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Why Does My Dog Pee on the Bed?

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One of the most common inconveniences of a dog occurs when it urinates in the wrong place. So if you keep asking yourself why do dogs pee on beds, here is the answer.

Also, we not only mention the reasons but also the best solutions that you can implement immediately. That is why we recommend you to continue reading and avoid your house smelling like urine.

Why Does My Dog Pee on the Bed?

1. Kidney Disease

Kidney failure happens in case of a disease or when dogs are too old. In this case, the liquids simply are not absorbed in a suitable way to make them useful in the body. On the contrary, the kidneys work properly and the body is responsible for expelling all the liquid in the form of urine.

In this case, it is really necessary to consult a veterinarian since it can be some disease. Of course, the vast majority of diseases occur when dogs are already many years old or are reaching their limit of life expectancy. That’s why providing them with healthy and high-quality food is the best way to take care of them.

2. Angry or Afraid

Your dog may simply not have been trained to go to the bathroom. When this happens then dogs can choose any random place to urinate. In this case, efficient training will allow you to establish a certain area for your dog to urinate always. Together with this, a walk is the best way to avoid your dog urinating sometimes inside your house.

However, one of the main reasons is the anxiety or fear that dogs feel in many situations. Here the anxiety can arrive when the owners must go to work or leave the house for many hours.

It can even be the same for the joy that dogs feel when their owners arrive home. Fear can appear in different situations like a thunderstorm or many festivities of the holidays.

On top of that, dogs can simply urinate in an inappropriate place even if they know it’s an inappropriate place. Here the reason is that they might be angry with the owners for some punishment they have received. So, the dogs will try to take revenge and urinate in a place that is forbidden. To prevent the problem from continuing, simply avoid the punishment.

3. Incontinence

The moment a dog begins to have urinary incontinence it can be a considerable problem. They simply don’t know they’re accidentally urinating anywhere. They may even find out only when they begin to feel certain wetness on their skin. There may be several reasons behind urinary incontinence here.

In this case, birth defects as well as herniated discs are some of the reasons a dog can suffer from urinary incontinence. As we have mentioned, many of these problems usually arise in the elderly age of dogs. That is why to avoid these inconveniences a regular visit to the veterinarian can be combined with a high-quality diet.

Some other reasons can be hormonal imbalance and muscular weakness. Here the dogs don’t need to be too old to suffer these problems.

An inadequate feeding combined with a lack of physical activity or walks can be more than enough. To revert the situation simply offer your dog balanced food of high quality and at least a daily walk of 20 minutes.

4. Food Issues

There are some problems with feeding that can generate excessive urine in dogs. One of the most common reasons is the disease of diabetes that affects the work of the kidneys. In this case, the kidneys must work at a higher and higher level when the blood sugar is higher and higher. Of course, this happens because of diabetes.

Here the reason can be due to a genetic disease of the dogs or to a bad feeding that the owners give to him. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, a bad diet is the most common reason. In this case, the kidneys simply must eliminate all the excess of sugar working hard and with the urine.

Of course, diabetes is a disease that can be treated in people and dogs as well. Here it is simply a matter of controlling the dog’s insulin and blood sugar. It is also an excellent opportunity for their owners to consult a veterinarian about the best feeding. Here the feeding can vary depending on the age and the breed of the dog.

5. Urinary Tract Infection

Last but not least, a urinary tract infection is another of the most common health reasons a dog can urinate. Bacterial infections produce excessive urine but also a lot of physical pain for the dog.

Some of the most common signs are:

  • Too much thirst
  • Odd and excessive posture when walking
  • Frequent and excessive licking
  • Urine with blood

In general, veterinarians choose to prescribe antibiotics to eliminate this infection. Besides, they will probably need a urine sample to reset the most effective medication. So when you consult your veterinarian as soon as possible, the problem can be solved in a faster and easier way.

What to do if your Dog is Urinating in His Bed?

Why Does My Dog Pee on the Bed

To deal with this inappropriate behavior, there are some techniques and training that you can apply. Of course, this is highly frustrating regardless of whether it is a dog of many years or just a puppy. A dog should simply not be urinating on a bed no matter whose bed it is. Here are some considerations to deal with this issue.

  • When it is simply a puppy the problem can be solved on its own. In fact when a dog enters adulthood a lot of behaviors disappear or are transformed. Puppies, in turn, still do not have efficient bladder control. It’s even the same as with babies and humans.

By the time dogs are a few months old, they have enough control to urinate in a certain place. Here you can apply the training to indicate to your dog the exact place where he wants to urinate. Of course, you can also incorporate a morning walk so that your dog can urinate more times outside.

  • Consulting a veterinarian can be very helpful when this behavior suddenly appears. So a medical condition is one of the most common reasons a dog may start urinating in its bed. As you consult your doctor right away the problem will be able to be solved without much effort.

That is why it is highly recommended to check the behavior of the dogs at all times. Some of the most common problems could include spinal injuries, urinary tract infections, or diabetes. Along with this, it is an excellent time to check the health status of your dog as well as the vaccination plan that your pet needs.

  • Also, when a dog urinates on your bed, you need to know what has happened exactly before that. Usually, the reason can be due to an emotional change or a build-up of stress.

Even a punishment could cause the dog to take revenge and perform this action. On the other hand, nervousness and anxiety are also enough reasons for your dog to urinate in his bed.

  • Finally, we can mention that it could simply be an occasional accident. When dogs urinate in their bed, it’s not a health issue or anything like that. It may not even be a bad behavior if it has happened only once. The problem is found when your dog continues to repeatedly urinate in his bed.
 Tips To Follow! 

How Can I Stop My Dog Peeing on My Bed? 100% Working Method

If you continue to wonder why Do Dogs pee on beds, you will not be able to solve the problem. That is why here are some very simple and efficient steps you can take. Besides, you will be able to stop this inappropriate behavior, regardless of the real reason.

  • Analysis of the context in which your dog urinates in the inappropriate place
  • To rule out any health problem, consult your vet about it
  • Implement a walk of at least 20 minutes with your dog
  • Reward your dog every time he urinates during the walk
  • Give your dog a “No” command every time he gets into bed
  • Use newspaper or other similar objects to mark the area where you want your dog to urinate
  • Train your dog to urinate in a certain area using rewards, not punishments.
  • Buy toys for your dog so you can avoid anxiety and boredom
  • Give the command “No” every time your dog urinates in an inappropriate place
  • Then take your dog immediately after the incorrect urine to the correct area to urinate


For all those people who wonder Why Do Dog pee on beds, this information will be more than enough to understand the real reasons.

Also, the method we have developed works perfectly in a wide variety of situations. After that, your dog will be much better trained and you will be able to prevent the different parts of your house from smelling like urine.

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