not have to worry much about that anymore because this review is here to make it a lot easier for you.

PetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Dog Fence Review

The PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence, a product of Radio Systems Corporation is a budget-friendly behavior adapting device engineered to provide your pet with a free and enjoyable but somehow restricted movement.

The restriction here does not mean that your dog is being imprisoned or caged. It keeps your dog safe while it plays and runs around freely by creating a boundary accustomed to your dog. So, if your dog is the type that loves chasing squirrels even into your neighbor’s yard and up to a tree, then you should get this PetSafe Fence.

I’m glad to let you know that you can train your dog to get used to this system just within 2 weeks with the help of the professional training guide. This wireless fence has been built with a lot of amazing features to provide you with the peace of mind you need while your pet roams free in your yard.

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  • Warranty:

The PetSafe stay is backed up with a one-year limited warranty offering the best solutions on how to keep your dog safe.

  • Wireless boundary:

Wireless fences are the best options to keep your pets in your yard. This PetSafe stay and play fence provides a circular and wireless boundary. Providing you an opportunity to contain your pests inside, without the need to bury a wire or build a fence.

  • 5 correction levels and static-free reentry: 

This fence comes with 5 levels of correction feature which corrects your pets with a tone-only mode. It also allows your pet to return to its boundary without any adverse correction.

  • Waterproof and long-lasting battery:

This system comes with a battery-operated collar which allows your pet to play as much as it wants with water. The collar can fit dogs that weigh up to 5 pounds and can be adjusted to fit neck sizes of about 6- 28 inches. The battery has been designed to last for as long as 2 months and when it is low, the battery indicator alerts you to change the battery.

  • 22-105 ft circular coverage:

The wireless feature of this fence covers up to 3/4 acres of land and 25 acres in-ground, allowing your pet(s) to walk and run freely up to 22- 105 ft in all directions of this acre of land.

  • Compact and portable design:

This fence comes in a compact design which makes it portable. It allows your dog to stay close and safe even while you are on the go whether it be hiking, camping, hunting, etc.

Fence Transmitter

Fence Transmitter

Size of collar

Size of collar

  • Defends all your pets:

One additional and amazing feature of this fence is that it can protect your pets no matter how many they are within the same fence system. All you need is just to purchase more collars and your pets are good to go.

  • Comes with:

An adjustable waterproof collar strap of 3/4 inches, Short and long contact points, Transmitter with power adaptor, an RFA-67 6-Volt battery, Mounting bracket and hardware, Test light tool, contact point wrench, as well training materials such as 50 boundary training flags, training guide, and product manual.

Pros And Cons


  • Durable and portable
  • Large land coverage
  • Wireless boundary; no need to bury wires or build a fence
  • Waterproof and long-lasting battery life
  • Comes with training materials to help get your dog accustomed to its boundary including 50 flags to indicate a boundary
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Great value for the money; costs less than a normal fence.
  • Can be used for dogs of all ages


  • Only compatible with PetSafe RFA-67D battery
  • Transmitter requires a power source.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the PetSafe wireless fence work?

Of course, it does. It is the easiest option to protect your dog while it plays and has fun. As far as your transmitter is connected to a power source and the collar is properly charged, you are good to go. Do well to read the manual for directions know how to use the wireless fence properly.

  • How long does a PetSafe wireless fence last?

PetSafe wireless fence takes just about one to two hours to set up and can last for as long as 10 years or more when used properly. The battery power can last up to 2 months and the collar can last up to 3 years.

  • What is the range of a PetSafe wireless fence?

This fence covers a yard up to 3/4 acres and 22- 105 ft in all directions.

  • How does PetSafe stay and play work?

First, you should know that the transmitter must be connected to a power source. The pet area receives a constant radio signal sent by the transmitter. As your pet approaches the boundary, it receives a warning tone. But if he stays or steps further, he receives a safe static correction reminding him to return to his pet area.


Training is the key to a successful pet and owner relationship. Having a solution to keeping your pet safe while it plays freely is the aim of the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence. With the features built and designed on this wireless fence, you are sure to experience peace and provide your pets the safety they need to live long. And guess what? It does not even cost as much as a traditional fence, yet it provides you with an effective service.

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