Why Dog Cries When He Goes to Bed?

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Got a new pet and didn’t know why your dog cries when he goes to bed? Well then, you will be delighted to see that we are here to solve any query regarding your pet whining.

 Now, when you have a wonderful day with your new puppy, and suddenly at night, your cute and quiet puppy starts crying and you don’t know what could be the root cause of it. Also, sometimes your ordinarily calm and serene dog becomes aggressive when he goes to bed.

All these issues have specific reasons, maybe he lacks training, or he wants something. So, let’s talk about the reasons why your cute puppy cry. But you can also check Are Elevated Beds Better For Dogs?

Why Dog Cries When He Goes to Bed?

Why Dog Cries When He Goes to Bed

There could be specific reasons why your dog starts whining when he goes to bed. However, there is nothing serious to worry about. So, here we will tell you what causes your dog to whine when he goes to bed.

1. Anxiety of Being Alone

Many dogs have an issue of being alone when you prepare their separate place to sleep. They are just so used to being around you all day that they felt separation anxiety that ultimately becomes the reason for their abrupt whining at night. 

2. Shortfall Of Training

Well-trained dogs don’t seem to cry when they go to their bed. So, your dog must be very young or old to cry at night. For a dog to show such behavior represents that he lacks proper training. You can hire someone to train your dog, or you could do it yourself to have more understanding with your pet.

3. Medical Need

Like humans, dogs have specific medical needs. Your dog cries more often at night because when he lays down, they felt more pain. The pain could be in the stomach, joint, or any part they felt uncomfortable. So, get your pet to the vet right away when you feel he is hurt.

4. Crying For Attention

Just like little children, dogs seek your attention and want you to be around them all the time. When you lay them on their bed, they cry for your attention and don’t want to separate from you. Even sometimes, they did not cry but also chew on furniture to get your attention.

5. Danger Alert

Sometimes, your dog cries to alert you of particular danger. They have sharp senses and wake up when they feel something is amiss. They cry to wake you so that you can make sure everything is okay and nobody is intruding in your house.


Lastly, you now have an idea of why your dog cries when he goes to bed. However, according to the age and nature of a specific dog, there could be many more reasons. You can get special training for your dog that makes him quiet and well mannered. 

With your patience and care, you can get to know your dog early and diagnose if he has any problem that makes him cry at night. Each dog has different needs; you have to pay keen attention, and their whining will stop in no time.

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