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Big Barker VS Bully Bed

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Big Barker VS Bully Bed

When it comes to your furry companions why should you get them less than the best? With the love and emotional support our dogs provide us, we want them to live in comfort and ease always. This is why today we bring you a side by side comparison of two of the best producers of dog beds available right now! Big Barker vs. Bully Beds. The motive of today is to focus on which brand is more comfortable for your dog.

However, before we start let’s look over the background of each of our contenders and compare a similar product of each one based on similar features for a better understanding of the ethos behind each brand.

What is Big Barker Dog Bed?

The story of how Big Barker dog beds came into being is a very sweet one because it consists of a concerned owner wanting the best for his dog! However, when he realized that the market did not currently have any decent quality products meant for bigger dogs, he took matters into his own hands. That’s when he founded the company that we know and love today back in 2012 with an aim of excellent construction and comfort all wrapped up in one.

The product we are going to be reviewing today is called the Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed which as the name suggests is specifically meant for dogs that want special care for their back and hips. However, they are good for all dogs.

 Let’s figure out why! 

1. Sizes

When it comes to the range of sizes, there is no beating Big Barker beds as they have been made for bigger dogs of all breeds and shapes. This specific product is also available in sizes large, extra-large, and even in XXL! The idea is that there are already so many brands that cater to the little guys so their focus is specifically on larger pets.

2. Certification

This product has been completely medically certified by the University of Pennsylvania in terms of the ability to reduce pain in dogs after a mere 28 days. The dogs also showed an increased sense of mobility which is a definite plus.

3. Warranty and Construction

With most Big Barker beds, users will get a product that lasts! Their warranty is for an impressive 10-years and within this, they claim that their products will retain their shape and sturdiness. This is thanks to them being made in the US and with high-quality therapeutic foam.

4. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, this bed is super convenient to clean since it has been made with a Micro-suede cover that can easily be removed. It is also machine wash safe so you won’t have to go through too much of a hassle to get it neat and clean.

Is Big Barker Bed Worth it?

We’ve looked at its positives but the most important thing is the budget when you are looking to buy any product. When it comes down to it, there is no denying that you are getting a premium product due to its high-quality build and orthopedic qualities.

In some cases, it might be more expensive than a dog bed should be but in our opinion, this is a specialized bed and you should know what you’re getting yourself into looking at the price tag. After all, you can’t put a price on your dog’s happiness.

What is Bully Dog Bed?

Moving on, the Bully Bed brand has another sentimental story of origin since it was also created after the owner’s larger dog needed a high quality and comfortable bed! However, on this side of the spectrum, we see that the aim was high quality and also affordable products. With bigger dogs especially when they get to a certain age, they are meant to make a mess so the ethos behind this brand was supportive but also well lined and waterproof bedding.

The product that we are going to be reviewing today for Bully Beds is called the Bully beds Orthopedic Dog Bed. Again, this sounds similar to our first contender in terms of the main purpose so let’s find out how it fares in comparison.

1. Sizes

The Bully beds Orthopedic Memory Foam bed for dogs adds in an additional size for your pets so this product is available in medium, large, extra-large, and XXL sizes! This means that it caters to more sizes and is versatile in its use. Although you could ideally buy any size bed for smaller dogs.

2. Certification

Moving on, we turn to certification and this product has been certified safe for dogs by Certi-PUR-US. This is a standard that ensures products for pets do not have toxic chemicals or components and they are also safe for the environment. This ensures that this product is best for dogs that suffer from bone issues such as arthritis, are older, or are just larger.

3. Warranty and construction

Compared to Big Barker, this product comes with a 20-year warranty which means that it adds 10 more years to the life of your purchase! If that wasn’t impressive enough this also comes with a 4.5-pound medical-grade orthopedic memory foam and has a waterproof liner included.

4. Maintenance

As we mentioned before, it already has a waterproof liner so cleanup shouldn’t be that hard. However, with the additional factor that the microfiber cover on top can be removed and washed in the washer, it is perfect for pet owners on the go!

Is Bully Bed Worth it?

We searched extensively and the only complaint that some customers might have with this brand is that their products are certainly overpriced. But hold on! When compared to our other contender, Bully Beds are way more affordable plus you are getting more features, excellent certification, and the peace of mind that your dog is comfortable at all times!

