Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

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Dogs can enjoy greater comfort when they have their own bed. However, some of them may be destructive to the fabric or even your owners if you’re wondering “why does my dog scratch my bedsheets?” Here are the reasons and solutions for this issue.

5 Common Reasons Behind Dogs Scratch Their Beds

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds

Dogs will scratch at their bedding for a number of reasons and one may not be the only explanation. The following are some possibilities to consider:

1. Instinct

Dogs from hundreds of years ago slept in the wild surrounded by a great deal of danger. So, by tossing, digging, and scratching in one place, dogs sought better sleeping positions. Even this way of acting served as one of the main protections against other predators.

In this sense, the dogs felt much less vulnerable as they could hide their position from a great number of threats. Even dogs could withstand extreme temperatures and severe weather thanks to these tactics. In this way, dogs could enjoy a much cooler climate or warmer spaces depending on the time of year.

In these times the dogs that live in our houses still take care of building a fort to be protected from threats that no longer exist. However, this behavior is still preserved due to the instincts of the animals. So, you will be able to implement some training so that these instincts do not harm your dog’s bed.

2. Territorial Behavior

Establishing a certain territory is one of the main priorities for dogs. In fact, in natural environments where dogs lived, territorial behavior was really necessary. Even one of the most common and well-known behaviors in several parts of the world is when dogs urinate in certain places.

Dogs can establish a safe perimeter for the rest of the pack. It is even a way to communicate to dogs from other packs that it is a controlled territory. So this behavior can appear in a dog when it has to start living with another dog or another pet.

In this case, the dogs will try to establish the territory as a clear message to the possible threats. So it is really important to detect the exact moment when your dog starts having this behavior.

3. Learned Habit

It could easily happen that dogs start imitating the behavior of other dogs. As we have mentioned before, dogs can change some of their behaviors when they start living with other dogs. So, here the difference is that they may not pretend to establish territorial behavior.

In this case, the new behavior could be because they imitate the happy behavior of other dogs. Even when a dog wants to have fun with other companions it can invite many of these behaviors. So, this is not something very serious to worry about since it is simply a game.

4. Maternal Instinct

Just as dogs have an instinct to survive, female dogs also have a maternal instinct when they are mothers. You may even notice that this behavior begins to appear suddenly when a female dog is pregnant. It’s a good way to find out that you should get some puppies in a few months.

Specifically, it is a natural hormonal response to the process the dog is going through. This process is also known as nesting and is the preparation for receiving the puppies. The female dogs here are in charge of exactly creating a cozy and pleasant nest for breeding. In this way, the puppies will feel safer and warmer in their new home.

5. Anxiety

Finally and very important, another reason why dogs can easily perform this attitude due to anxiety. Of course, anxiety is always a problem that modifies dogs’ behavior. It is even a great symptom that can indicate to you the bad emotional state of the dog.

Even over-excitement can produce the same thing that produces anxiety in this case. It is always a good way to consult your doctor to obtain the best solution.

To reduce the levels of anxiety it is highly recommendable to implement a daily walk of 20 minutes minimum. Even some new toys will allow your dog to discharge a certain amount of energy per day. Then, the dog will simply not have much energy to devote to anxiety.

 Few Quick Tips 

Best Strategies for Managing Scratching Behaviours

There are some efficient strategies that you will be able to implement without too much effort. Even life would be much easier if dogs had a comfortable place to directly stop this behavior. However, instinct cannot be eliminated in the blink of an eye. So that this behavior does not destroy the rest of your home you can follow these tips.

  • You can provide your dog with softer textures as well as more blankets on your dog’s bed.
  • A very heavy and large blanket on your dog’s bed can help with this inconvenience.
  • If your dog chooses the floor to continue scratching a training that includes rewards and avoided punishments can change this behavior.
  • You also have the option of choosing nail plugs and hoping your dog will stop this behavior.
  • You can relocate the bed to a more comfortable place with a more pleasant temperature.
  • Finally, it’s a good time to buy a new bed with greater durability, comfort, support, and quality.


Dogs can be extremely destructive at times. They might chew up furniture, dig holes in the yard, or destroy your favorite shoes – but why? If you’re scratching your head wondering “why does my dog scratch bedsheets?” then read this article to find out.

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