Big Barker VS Bully Bed

Although it seems that we are already siding with a specific player, let’s not pick a winner just yet! We are now moving onto a detailed side by side comparison of our two products and the overall brand as well to get you a true picture of who the winner is in the fight against Big Barker vs. Bully Bed!

1. Comfort and Design

When it comes to both of our products for today, they have quite a few similarities when you look at comfort and design. They both come with premium quality and tested orthopedic memory foam construction. With Bully Bed, you get a bed that is 7-inches thick. The bottom part of the foam is 2 pounds of supportive foam and there is 4.5-pound memory foam on the top. This means that it can certainly withstand the weight of larger dogs with ease.

On the other hand, we have the Big Barker brand which is also 7-inches of excellent and orthopedic memory foam. The difference here is that this product claims that its foam is all human-grade so it will be the same stuff that you might have in your mattress. You get a much more advanced construction here with 2-inches of H10 comfort foam on the top, 3-inches of H45 comfort foam in the middle, and another 2-inches of H10 comfort foam placed at the bottom.

Other than this, you will also be investing in a product that comes with waterproof liners. However, these are mostly optional which means they must be purchased extra.

2. Maintenance and Ease

All dogs tend to make a mess of some form or the other. This means that the ease of maintenance has to be a big factor in deciding which product does better. You will want to invest in a bed that is super convenient to clean up and both of these brands deliver in this regard.

When it comes to Big Barker, this brand comes with a completely removable cover and this means that it can be taken off via the zip and then put in the washing machine to be cleaned with convenience.

On the other hand, Bully Beds effectively goes a step further and provides users with another waterproof cover, and a completely waterproof one for sure. They also add in the waterproof liners as an included addition which is ideal whereas for Big Barker you will notice that these will have to be bought at an additional cost you will incur.

3. Warranty and Durability

Now as we have mentioned before, both of these products are not exactly what you would call cheap. While Bully Beds might be slightly less expensive, it is still a premium product so you will want their warranties to be excellent. We’ve already mentioned that Bully Bed offers a 20-year warranty. This means that you have the guarantee that when you purchase the product, it will retain its shape for that period and it means you are buying a bed for life. They offer another guarantee that if within this period, your product even so much as gets flat by 2-inches the brand will replace your product. However, this is just a one-time policy so that must be kept in mind.

On the other hand, with Big Barker, we already know that the warranty is just for 10-years. Now don’t get us wrong, 10 years is no short period but when compared, the other one does sound more lucrative and affordable. The claim here is that within 10-years if the foam does not keep 90 percent of its shape, the brand will exchange it for a new one free of charge.

They also have a year-long trial period which practically means that within the first year of buying it, if the product does not meet your standards or if your dog doesn’t like it, it can be returned with a money-back guarantee.

 What We THINK! 

So with all of the above-mentioned features, pros, cons, and limitations in mind, it becomes apparent that both of these brands are almost neck and neck with each other in a lot of key areas. They offer sizes for larger dogs which is what they are catering to. They also offer decent enough warranties with Bully Beds ahead in that regard by 10-years. When you look at their orthopedic features, however, we see that Big Barker uses innovative 3-stage technology since they are working with foam engineers.

This means your dog will get a more effective support and comfort system all in one. This does not mean that Bully Beds does not do any better than its competitor because it on the other hand also has more certification for being medical grade. The Big Barker and Bully Beds are fundamentally the same in a lot of ways especially since you know that they are made with the one motive to provide exceptional care to your best friend!

However, if we have to get down to brass tacks, we would say that in terms of longevity and prices, Bully Beds comes out on top! Alternatively, the Big Barker brand does slightly better in terms of technology and construction.


Now that we have gone over the advantages and disadvantages of both Bully Beds and the Big Barker brand, we see that there are many similarities and quite a few differences between the two. As we saw, Big Barker has done more to further comfortable and supportive bedding for dogs thanks to their innovative 3-stage method of construction. However, this is a very slight difference since Bully Beds is not far behind in their high-quality construction.

Since Bully beds do outlast Big Barker by 10 more years and provide several more affordable options, we think for anyone on a budget, this is the better pick. On the other hand, if you can afford a slightly more expensive product and have an ailing or arthritic pet, then Big Barker is your safer bet! In conclusion, we don’t think there is a clear winner because it depends on what your pet’s specific needs are.

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